Does World Ventures Scam People? Honest Review

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world_ventures_scamWill World Ventures scam you? Chances are someone on the Internet, or maybe someone in your friends circle has taught you about an “amazing income opportunity” where you can make lots of money and travel the world.

There are some people making lots of money within this program. Then there are some that haven’t made a dime. How come? Well I’ll do my best to explain what this opportunity is about and how it works. I’ve been doing the whole home-based business thing for 2 years and know a thing or two. So allow me to help you out a little if you’re unsure and I’m just going to give you my unbiased view.

How It Works

World Ventures is a direct-selling company in the travel industry that offers the average person to build their very own home-based business and also develop residual, autopilot income that keeps growing if they become an Independent representative.

In other words, you join, become a member of travelling deals, diner discounts and a few other perks, and sell other people the idea of joining under you.

Here are some examples of the products:

  • Dreamtrips
  • Dreamtips Life
  • Luxury Dreamtrips

All these are different paid memberships which the opportunity revolves around. You sell these and/or recruit people to use and sell these memberships as well. 

I actually earn a full-time income from home through affiliate marketing online, you can check out my #1 recommendation here.

What I Like

It’s a very specific niche and market. What does this mean? Low competition.

You’re not going to have too many people out there in the same industry as you, promoting the same thing. I can see that what World Ventures markets is pretty unique and different than the typical health & wellness home biz opps we always see such as Amway, Mary Kay, Herbalife, and others where everyone is trying to pitch you on vitamins and skincare. 

What I Don’t Like

With the world in an economic crisis, travelling is not at the top of everyone’s list.

There’s just not a lot of people that have the extra money to take vacations and travel which is what World Ventures sells. I remember a similar business called Resorts 360 which pretty much bit the dust once the economy started to go down.

The way you’d be able to afford the packages is by turning World Ventures into a money-making business, or actually promoting the business as an “income opportunity” which brings me to my next point.

At the end of the day, World Ventures is another multi-level marketing opportunity. What does this mean?

And how come I don’t “like” it? Well, to be honest, it’s a very, very difficult business model to work. You’re basically going to have to get real good at talking and recruiting people to join your team.

This means bothering your family and friends first, and the moving on to sometimes complete strangers. It is definitely not for everyone and very, very few people really ever make it to the top no matter what MLM company it is. Not just World Ventures.

Honest Conclusion

If you’re in this business, you’re probably going to try to defend it. If you’ve been approached to join this, you probably think it’s a pyramid scam.

However, World Ventures is a pretty decent company overall. 

The compensation plan and bonuses aren’t something I haven’t seen before, but it’s still good. Basically it’s going to come down to you recruiting people, keeping them motivated, and growing an active team. This is not something easy, and most people to be honest, fail in this type of business.

Not trying to discourage you from joining in any way, but I am just trying to keep it real with you at the same time. I make way more money online than I ever did in MLM myself. 

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  1. I honestly think what a lot of people are forgetting is that to become a representative and earn money with world ventures is a choice. You can pay your monthly memebership fee which is 1000% going back in your pocket I.E of your membership is 100$ a month you 100 points for trips and you use those points like dollars to set up a vacations once a year or regularly. Enjoy the discounted fair and luxury vacation packages but I repeat you have a choice to never want to try and talk someone into joining. That is a choice WV has two sides only way you lose money is if you sign up and never take a trip then like anything why would you sign up? WV is not a scam or pyramid scheme I’m not even a member because I cannot afford another bill monthly but when I can I will good company from the many people I know they have it and use it wether just for vacation deals or recruiting. At the end of the day you do or you don’t not a scam no obligation

  2. world venture is great I’m not much of a sales person myself but they explain everything to you before you decide anything and I have the greatest leader that helped me get to where I am today I haven’t travelled the world as yet but the money I’m making is great so I’m really greatful to have such a great mentor if anyone of you are interested and not sure about anything please feel free to mail me and ill get the guy that helped me to get to my dream to help you with yours

  3. Hello everyone . I joined World Ventures July 2016. I understand network marketing . I understand business . The typical traditional business can range from $200,000 to 1 million in capital.
    The failure rate can be as high as 80% and close up shop within 5 years.
    Wv is a business. You build a network part time 5-10 hours a week . Like any business it takes time to develop and you need to develop some skills. I have been a tax free six figure earner the majority of my life. I have accomplished this feat by going in the opposite direction of the sheep. I am a lousy employee. I don’t do well in the environment of asking for holiday time or told when to take lunch.
    The majority of Canadians and Americans are just over broke because of how they think. I encourage everyone to purchase the book my first year in networking marketing , I encourage each of you to read for 10 minutes every single day from the book Think and Grow Rich. Learn to THINK. Most people are conditioned to be no more than cats or dogs. They wait to be told to do. Conform to gain approval or not get punished. In network marketing your job is to learn how to invite and find a handful of people that want more. Care about a handful of people like you never have before and build a network of like minded souls. The stats in network marketing are about the same in business.
    Only 1% Earn 3000-6000 a month residual . Do you know you would need $400,000 in the bank to earn roughly $500 a month residual. And about only 2% of Canadians earn 6 figures. I would normally never bother to ever leave a comment on anything as I find Facebook emails text to be enormous waste of time. When I first bought my yacht and sailed for three years around Australia the first thing I did was toss the phone into the sea. No tv Internet either. Lovely. Oh yah everyone told me I’d most likely die. ……. hmmmm
    I have spent my life living FREE doing what I want because my father a farmer taught me never to work for someone else. He died on the tractor at 80. Farm is paid for. Worth a few million. My mother taught me if you don’t find a way to leverage your time or your money you’ll die on the tractor. Mom is 81 now always flying somewhere . Her gravestone is prepared it says
    ” she died putting on lipstick.”
    Last thing…if you listen to other people’s opinions you buy their lifestyle.. all my love to your entrepreneurial hearts ……peace xox

  4. Seems like a typical pyramid scheme to me. Just had a friend try to sell me on it by way of the SmartCard. I pointed out that, while the SmartCard is nifty, it’s not unique (Samsung Pay and Google Wallet are two things that do pretty much the same, just without the “flashing light credit card” thing) and it’s or worth the dues to this DreamTrips.

