Does Verified Home Income Scam People? Full Review

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verified_home_income_scamWow the Verified Home Income package is very surprising. They even have it endorsed by Michelle Boudreau and man are these marketing programs getting more and more sophisticated and even fix up their website pretty good to have you believe that what they’re offering is transparent and there are no catches. Mother tell you right off the bat that there definitely is a catch when you visit and read about their home income opportunity. It’s really no different than any other misleading marketing guide out there and I’ve seen many many over the last couple years. The way it works is you probably got an e-mail about a work from home opportunity and now you’re doing research on the name of the company that’s offering work, correct?

when you visit the website you will see that there is an opt in form that requires your name, e-mail address, and phone number. This is because they’re looking to turn you into the lead. That’s really the whole goal of these websites. It’s just a front for you to input your information so that way they can bombard you with e-mail after e-mail and even call you and upsell you on investing into one of the packages. Let me explain to you what happens after you input your information. You’re going to be led to a sales page and a story about a single mom who makes tons of money on the Internet simply from working with companies such as Google, Yahoo!, and becoming a search engine agent in other words. It is so typical for these marketing seems to pose as legitimate work from home positions when in fact they’re not.

The Verified Home Income sales page is fronted by Sarah Douglas, your typical single mom story that tells you of all the benefits of joining the program and how she’s been able to make a killing off the Internet with no experience and when her back was against the wall. not only that, but you will see that in big letters it says Michelle Boudreau will show you how to make $1 million in 2013. If you have any half a brain, you know that it’s not can be that easy and she’s probably not going to tell you what you really need to do. Just think about all the other thousands of people that are visiting the website besides you and joining the program, while I like to say they’re getting scammed. Some people might say join. but that’s the sad reality. Any time you run across a system that claims again reveal you the secret, just think of the other tens of thousands of people that now have this secret. It’s not a secret at all. It’s very vague information on how to drive traffic to an affiliate link.

You will end up spending $97 for the Verified Home Income training program. Not only that, but more often times than not to sites like this end up billing you more fees without you even noticing. That’s because they put in fine print you can even really see it, that they’re going to bill you each month after that and that’s how the makes much money. That’s how they make $1 million. They pretty much get thousands of people and make money off the front end at $97, and then bill these people thereafter. I can tell you that you’re not can we get the kind of affiliate marketing training that you need in order to really make money. Trust me. I’ve seen these things and tried these things a bunch of times before, and like you, in the beginning of my affiliate marketing journey actually got scammed by one.

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