Does Viral FB Formula Scam? Honest Unbiased Review

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It seems almost natural that those who want to leverage the power of Facebook for their online business go for Viral FB Formula. This system promises that a set of guidelines closely followed will result in a massive social media response on this popular platform. What the system claims to can do could change the fate of some people’s lives and internet businesses forever. Is this system to be trusted? Read on to find out.

The truth is, this is an IM product a lot of Empower Network people are marketing to their teams. I’ve seen so many other biased reviews talking nothing but good, and 90% are all EN people.

Will They Draw You In?

One thing is for sure; the makers of Viral FB Formula are making some nice money. They claim to have what thousands, if not millions, of online marketers want. Kevin Sousa, maker of the system, says he has a simple formula for generating 350 leads from Facebook every day. Even more intriguing, these lead generating strategies are supposed to be free to implement. Having a no cost way to go viral on Facebook can potentially save many a whole lot of money on their monthly internet advertising budget.

What Does Viral FB Formula Include?

This package is a video system that has internet marketers, even those with a lot of experience, raving and it’s mainly because they’re looking to sell it to their downline more than anything else. Many trusted experts are endorsing Kevin Sousa’s system, saying that it changed their business dramatically. There are even bonus videos, not upsells, that shows you how to keep those leads and make them customers. The videos are decently informative and give a strategy you can start to use ¬†and possibly see results. Or not. I think or not is more likely if you’re a beginner and I’ll tell you why.

Pros of This Video System

Viral FB Formula has been proven to work. Many swear by the techniques given, claiming it has revolutionized their businesses, and income, for good! These are real strategies, not software or some magic button. It teaches people how to be smarter social media marketers, meaning they can use what they learn to improve their marketing on other platforms, and not just on Facebook. While this is not all the information needed to earn online, Viral FB Formula really helps.

Downsides to The Viral Formula

The problem is, if you’re a beginner and your are venturing into FB Viral Formula as your first income opportunity, good luck. This is a training system you want to sell to your already existing team. Can you see results from FB marketing? I guess if you post and bug enough friends and family someone might actually click on your link and purchase something and you earn a commission. But I’ll tell you that this program or product is really going to benefit the big shots with huge downlines and teams. A lot of times sponsors like to grab a hold of training programs such as this one because it’s something new for their team to do and get busy with and be distracted with. Of course filmic commission for sinning out an e-mail with this promotion to their team, and whether team shares this program on their own walls, then I guess you can say it’s viral.

Vamp Up Your Facebook Marketing? Probably Not If You’re Not An Expert

the truth is, there are many products out there that claim they have the best strategies to work in social media marketing but nobody has truly mastered any kind of free marketing on social networks such as Facebook. You’re probably going to make the money by investing in advertising in the website more than anything else. Just think about it. How many times have you seen him make money online offer floating around going viral through your own Facebook account? And then especially for did not to look spammy? Viral FB Formula is definitely not a product that I’m going to recommend to somebody who was brand-new to making money online.

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