    The other aspect of the DreamTrips pyramid scheme that it seems people have failed to notice or mention though is the fact that, unlike other MLM companies, you won’t have repeat customers. Once you find someone to sell to, then that’s it. They won’t buy anything else from you ever again because it’s simply a membership. Unlike places like HerbaLife, where there are at least a variety of products that people may come back for, once they’ve signed up for the membership, there’s nothing left to sell. And if the company is as “fast growing” as they claim in their sales pitches, then that leaves a shrinking market of people you could potentially sell to. Unless you got into the pyramid early, you’re never going to get very high in it.

    I won’t outright call it a “scam,” but it isn’t far off…

  5. Do any of you people know what a MLM is vs a pyramid? I can’t believe the stories on here and all the negativity. This company has over 900% growth since 2009. They sell memberships, just like Sams and Costco, except the membership gets you discounted travel and lifestyle products instead of groceries. They also have more products coming out.

    You do not have to be a member to be a rep and you do not have to be a rep to be a member. Reps are only commissioned off of memberships as that is the product. Reps make no money for signing up another rep.

    And as far a the BBB, I looked at the complaints and they are ridiculous. Some guy quits and 6 months after he quits he thinks he should be able to take a discounted vacation. Seriously, how ridiculous is that! Try that with another membership, or better yet your insurance company.

    Look if MLM is not for you fine stay away from them all, avon, beachbody, etc. but don’t cut them down because they are not what you consider a traditional business model.

    Unfortunately there may be some bad reps who are not honest, but the majority are good people.

    I have been on 2 dreamtrips and going on a third. I am taking 6 family members to a waterpark Indoor/outdoor and the resort has a golf course, restaurants etc. We get a villa, 6 wristbands and a pizza party . It is a two night stay. I will cost me a little over $200 to make memories with my grandchilden. Of course I have to pay for my gas to get there but really, I think that is affordable and way lower than I can get on any other site.

  6. World Ventures tried to steal from my bankaccount in Sweden sek; 3.500:- = usd. 390:- this happened yesterady 1st of june 2017….. Luckily for me, my bank here in Swden have peope working ful time to catch these guys and also stop them from stealing… So in my eyes there is no grey zones, just black and white. And in my case I see only black when I hear World Ventures..


    • Hi people of the internet. Here is an honest review for you on WorldVentures/Dramtrips.

      WorldVentures/Dreamtrips is a Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme without a doubt. The main purpose of most Dreamtrips members are not to sell or go on travels, but to make money off of other people’s memberships. They take money from you to sign you up and (allegedly) pay $100 for the first 3 members you bring in and $150 more for the next 3 and it goes on just like in every Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme.

      They got to my father and tricked him into a “Platinum Membership” with a bunch of assurances and promises like he’s gonna make money very fast. The first day he signed up he told me about this new “business opportunity” and I asked him about how it worked. He didn’t seem to have much of an idea about how it worked but he told me they didn’t ask him to sell the trips, they asked him to bring more people in to sign up. Then I did a lot of research. Next day, I asked him to take me to the rep who signed him up and talked to this guy face to face. Every single word that came out of his mouth was a lie and after every single question of mine he got more angry and, lastly, he actually asked me how old I was and told me people my age make millions out of this so called “business”. I laughed out loud. We asked for a refund and waiting on it now. They got a big lawsuit waiting for them if my father doesn’t get his money back.

      Long story short, don’t go anywhere near these companies and don’t believe in this MLM or NM shit. Don’t try to buy your dreams, try to create them. Regardless of how much money you have or you make, there are always opportunities around for you to discover.


  7. I have been a WV- member for 3 years and have travelled a lot with them. In the beginning it was good, but now the company are to big and growing to fast, so the so called Dreamtrip have been Maretrips… expensive trips without all exclussive Platinum-treats that they promise. Poor or bad excursions, hosts without engagement or knowlige, included food very poor, stressy, and so on. You can make your own trips better and cheaper without DT, I know for sure!!
    Please all of you that read this: Don’t enjoy DT!! A lot of false people here! If you say you are happy with the trips they are your friend, but as soon you get critical, don’t have time to ‘help’ them forward, the let you stand alone! Yes you can earn money, but only if you like to work very hard, step over ‘ dead bodys’ and in the end, lose lots of your real friends!

  8. World ventures sounds good until you try to book their travel. Points will disappear, We had a trip booked and confirmed- got theIr there was no booking, another time we had a car booked through the, got there no car. Their service line is extremely difficult WITH ALMOST NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Woel Ventures aim is to get your money and have you quit. They are doing extremely well as they go into Asia and scam a lot of people with limited English.

    • Wow. I went to a meeting last week. One of my questions once I arrived home was how frequently are these “Dream Trips” offered. Most working people can only take vacation when their employer approves them. So if that APPROVED time doesn’t coincide with the “Dream Trip” you will have a hell of a time planning vacation. And to hear that if you do plan the vacation, get to the spot and nothing

    • WARNING! This company fraudulently withdrew funds from my checking account twice in a 24 hour period. I have never dealt with this company until today. Calling (their billing arm) ended when their receptionist refused to transfer my call to their security department and hung up on me. This company refuses to return emails and phone calls. Buyers beware, they are dishonest and could care less about their reputation or customer service. Be forewarned!!!

  9. I attended a meeting and was shown the video. Very impressive, but I am not in the situation to join up immediately. I have now read this blog and am very concerned. (do no want to lose the money). Could you verify that a certain “Sashin” (don’t know if my spelling is correct) has been the top representative for the past 3 years. It was also shown to me the sums of money that they have received since joining up in November 2016. Looks wonderful.
    Would you advise against joining?

    • It wouldn’t hurt, but understand it’s a business opportunity. Not a job. You can make millions, or you can make $0, possibly lose money if you are not proactive.

