Does Stiforp Scam People? Honest Review

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stiforp_scamStiforp is another make money opportunity. The first thing that I noticed right off the bat is that it’s an MLM type business. I don’t really like MLM because it’s a very sluggish and slow way to make money to be honest. But still, I thought I should give it a chance. The problem with multi-level marketing is they make it seem like your’e going to live the good life with hardly doing any work and letting the residual money roll in. Of course, it never works out that easy or even like that at all. I think a lot of people would go as far as calling it a pyramid scheme. I personally, like to focus on profitable niches & Internet marketing. So how much money can you really make with Stiforp? Well that’s where they usually get newbies and sucker them.

How Do You Make The Money?

The way Stiforp is going to work is just like any other mlm business. You have to buy into the system first. It’s going to cost you $40 up front and then $9.95 per month after that. You are going to have to recruit others and pitch them to do the same thing you did. You will make a commission from each sale then a little bit residual from the monthly fee. There is even a payment matrix that the company has setup as a guideline for you to follow and it goes something like this:

  • Distributor- $2047.50
  • 1 Star- $2047.50
  • 2 Star- $4095.50
  • 3 Star- $8191.50
  • 4 Star- $8191.50
  • 5 Star- $8191.50

Basically, each of these levels has a matrix for you to fill out at 2.50% each. It’s actually a little tricky and confusing to figure out, but basically you have to recruit lots of people and have them recruit others. One of the bigger problems is not being sure of exactly how much you’ll make for the thousands of people that you’re going to need to sponsor in order to make any kind of decent income. The site itself is a very basic website with very little content on it other than a Pre-Enrollee Login, Member Login, and Free Tour. There isn’t a way to ask questions or contact anybody.

What’s the Product for the Stiforp Business Then?

Well, there is definitely no tangible product. You’re going to get marketing “tools” as your product and this is what’s supposed to be marketed to new people to get them to sign up, of course you know the real reason to sign them up is to make money off their setup cost and monthly subscription.

  • Very generic presentations
  • 3 Capture pages
  • Call system
  • Videos
  • 10 done-for-you sites
  • Autoresponder

I’ll be honest. The content here is very weak. I think this is just there so that way it can’t be classified as a straight out scam or pyramid because technically there is “product” being distributed even though it’s digital. These tools are supposed to help you sign up more people basically. Honestly, you’re going to need a lot more than this to market big time. Another problem is that you are setting yourself up for disaster if you plan on using those already-done websites. Search engines really don’t like duplicate stuff and it’s you and perhaps thousands of other people with the exact same thing. You need a program that will show you the correct way how to market a business

The Problem Your Likely Going To Face

Like with most MLM’s, the problem you are most likely going to face is the very first step which is getting people to sign up under you. I can tell you that the training in this program is very weak and the people that are going to make money here are people who are already getting tons of traffic and targeting naïve beginners who are looking to make money easily by joining one of these pyramid schemes. I do have to call it a pyramid scheme in this case because the sole purpose of this business is nothing more than to sign up people just to make money rather than offer a valuable product.

Will Stiforp Scam You?

There really is a fine line between business opportunities and scams nowadays. I guess I can’t say it is a straight up scam because it is multilevel marketing, and mlm is not necessarily a scam, but it is a type of pyramid. I don’t know. It’s kind of hard to explain. But what I can tell you is if you are not familiar with online business and you don’t have big sources of traffic and you don’t have the skills, then this definitely could be a big waste of your time and just suffer for your money. I would definitely pass on joining Stiforp. 

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  1. One Year ago i had joined STIforp. com : It isl all aLie: There was no Help fro m the upline and Support, and the landingpages had not made Sales! In One Year i had not foun a way to promote stiforp profitable! Do not Invest here!

  2. I joined stiforp in 2014 and its a scam one hundred percent they say you can make money with out recruiting does it make financial sence for a company to pay you $2k or $4k per month without recruting anyone while you are only paing $9 per month this company is a ponzi scheme and its illegal y law i stayed with this company for more than a year and i never earned a penny out of the $2k or the $4k by not recruting anyone they tell you that so you can fork over your hard earned money. do not signup for this company do not pay them for membership they dont even have a phone number.

