Does Opinion Outpost Scam People? Honest Review

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Opinion Outpost sounds pretty promising at first. You have several options in claiming your rewards and points: cashout via PayPal or thru Amazon and iTunes gift cards. But, is it really different from other survey sites? Let’s check it out.

I remember back in the day when everyone thought it was easy-peasy to make money with surveys. It did sound like a good way to earn and the potential seemed limitless. However, most people who signed up for paid surveys ended up undergoing various emotional stages (I should know because I’ve been there).

#1: Excitement – Who wouldn’t be, right? The home page promises hundreds of dollars just by giving your personal opinion. I mean, I often do it for free but what’s better than making money off it?

#2: More Excitement – Just think, what if you answer ‘just’ five to ten questionnaires per day and then move on to other online work? Wow, that would be a hefty sum at the end of the month. Besides, it would allow me to spend more time doing whatever it is I enjoy.

#3: Skepticism and Doubt – Why is this profile survey taking so long? I understand that they’re trying to get as much information from me as possible but when will this end?

#4: Another bout of excitement – Oh, now I’m finally done. What’s next?

#5: Initial frustration – Wait, why am I not getting invited to more surveys? Why is this one so long?

#6: A fresh surge of desperation – Why won’t I qualify? What’s happening here?

#7: Anger and acceptance – Nope, I’m not doing this anymore.



You know the drill – a company allocates some market research funds to further understand consumer needs and wants, the survey portal looks for potential participants and in turn, you get paid to answer the questionnaire.

That sounds like a no-brainer and it is. But keep in mind that this is not going to make you rich. You need to consider several things and also other alternatives. And if you’re thinking of making this your full-time job, you might want to think again.


The negative feedback Opinion Outpost receives on a daily basis is not confined to them alone. These are true to other survey portals which is something you should know and understand before considering signing up.

ISSUE #1: “I don’t make enough money.”

            That’s not really surprising. You see, Opinion Outpost gives points for every completed survey. Every 100 points is equivalent to $10. That’s anywhere between 2 to 4 surveys which can take 15-45 minutes each. So if you’re thinking thousands of dollars would suddenly spill into your account, that’s not even close.

ISSUE #2: “I don’t get many surveys.”

Remember the ten profile surveys you filled out at the start? That’s where they base whether they think you could be a potential participant or not. Some hesitate giving out very personal information such as the contact number of the company they’re currently affiliated with. Nevertheless, don’t expect to get 10 emails a day. At most, you could be invited to two surveys.

ISSUE #3: “I don’t always qualify.”

            Supposed you received an invitation, you need to fill out a pre-screening survey. Yes, it’s yet another survey. No, they won’t pay you for this. This is how they would determine whether you’re qualified or not. Sometimes, companies have very specific requirements and might need only a handful of participants. Maybe you didn’t complete your profile or it’s not updated or you’re just not who they’re looking for.

ISSUE #4: “It’s tedious and requires too much time.”

            Yeah, well there’s really no such thing as easy money. If there is, I would’ve signed up a long time ago. LOL. Anyway, I mentioned earlier that it could take up to 45 minutes to finish just one survey. There’s no argument there. It’s not just multiple choice or YES or NO and besides, this goes out to all surveys and not specific to Opinion Outpost.

ISSUE #5: “This might be a scam.”

            Actually, no. This is one of the very few legitimate paid survey companies out there. Yes, there are some complaints here and there but in fairness to them; they pay the members what they’re due. Sadly though, it’s not enough.



Opinion Outpost maybe legit but they have all downsides like any other paid survey site. But should you decide to join, they have fast payouts and you can cash out your earnings (at least $10 or 100 points) via PayPal. Anyway, the real question here isn’t how to make a few bucks, it’s whether or not every cent is worth your time. You’ll likely earn $2 per hour and that’s not even sustainable in the long run.

One thing’s for sure: this isn’t going to make you rich.

P.S. If in three months, you didn’t stay active by attempting to qualify for a survey, all your points will be cleared and you will be removed as a member.

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  1. Yes they are a scam company now, they close your account when you try to redeem points for rewards.
    Just check out their Trust pilot reviews or comments on their Facebook page.

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