    • I’m both a member and a rep. I’ve taken the trips, which have gotten substantially better throughout the years, as has the technology behind it. Me and my wife have found it very beneficial. She referred some friends which led to her fees being waived, and I’ve added some under me which as it grows will lead to residual income that will hopefully help fund some of our future trips. It’s definitely not a get rich quick scheme but I know a few people personally that have done it for about 6 years and have just been consistent in sharing the concept and have done pretty well by my standards. Sashyn is most definitely an International Marketing director and very high up on the food chain. I’m not on his team (my sponsor has actually been there longer than him and are the highest female earners in the company) but I have seen him speak at events, great story. Feel free to check out the videos on my site if you are considering joining, unless you already have someone you are working with. I’d be happy to answer any questions!

    • Thats correct, Sashin Govender – IMD has been one of the Top SA representatives. This is like every other opportunity/investment, will take hard work to start off but with the right team and support you will get there.

    • Thats Correct Sashin Govender IMD – Top SA representative. Like any other opportunity it will take some hard work and good planning. Don’t give up attitude and you will get there.

    • This is a total sham. Dont do it buddy

  10. I know someone who has joined WV/DT and they really enjoy it. We do see that this person spends a lot of money, but not on trips, rather on WV gatherings/meetings. They are almost have cult behaviour and now this person, when trying to introduce WV to them, if the person is not interested, they will say they feel sorry for them. Arrogant thinking. Not everyone wants to spend a ton of money and get nothing from it. If it works for you, good, but at the end of the day be honest – it is setup as MLM and is very closely related to pyramid schemes.

    • I was approached by an Old Friend involved with World Ventures. Of course she was trying to recruit me. I asked her how she was doing and was she driving a Brand New BMW as the Company advertised if they hit a specific Bench Mark. She told me it wasn’t important how well she was doing and preceded to tell me about “Some Guy” who was doing well. I corrected her by telling her it certainly did matter how she was doing. And if she was doing well, that’s the best testimony she could give to her Friends and Prospects. Telling me about “Some Guy” really doesn’t cut it- –

      • To Esteban: Exactly What I said, and the reply was as you put it,”It doesn’t Matter How well I’m doing.” She proceeded to tell me about “Some Guy” who was doing well also. This sends up a HUGE RED FLAG- –

  11. I was a Gold member of Wold Ventures for over a year,with the impression that it was away to travel at a discount
    as they advertise at their meetings. They promote themselves as a organization with Christian values, these dream trips are suppose to promote a way families can afford a vacation and spend quality time together. I realized that they cannot provide the product they promote, the trips are limited to availability, location and dates, and transportation is not included. I cancelled my membership on December 20,2016 and requested a refund for any membership dues I had coming
    to me. I was informed I would be reimbursed for that months dues only ,so for my investment I have brochures and after many call and letters I’m still waiting for a refund. I am angry at myself for being so gullible, I thought I was smarter then that, like they always say if it seem to good to be true it probably is. All I can do now is let anyone who is thinking about joining this scam to think twice. And anyone who has been scammed, please reprort to the Attorney Geneal of Texas, the more that report this organization, my promote them to investigate their legitimacy.

    • How did you cancel the membership?
      How was the process?

      • I contacted their main office in Plano Texas many times at 972-805-5100, I also contacted them by email
        at their customer service link and printed out all responses I received from them and mailed them to the
        Attorney General of Texas, in Austin. If you our anyone else believes that Word Ventures is a scam and a
        pyramid as I do, please contact them numbers speak. Good luck!

    • I have been a member for 3 years, but now I’m tired, dissapointed and angry over the bad quslity of my last 2 -3 DT. You pay s lot and get a very poor DT with bad host, poor program or non existing program. I have complained several times but they don’t care!!No refound or nothing! In Dubai we where 2 European and 80 chines. Everything, welcomeparty, local guiding, etc was in chines!! We tried to get info in english, but no… and WV/DT don’t care if you are satisfied or not!
      They are answering you with a standard answer, thst they are a growing company, etc … But the company is over10 years!!! Tske care of your members instead!!
      If your friends talk about World Ventures, Rovia or Dreamtrips: RUN! Don’ t enjoy!

    • Exactly the same experience for me in Australia ! The Dreamtrips are so way overpriced, then the amount of points they let you use for a trip eg: $800 dreamtrip , but they only let you use $180 towards it is a pretty dodgy way to make money ! In order to use the 670 points you have accumuklated over the year of paying for’d need to spend about 4K to be able to use your points that you’ve just accumulated. Wouldn’t recommend to my worse enemy !
      I’m contacting department of Fair trading in Australia and Ombudsman.

  12. I’ve done my research and this thing really looks like a pyramid scheme. I’ve watched some of the training videos as well and they are all about self belief, self confidence, ignoring self limiting beliefs. There is zero substance it’s all bluster. I’m all for self confidence but when it comes to business, doubt and questioning are vital tools. (Just watch dragons den!) check out the world ventures wiki page, it has been classed a pyramid scheme by the gaming commission. When the product is primarily financial freedom and recruiting people to do what you are doing then that’s a pyramid scheme. Be wary and do your homework. My advice, Ask honest, direct and difficult questions about it. If it stands up then go for it, if it doesn’t then you’ve saved yourself a lot of time and money.

    • I am a police officer and have been in WV for nearly a year. Like all cops,we are very cynical by nature, As such. I did plenty of research before joining. 1st of all it is NOT a pyramid. Pyramids are in fact illegal and do not offer a product. The company has been in business for nearly 12 years and have a huge headquarters building in Plano TX. The “rep” will in fact make residual income, but like any other business, if you don’t work you wont get paid. It is difficult trying to get fellow police officers interested because of my original thoughts on our cynicism. But after explaining it in more detail, I have successfully enrolled a few. Now I’m not making millions but it is nice to get the money deposited in my account occasionally. I simply joined for the travel benefits that I’ve used and seen first hand and will say that it IS a very cheap way to travel all over the world and stay at luxury hotels. Whats more is that it’s just like a vacation club account at your bank where every dollar you put into it is yours to spend on the trips. I’m not trying to sell this to anyone on this site but I did want to set the record straight.

      • Thank you for that!! It bothers me sooo bad when people talk about pyramid Schemes. Because when they talk about them they clearly have no idea what they are talking about. Thank you for sharing that there is NO PRODUCT in a pyramid scheme, they are illegal! Pyramid schemes get shut down really fast!!

