Does Viewbestads Scam People- Honest Review

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There is a company called ViewBestAds that claims they are the way to make some money online. They are upfront about the fact that users are not going to make millions, but they do suggest a decent income can be made by being a devoted active member of the site. It seems deceptively simple and some people are spending a lot of their valuable time with this site. Question is if it is really worth it. Just what kind of money can be made with ViewBestAds anyway?

Exactly What is This?!

The company website can come off as a bit confusing and shady. Basically, members view ads and complete activities for which they get paid. There is even a program set up where they can also be paid by referring other to the site. Who are those other people users should refer? The company recommends users bring in their friends and families on the deal. That suggestion turns some people off from the start. Some get excited when they discover this India-based website and others instantly call the company a scam.

What to Expect with ViewBestAds

Being a member of the website is easy. All a person has to do is sign up for an account and start checking out ads. The advertisements are picked out especially for them so that they are fitting the member according to their age and other demographics. Besides clicking on ads, there are also games that can be played. These games are educational, allowing users to earn while boosting their brain power.

Are There Pros?

The advantage to ViewBestAds is that the ads are interesting and the games are fun. There is a lot to do and it is a great way to pass the time if you are bored. You can play the games, view the ads, watch the videos, or head on over to Facebook and try to get other people to join. The site has a jokes section and a daily horoscope you can read. It is an interesting site to play around on.

Take a Look at These Cons!

If you are serious about wanting to make money with ViewBestAds, you might be disappointed deeply, as so many others have been. They look for points to be credited to their accounts, and simply keep on looking. They look to get paid, but whatever credits they do have never gets sent to them. This website is a big waste of time. The only people getting paid here are the owners, who are getting paid by advertisers. For an online income, look somewhere else.

There is nothing wrong with having an account with ViewBestAds, just don’t expect it to ever become the source of your full time income, because it is not going to get you paid. Nevertheless, it makes for good entertainment and it is possible that the might send you a little money. If you are looking for serious money, ViewBestAds is a scam. If you are looking for a little fun online, they are pretty good for that.

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