  3. Hi Has anyone here actually joined stiforp? I want to join and I visited a couple of websites (reviews) on stiforp but it
    seems like there is a lot of comments but no one says that they did join and did or did not make money with it.
    Is there someone here who has joined?

  4. Indeed there is no guarantee of income in any venture, not even corporate America – I know, I’ve been layed off too many times to count and I’m in a high-tech field. Home business, with hard work, provides a lot more security…but it does take hard work.
    Thanks for the Stiforp review. Typical, you have to have thousands of people to make any money…tough for most to do.

  5. MLM is a good business model for some and bad for others. It’s hard work, takes time and there is no guarantee of success. The low start up cost is the most attractive thing, plus the residual income.

    The truth is, most businesses fail. Many of the folks who get in MLM come in with a lottery mentality, and really have no place being an entrepreneur to begin with. It will take most folks a year or two just to develop the skills they need to succeed in MLM, and sadly, most people won’t stick around long enough to develop those skills.

    I do not think STIforp is a scam, but I do believe that is difficult to succeed.

    I always tell people that if you are broke and need money today, get a job. Most businesses take a year or two just to get profitable.

    Just my two cents.


    • Thanks for the input Chuck. Great points.

      The problem I have with MLMs like STIforp, is it is purely centered around “making more money” and the training is sub-par. There’s not much, if any about marketing methods that bring in traffic like SEO, keyword research, or how to build a website, analyze your competition etc.

      At least with a traditional mlm opp like Vemma, people are moving an energy drink or something of value.

      With STIforp and like 99% of other online mlms, it’s just pure recruiting into the company and teaching to market that company and not much else. Very schemey to me, and I’m not the biggest fan.

      Kind Regards,

  6. My brother Interesting review. To make money online is not necessairly an easy thing however, it has made thousands of millionaires and continues to do so. How many of us are able to start a McDonald franchise which is similar to multiple level. owner,manager,supervisor,and your regular 9 plus something dollars per hr. Where can you find a com;any in which you can start with $50 dollars and make a million with some hard work? MLM is not made for everyone some people are just fine with working 40 years retire with a skimpy pension if it is still there and prepare for the worse. Take a small risk the worst thing could happen is it could actually work. I began stiforp and is quite impressed with the results I’m having.

    • Hi Keith. Thank you for your honest thoughts and opinion.

      Make money online companies such as Stiforp have not made thousands of millionaires.

      People make themselves millionaires.

      It comes down to business.

      Sure, some have made it in mlm. But when you stack up the ratio of those who actually create significant income against those who don’t in just 1 single mlm company, it’s overwhelmingly lopsided. I read a statistic one time that said 99.6% of people in the mlm industry won’t even make a strong residual income of $500 per month.

      I just think you have a much better chance at creating your own business finding a niche, building a website, and marketing to that audience rather than trying to target “make more money seekers” because it’s getting saturated.

      Starting out with $50 to make millions is just playing the “if” game. The truth is, you’re going to need to develop a skill-set worth millions of dollars if you don’t have money to invest and I just don’t think Stiforp is the answer.

    • first thing is I did not say stiforp made thousands of millionaires, I say mlm the businesses. I can assure that what ever opportunity you think might be a better alternative to stiforp, the ratio to this who succeed to the faliur rate pretty much is the same. the math is pretty much universal. corporate America does not give a guarantees so I say explore and take chances. The risk does not have to be high to make money online and even if is an extra $200 per mont residual income that’s a car payment and is significant for many. Think long tern and consistent effort . scheme is not a bad word illegal scheme I find repulsive.

      • Good stuff Keith. You are absolutely correct, every opportunity online has about that same success ratio. It’s up to the person that joins to have the patience, consistency and will to work hard until it works for them, all while perfecting their craft by becoming a better marketer. It takes time but if You stick with it, it will happen. You gotta go to school for years and pay thousands for a piece of paper that says You are qualified to work for 40 years. So why not take a chance and go hard for yourself.

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