    • Are you serious? This isn’t going to be for or against Worldventures but your statement that you had to say about beliefs. “I’ve watched some of the training videos as well and they are all about self belief, self confidence, ignoring self limiting beliefs.” So basically you’re saying an entrepreneur has no business believing in themselves or they will not be successful? You’re saying the path to success is paved in self doubt and questioning? Is that right? Please tell me I’m wrong here. Because, that’s how I read it.

  13. I am a member for more than a year now. I am not good in receiting people so until now o dont have a member but im still paying my monthly dues of 50 uss for my personal use. I already ussd 360 pts for my 3 travels in Asia , for me the price is really lower than travel agencies . The hotels are 5 stars.

    • hwllo Marilyn check skyscanner or chipmunk anything is cheaper than this scam

  14. Well I can’t really say to much bad at the moment to do with world Ventures.
    Ive been with the company for 10 weeks now and I have over $1000 in my bank account.
    This is just my experience and so far it is working for me

    • how is it going now?

  15. Hello everybody, I recently signed up for this company and payed 200 and something dollars to sign up. Last month they took $56 like they said they would to build up my money for traveling. However, I no longer think this is for me. Can I get back any of the money I spent? Does anyone know? Please let me know. Thank you

    • yes you can, you need to call the company , But Jesse I fully recommend you to stay in Worldventures and get help with someone in the company to help you, this business work, but take time and patient believe me, I 3 year here

      • I want you to try to find help don’t listen to the lazy negative people if can try to follow the rule and clear success map for Worldventures you will get to where you going. I am in this company for one year and I see the great result.

    • You can within 14days. You have no contract. The monthly fee accumulates that you get back in points on your anniversary date to book more trips. If it’s 25.00 month then you recieve 300 points. You can lower your membership. Like the article said. It’s not for everyone.

      • I just joined today as a friend came out this morning to my home to explain. After they left I have jumped on the internet and have found so many negative comments about this company that I feel sick now that I have joined. I have now emailed the company explaining I no longer want to be a member. Hoipefully they will get back to me and refund my money. I feel that they way they sell this product is not really telling you the truth. It wasn’t until i read a lot about it on the internet I have realised what I have signed up for. The thought that i have to sell this to my friends and family makes me feel horrible. They should give you more information before you sign up. Anyway I wish all the people who have joined the very best but do not think this product is for me.

        • Just an update. I did finally get my money back. It took over 2 weeks. I had to email them. So glad that i am out of this.

        • Yes i agree. Nor much details are released until you join. I find this method very unattractive for me to proceed to join and to use this method of selling.

        • Well that’s the thing … If you search enough , you’ll find bad reviews about anything and everything… I have a good friend who is a director in the company . She has been on numerous paid drips . Even got a Mercedes Benz….. Paid off

          • just type in worldventures in your browser dont even look for bad reviews and that is all that pops up. Its funny how they think people are idiots and can confuse them out of money.

        • I just had the same experience as you. What did you tell them in the email? Please answer.. And thank you.

        • how sad

          back to the prison of being an employee i guess.
          there are 100x more people on the outside looking in and giving their negative excuses as to why they aren’t willing to pursue their own dreams

          must be nice being a boss and having a bunch of dummies make your dreams come true.

          network marketing kicks butt….

        • Sonia what do u mean when u say the were not telling the truth.

  16. Those who come in to complain about how we is a scam and have tried their hands at it, why the assumption that they did not put in the hardwork to recruit? Doing Mlm need a person to be pushy, deceptive and self-believing. Every time somebody mentions about Mlm, an insider will defend by saying the 40-40-40 rule. How working for your boss and working to build up the Organisation is utter crap. If u hate working for someone else, start your own business. Do it the ethical way. What pisses me off is that before the Friend has enjoyed the dream trips, he simply believes what his upper line mentions, goes all out to recruit his friends by telling them there is this great opportunity not to be missed. Mind you, he has not gone for any of this dream trip and is chasing people to recruit to hit the recruit 4 and pay no more scheme. For the sake of earning the commission and paying no more membership when he travels in future, he bats no eyelids n has absolutely no issues lying and omitting necessary information to get his Friend to sign up. What is most infuriating is that when somebody else on his network is signed up successfully under him, a picture of him with his new members is forwarded,with the message” I am so sorry you lost the spot to this person instead. Good luck to your future!” And he will be reminding you of the upcoming seminar held every week to go listen to because these are great opportunities not to be missed. This business might not be dubious, the trips might really be great dream trips but if one has to lie and manipulate and see no issues with that to lie their coffers first, go ahead and do it. After all, you will win friends who are we members,positive, like-minded like you and help u in your personal development. Those friends who are stupid enough not to see this money making opportunity shall stay in their sorry lives, working their asses off to please the boss. After all, what are lying to these people? Money is all that they are after.

  17. I have a friend who joined WV. I see pictures of him holding the blue sign on FB. The funny thing is he is either down the street from his house at a golf course or a few miles away at the nearest beach. The only trips he has taken have been to the seminars WV puts on witch he pays for. He has been there 1.5 years and maybe made $1200 bucks. Quit his job and now cant pay his child support. Stupid is as stupid does!

    • Your friend was stupid. At least my friend told me the truth about what he was doing and what I was signing up for. He immediately told me “Don’t quit your job!” because things like this take time.

  18. Can someone please direct me to a WV comp plan document that shows me how many people it takes to EVERY rank AND how much you get paid at each. You would be surprised at how hard this is to find…

    • No matter what business, if you want the business become larger, you have to train up people. Imagine you are a sales, if you want to be a sales director to earn 50000/mth. you have to sell you product or train up your team to work for you. In WV, it is
      1×6=6, 6×4=24+6=30(SR), 30×2+30=90(DIR), 90×1+90+20=200(MD), 200×1+200+50=450(RMD), 450×1+450=900(NMD), 900×70%x1+900=1530(IMD).
      It is not you to find 1530 customer, you have to train up you team. If the product itself is good enough and good incentive scheme, it is not a impossible mission.

      • Train up a team to do what though?….make *you* money?

