Does Paid To Place Scam People? Unbiased Review

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paid to place Beware of the Paid to Place scam! yes, it is out there and be afraid, be very afraid. This is just another work from home scam business out there collecting a bunch of leads from people that are curious as to how to make extra income. The name is short for paid to place ads all over the internet and when you visit the website you will see a sales page or lead capture page asking you to submit your information. There are a lot of websites that look almost exactly like this one and to be quite honest with you and getting tired of reviewing them. But it’s okay. When you do login you will see the story of a fictitious character named Kathy Garcia. In it you will read a very compelling and captivating story about her struggling and then finding out how to work from home and now she makes a grip load of money every month without ever hardly working and how you can do the same by finding out what she does. They even have little testimonials on the side of other people supposedly making money by investing into the training package. They will even have a little section that says link partners and show logos of Yahoo!, Google, Bing, and I went to let you in on a little secret. These search engines are not a part of this program at all.

The Paid to Place scam is nothing more than a very cheap affiliate marketing program. The links or ads that supposedly make you money or you’re going to get paid for posting, are your own affiliate links. Your Mac to make any money unless somebody clicks on this link and actually buys the program itself. Then you can supposedly make a commission. This is the problem you’re going to have: you’re not can you get enough valuable information as to know what to do at all. Not only that but you are going to have to invest money to get a hold of this training kit, and then they will bill you each month after that probably without you even knowing or being aware. I have been visiting other reviews and forums and have been seeing the same feedback from users: they have been burned. Not only that but it is very hard to get a refund. One user said that they even got a phone call from the sales team trying to upsell them for $10,000. That’s freaking insane and I’m confident that it’s just a matter of time before this website gets shut down. And on top of that they will even have an place logos a popular news networks I guess to try to gain your trust.

The Paid to Place scam is going to cost you $97 at the checkout. There is a few security seals that are not clickable at all. This is a bad sign and it means that they are fake security seals. There is a 60 day money back policy, but don’t believe for one second that you’re actually going to be honored with this refund policy at all. Time and time again it is almost impossible to reach customer support and truly get a refund. This is just one of many duplicate websites that try to fool you by even having fake hired news anchors pitch the work from home opportunity and even go as far as having the nerve to tell you that there are only a few positions left in your area. This is not a job this is nothing more than a scam affiliate marketing program that doesn’t work.

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