    • it is not hard to find rhey have income discloures everywhere

  19. Very Very good post. I just went to a meeting. Yep didn’t know what it was for. Lots of happy people in there. All testimonials were of Mid 30’s or younger. Its true you don’t know what you don’t know. That includes when you’re being taken for a ride. But if you really must find out for yourself….Try it. I love the holidays I plan myself so I’m sticking to what I know.

  20. Well everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, however Worldventures is FAR from a scam, gimmic,or joke! I’ve only been in for 10 months & it’s allowed me to go part time with my old job. Granted this isn’t enough to retire or anything like that, but an extra $500+ monthly does help! I do this part time & have about 45 people under me who all want the same thing, to live life the way it’s supposed to be! Not the 40-40-40 plan as taught in schools! Work 40 hours a week, 40 years of your life to retire on 40% of what you use to make, NOT for me! Worldventures has been a Godsend for me, my family, & numerous friends! We offer vacations nationwide at wholesale verses retail, simple as that! If you’d like to add another stream of income that’s optional & of course depends on the individual. They guarantee nothing, as with any home based business you get out of it what you put into it! I have yet to meet 1 negative person since being a member of WV, not saying there’s not any, but everyone I’ve met has been helpful, positive, encouraging, & willing to help me every step of the way! We’re a Christian, family oriented company & it has actually gotten me back into church & dedicated my life to the Lord. Had it not been for WV I doubt I’d be saved & Christian right now, which is my own personal experience & just a statement I’m throwing out there. One person commented saying the people at the top make all the money & that’s not necessarily true with WV. Because we have the same binary system Mary Kay uses & if you don’t have both your legs built the last person joining can easily pass you rank wise & financial wise. Plus we have promotions all the time & they help you get paid even more or get even cheaper vacations. Example: This past October they had one where you could get a $60 per person cruise with the enrollment of 2 new members, we’ll me, my wife ,& 4 year old son will be going to the Bahamas for $440, port fees included this July. Another trip we have booked is a week in Mexico in June for $1,800 including airfare & all inclusive! We couldn’t have done this kind of traveling before WV, not due to money issues but we were time broke! Now we have more time to spend with our family & friends all because we made a choice & did some work! There’s 6 different ways to get paid with our company & anyone who wants to make money can with the right attitude & desire!
    WV isn’t for everyone, some people can’t take rejection & we get people telling us no a good bit, but that’s life! We’ve never harassed anyone, we simply ask others to join, yes & no are good answers then we move on. Our company wants everyone who has the desire to succeed to be successful & gives us every tool needed to do so with trainings, which are optional as well as weekly meetings, again optional. We’re a 10 year company that’s NOT going anywhere regardless of the economy’s financial state, so love us or hate us we’re taking over the travel industry! If anyone has any questions I’d be more than happy to answer them whether about our Amazing company or life in general, I love helping others & hope to help as many people as possible until the end of my days. May you each have a Blessed day & find happiness with our company or however you can in this crazy world we live in.

    • I signed a week ago; had my sponsor talk to my son over the phone after he watched the video. The sponsor asked him what he taught of the video and my son replied ‘it’s like time-share and he was not interested. The sponsor got on the defensive and said did he even know what time-share is or is he just haphazardly throwing out the word without knowing what it meant because WV is nothing like a time-share. My son told him why are you so defensive and told him again he was not interested, have a nice day and hung up.

      Needless to say that was within the first 24 hrs after I signed up. My sponsor said stuff like Wow thai’s your son, if it were my mother I would never treat her like that. I told him he could have kept the ‘haphazardly’ statement out of the equation. This is a business and we should try to be as objective as possible and keep our personal opinions to ourselves esp. When someone tells you no from the beginning that they are not interest, just say thank you and move on to the next person. The sponsor then proceeded to say this has never happened to him before and I responded there is a first time for everything.

      I then send an apologizing text to my son the next moring.

      I like the concept. I have traveled a lot. I like the idea of pre planned trips (it can be time consuming trying to get the best deal). You would never be able to get accommodations at $219/person for a trip to New Orleans for 4 days and 3 nights, so right there alone you’ll make up your $300 to $600 annual membership dues. So do I think overall it’s a good deal? Yes. Do I think it’s a scam? No. Is it a lot of hard work? Yes, like any other type of MLM company out there.

      As far as having other WV members on the trip that really doesn’t matter with me; it’s not like they’re going to sleep with me or I have to share my room with them. I think the more the merrier; there are going to be people on your trip regardless if you book it through WV or not.

      On the other hand, I have a bad taste with my first experience with my son and do not want to continue under this Sponsor. Is there anyway I can change? And at this point I’m thinking it’s probably not worth it and I’m thinking of canceling my membership.

    • Thanks f your insight. Just signed up as a part time business venture. Just wondering ..With the world in an economic crisis, travelling is not at the top of everyone’s list.
      There’s just not a lot of people that have the extra money to take vacations and especially mid to high end travel which is what World Ventures sells. I remember a similar business called Resorts 360 which pretty much bit the dust once the economy started to go down.
      Blessings !

      • I would have to agree with Eugene. Travel is not a priority when people are struggling to put good on the table, pay bills and/or have no job. We don’t know what the global economy will look like. I quit today, cut my losses and I don’t know anybody wealthy enough who wouldn’t miss the fees wtc. My conscience won’t allow me to suck others in and so I have had to bite the bullet.

  21. I have been reading these comments because a friend asked me about joining her in WV. I just wanted to see what others had to say. I’m reminded of an old saying, “isn’t it funny how the negative thoughts YELL LOUDLY and the positive ones are barely a whisper. The real truth is that no one thing works for everybody and every one should make their decision based on their knowledge & experience. Having been in several networking opportunities, I can say that you get out what you put in. Those who were able to “find” better travel deals on your own, I say fantastic! Not everyone is able to spend their quality time looking for those kinds of deals. If you are willing to make your decision based on your own facts instead of someone else’s conjecture, then do it. If you’d rather let someone make these important decision about your future, then be happy working for someone else for the rest of your life in the ultimate Pyramid, AKA your job!

    • F you really want to do group travel at a discount check out Groupon’s trips. Most of their trips include airfare. You do not have to sign up for a club or pay a membership fee. Also, if you sign up with Ebates and shop Goupons through Ebates you get a certain % cash back, I think it may only be 1 or 2 % back. However, that’s more than WVis offering. I think there are lots of options available for inexpensive travel …without having to commit yourself to a travel club with a monthly fee (or the option of signing up 4 of your closest friends and/or family members).

      • Best reply yet. I just had a friend ask me to join this. Well I’m always skeptical about just handing over my money and joining anything. I think I’ll pass. I have enough on my plate and don’t have time to try and convince anyone of joining anything. Besides if I asked family or friends to join and they lose money then how could I even look them in the face?! Yup. This is NOT for me!!

      • That’s not true. You can get up to 30% back on commission when booking off of wv engine. When you book off of anything else Bill Gates gets the commission…. He is already a billionaire. Rather pay myself back.

    • Like all MM schemes, everyone up the ladder gets a cut of your earned money. Go to a legit travel group like and if you can gather 10-12 friends to go on the same tour you go free. A lot less stressful and way more fun than wearing yourself trying to get something free from a MM scheme.

  22. Great information. I personally would not join something which looks like a pyramid scheme. If you want to know the truth, just imagine what will happen to the last people to join if the whole world joins. They will get nothing in return and that is precisely what a pyramid scheme is all about.
    People who join early and invite their gullible friends into the mix enjoy best. However, when the market gets saturated, things spill over with no more people to join.
    I advice all people, with due respect to think twice before venturing into quick money schemes like WORLD VENTURES.

    • a pyramid scheme is a transfer of money with no actual product being sold if you think of it like that when you get a job your already apart of a pyramid scheme because the person at the top will make more money then you regardless of what you do so in here your getting a product in dream trips

    • Hi Cutewriters I’ve joined world ventures in Australia for cheap holidays only, and after 6 months I,ve put 2 people on my left side, however because I’m part of a team all working together my right side has 56 people, which someone else has put in, further up the in the team this makes it not a Pyramid another 2 people and I qualify to start getting Paid. Also when you talk about companies saturating ask yourself something when telecommunication companies think that when everybody gets a phone they wouldn’t sell anymore ? I don’t see their share prices falling…… as the population grows so will every networking marketing company Including World Ventures.
      cheers mate.

      • Cheers back at ya. I like your point. I’m going to join with a membership only for now and find out first hand how this works. I travel quite a bit and spend countless hours sifting through all the details. What I like most….from the very little info I have is that no matter what….I’m banking some money every month towards travel…my little savings account that I’m not disciplined enough to do. The rewards of putting 50$ month into and account and accruing points for purchasing onlune….this works for me. Amazon is my friend today but I don’t get any rewards other than next day delivery and I’ve only used that option once. I like the benefits. I like that I can cancel. I like that it’s a reasonable monthly due that goes towards myself not just to stay active. I’m in for Gold…we’ll see where it goes from there.

        • Great point there Terra. I am planning to travel next summer and its been two months since I planned to put away money for my vacation, I think I will put this money in WV and redeem my points for travel next year, when I do get people who want to join, then i will join the business side of it

    • Hi Cutewriters I’ve joined world ventures in Australia for cheap holidays, and after 6 months I,ve put 2 people on my left side, however because I’m part of a team all working together my right side has 56 people, which someone else has put in, further up the in the team this makes it not a Pyramid another 2 people and I qualify to start getting Paid. Also when you talk about companies saturating ask yourself something when telecommunication companies made phones did they think when everybody gets a phone they wouldn’t sell anymore, I don’t see their share prices falling…… as the population grows so will every networking marketing company Including World Ventures.
      cheers mate.

      • Hi im wesley from south africa and i am think of joining WV ….i agree what you put in is what you will get out …i think its one of the best opportunities i have ever come across…I rather push ,motivate ,be positive in making it work for 1-4 years within WV ….to reach the chance for change fun ,freedom and financially stability and enjoy 40 or more years of my life than to work for 40-more year and only enjoy 4 years….you can only advise once you are in it and have experience it i say ….everyone wants to travel and earn money while doing it is 100 times better as well …do you really want to be that person that never took the chance or risk …everything millionare or big shot took a chance and risk and look where they are today …WV is definitely a chance /risk/opportunity worth taking

    • it is sad when intelligent people think the way you do. the fact of the matter is that world ventures is a legitimate company regulated by federal laws. no one at no time aid that you have to recruit anyone. the company is divided into two module first the travel module here you travel for less and secondly the business module where you are compensated for sales.

      let me start at the second one. most company pays larger networks millions to advertise for them without any guarantee of getting any sales. what network marketing companies do is ask its members to do the same. the vast difference is that if the company makes a sale the its representative is compensated. saving the company millions while giving the reps the opportunity to earn. Show me where is the scam.
      as it relates to pyramids, those are illegal and despite what uneducated persons think about mlms the person at the top oes not necessarily make the most money. if you work harder than the person you can make more money tahan he have.

      for the vacation aspect you can choose to join and go on your vacation with out anyone forcing you on a normally basis you would have to save for a year of more to take a vacation. i advice you get informed about this type of business

      • If I join today September 2016, does this mean i can not book any vacation using my points say in July 2017, is it mandatory that i have to be a mwmber for at least a year before i can book a vacation? I mean if my membership fees dont give me enough points for a particular vacation, I could always top up. But to be completely inelligible, makes me want to put joining off. Can someone explain this to me please. thanks

        • It depends with the type of membership you are in… If you’re on Gold membership you pay $200 and every month $50.. Once you have joined , the $200 is now converted to dreamtrips points so you get 200 dream trip points and for the monthly fee.. the monthly fee is also converted to points so if you are a member for one whole year… you would have generated 600 dream points of which you can use to go for a vacation with.. Also when you refer 4 guys and they are active (They have joined your team) the company waives off you’re monthly fee and still get your 600 dreamtrips points annually … hope my explanation has assisted…..

          When you are a member.. the company would give you points since you are already a consumer of the company’s product.. So if you joined today, the dream trip points are added to your account one time and you can use the dream trip points at your own peril…

          • Hi so im thinking of joininh . We hav an upcoming trip to thailand . Im joinig and getting 200 points. Wat can i use 200 points for?

      • Nice one. Well said

  23. What about the exchange rate for when you vacation in other countries? I personally don’t want to be kept in a resort or be shuffled around to places the booking agency has chosen for me. I like visiting countries where my money allows me to have a luxurious experience at a lower price. And I definitely want the freedom to decide my own itinerary during my vacation. In general, I avoid travel packages for these reasons, they just don’t account for the drop in cost when the host country’s currency is worth less than my home country. I read a few of the top comments here and I don’t see this being brought up. If your talking about travel/vacationing this is one of the things I always take into consideration when planning a trip.

    • Hi Ezio the only way your exchange rate will work in your favour is if you actually know someone personally in a travel agent in the particular country your going to i.e. booking on the other end…
      I used to know a person in New Zealand and thats how i used to do it.

    • You can book just your flights through this portal if that is what you want, you don’t have to take the awesome 4 or 5 star Dream Trips, you can stay in 2 to 3 star accommodation of your choice. You can pick and choose what product you like.

  24. Has anyone every joined a mlm and made lots of money? I use it for the discounts, and booking my own trips. Like any home business, you have to sell the product. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. Lots of people try it, some make it, and some don’t It’s just fun for me, and we love to travel. When I get tired of it, I will quit. Good luck to those who are in it for the money. Everyone else, find something you like, and you will be sure to find someone who will find something wrong with it.

  25. I’m sick of the company and not even a member of it. Just the constant harassing of members is enough to drive me away. Then the constant online posts of people holding a blue sign has gotten to the point where I want to vomit every time I see it.

    • I don’t know the exact nature of reps in your market. Some work differently than others. I would like to think though, that if you’ve been approached multiple times, that is simply a lot of your friends thinking you could benefit from being a member, either financially or simply as a travel partner. It’s all about perspective though, and sometimes we all(myself included) like to play the victim. I woke up when my brother joined for financial reasons, and now he is retired. If he can do it ANYBODY can do it. Hope you don’t get acid reflux though because I don’t believe you’ll be seeing any less of that little blue sign. I’ve met hundreds of reps big and small, and almost everyone has had it affect their life positively. So they probably won’t stop…

      • Its not a scam. Its actually much worse. Company feeds on involving people who desperatly need a better life and need a way out with a nevery ending spew of false hope and can only maintain this hope with unending motivational meetings and speakers. All the while sucking the money out. Truthfully you would probably make more sitting in your drive way selling lemonade than actually making money on this. And lose a lot less friends and family along the way. Just my experience.

        • How do you loose friends and family??? Are you pointing a gun to their head and giving them no choice…

          Am not part of WV but I have done my proper research and it is a good opportunity.

          Only for the people who see it.

    • I agree. I had somone be very very nasty to me in douglasville ga. I saidon’t if you think this is going to meet me join with your nasty attitude it’s not going to happen. They need to teach their people if someone does not want to then that should be it. Not to be disrespected. Or talked to like a dog.

  26. Bad experience would not recommend it priceline or other travel sites are better.

  27. All i have to say is “You don’t know what you don’t know… I am a humbled 25 year old who has been with work ventures for 4 years now, I’ve been to many company gatherings and i do this part time about 20 hrs a week and I’m loving every minuet of it that didn’t happen by blogging online about things i don’t know it happened by bettering myself financially and mentally to a stronger person. i am a completely new man and with TONS of help from my upline, and people always give me the ole there just helping you to make them more…. this response wants to make me just puke. i have met more exciting and dependent people who are in every way willing to give you the shirt of there back. one gentleman that i know talk to frequently bought me a plane ticket home from ks when i had spent my last dime to get there and had no way home. this is a man who gives back xx,xxx often to his community and could possibly be the nicest guy I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. well as the rant gets me going i come back to “YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU DONT KNOW” i gave up my 14 hour days doing construction 6 days a week for WV and Thank you Lord is all i have to say. Cause people aren’t supposed to work (50 Weeks out of the 52) Life is short… WV making a living, LIVING!!!!! y’all can’t bring me down lol

    • Somebody better be careful dancing on his soapbox, or he is going to fall off.

    • Simple question: how many trips you did in the last 4 yrs matching full season (in that country/city – so exclude January in Tahiti for example) and what was the total cost per person?

  28. From what I can see, this product may not be for everybody. If you don’t take vacations it is probably not for you. If you vacation and stay in budget motels and eat fast food all during your vacation, this may not be for you. If you do take vacations and stay in nice places and eat in nice restaurants this program will probably save you money. As a business opportunity it is sales and marketing. If you don’t enjoy sales and marketing it is not for you. As for bothering your friends and family, if that is your only source of business, you will fail. They don’t want to be bothered by you trying to earn a living off of them. Be prepared to sell to strangers. If you are not afraid to market the product to people who travel regularly and like to stay in nice places and eat in nice restaurants then you will probably do OK. It is a matter of presenting your product to someone it solves a problem for – travel they are already doing for less. It is not for people who don’t travel and you will fail trying to sell to them. Just remember no matter how good you are, you can not create a new market of travelers you can only influence an existing market of travelers.


      • Someone sounds bitter. Oh and that’s false by the way. Whoever told you that is lying to you and somehow you believe everything said. Can you say… Brainwashed!

      • On the same principle 2 of the WV founders said they are finalist on Ernst&Young – and is a lie again, you can officially ask for E&Y response about it for last 10 years, it’s no secret. Why would I join a network that (1) makes use of lies when describes itself, (2) although it’s rules doesn’t allow it, it constantly extends in countries it has no intention to setup in, but only to catch people that will not be able to sue them if needed, (3) caps the revenue level to MAX $150k, even if you are able to provide and do more and (4) the members you bring are not entirely yours, so if you at some point want to go your way, the clients will remain in the system, BUT you will get zero share, just like they don’t exists (in the real world you can negotiate your # of clients and share you want for them)
        … SO the reason would be the awesome trips? Yeah about that, for most classy trip prolly (Vegas), I seen an offer of about $67/day for staying at Palms for 4 days with some junk deals to it, but I choose to stay at Aria for 7 days with $58/day, then next year I stayed at Cosmopolitan with $62/day for 7 days again – by default these hotels included junk deals, too, and it matched 90% the WV offer.
        Don’t even start me on internationals trips, they do have some good ones – no doubt – but that would be like under 5% of everything I checked (for example going to Bali in January or February = yuck)

        Yet, I have no doubt you can have success working for them, as their yearly revenues are pretty good and increasing lately, it’s a good chance you can succeed on short to mid term, but on long term, not even them can guarantee the safety of the system (let’s not forget is an LLC)…

    • I’m a dreamtrip member and I honestly can say that I’m very disappointed with the product. 80% of the dream trips are to Asia! The rest are nothing very exciting.

      • If you don’t mind me asking have you made any money will be a dream trips representative like residual income

  29. Let me first say that I am neither for or against WV. While I was having a business meeting with one friend, a 2nd friend we both know happened by. I found out they were connected through WV.
    As the 2 chatted about their WV business, I just listened. After the 2nd friend left, I asked the friend I was having the business meeting with about WV. Without getting into the details, It sounded interesting.

    I am familiar with MLM businesses from my past and never had any real success with any of them. With that being said I was intrigued with WVs product line. That is what has lead me to this site.

    As I read all these posts, it occurs to me that MOST of these posts are unhappy with the MLM business! Look, it is certainly not for everyone and there is no secret that most will not make much money. And yes the business model is to sign up as many people as possible. It is anticipated the new Reps will sign up their friends and family (hopefully more). But this is no different than Insurance and Financial Planning industries ,

    Those that talk about Pyramid Schemes don’t really understand what a Pyramid Scheme is. Just because the organizational chart is in the shape of a triangle and the people at the top of the triangle make commission off of product and revenue generated below them, does not make it a Pyramid Scheme! If there is real Product/Service being sold, its not a scheme. Just because one of the products is signing up new members that can also sell memberships, does not make it a PS.

    During my research I wanted to make sure that being a member would provide real value. So I just took a couple of 3 night trips for 2 that would cost a member $189.00 total cost. I then went to Travelosity and looked up the exact hotel and dates and saw that the same room was 179.00 a night. This was fairly consistent with those I looked up. The airfare that WV identified as the lowest price was the same amount I could find on my own. With the WV booking I received tour passes, amusement park passes, transportation to and from attractions and more. Not to mention I would be able to further reduce the WVs trip by $50.00 using points I COULD earn. Obviously nothing was included if I booked the trip on my own.

    So the saving without the extra $50.00, was a difference of 537.00 – 189.00 = 348.00

    I am not saying that this means it is defiantly a good deal to get involved, but it certainly has my attention. Obviously the more trips you go on the more value you get out of the membership. Without taking into consideration the points you can use to reduce the cost of the trip and recruiting enough people to have your monthly membership fee paid for, you would need to go on at least 3 of these trips a year to find any savings based on the 60.00 a month membership fee and the 199.00 start up fees.

    As far as the business opportunity, it appears to be no different than any other MLM. CAN you make money? YES, but not without recruiting your organization. WILL you make money? Not unlike any other MLM, probably not, unless you work it hard and get a few good producers in your organization.

    Will I become part of this organization? I don’t know, but if I do, I would know what I am getting into. And I would make sure at the very least I can get value out of the membership.

    I certainly haven’t seen/read anything that makes it a scam, just a typical direct marketing company that most people have not done enough research on to understand the business model prior to getting involved. I will say in some cases, the representatives that are out there recruiting people haven’t spent enough time to understand the business well enough to communicate all the things new recruits need to know prior to getting involved.

    Just my thoughts

    • A friend sucked me into Melaleuca 15 years ago. I lost both money and a friendship. So when a new friend started to pitch this to me, I was immediately skeptical. Out of courtesy I let them finish their pitch. Already have my opinions about MLM… they take a LOT of work and you have to be willing to pester people you know–putting at risk personal relationships–in order to build a big enough network to generate residual income. Aside from the practical challenges I value my personal relationships too much to do that.

      Regarding the dream trips, based on what I saw in the presentation, for the really awesome trips you would have to pay in for several years to accumulate points for really memorable trips to Europe or Asia, but the points expire after a year, so you’ll likely be paying full price anyway. AND many of their overseas trips DON’T INCLUDE AIRFARE. At first glance I am not seeing the value of this “opportunity. I claim zero on my income tax withholding, so could easily take that annual return and finance a two-week jaunt in Europe once a year.

      This doesn’t appear worth it in my opinion.

      • This is far FAR different than melaleuca. At least with melaleuca you can enjoy actual products if you decide not to join in on the MLM part of it. Two completely different things in my honest opinion. Not only that, but I personally know someone who made 20k in their 3rd month of melaleuca. Don’t see that happening with WV.

    • Very well written, and is tottally the same opinion I have concluded.
      There will always be people for and against, If you are to sceptical then it won’t work for you, if you travel a lot then I think some really good savings could be had.

    • Thank you for a well thought out explainative and unbiased view point, it was spot on! In your observation, note that all monies paid towards your monthly “dues” apply dollar for dollar towards your chosen vacation, effectively canceling out the cost of said membership. Yes I am a rep and I’ll just say this….all business profit or non profit are modeled after a “pyramid ” structure, there’s always someone on top utilizing (non profit) or capitalizing (for profit) from the efforts of others. This type of leveraging has been in existence since the dawn of man, there are societies based on this model ie; boys being preferential over females. Second, we must realize that “most” businesses “fail” at some point. This fact is not unique to mlm. I believe people fail for the same reason why gyms succeed. The gym knows that most people who sign up will “never commit” to ther workouts and eventually stop coming all together but continue to pay monthly dues! Does this fact mean that the gym membership was a scam or does it indicates that, in most cases most people simply do not follow through with emotionally driven desicions? Should the question should be directed towards the guy/gal with the six pack and 10% body fat aka someone who is dedicated and sticks to a there plan? Well the question is rhetorical and you get the point. If people actually did what they “think” they should do instead of what they feel like doing, in my opinion this would turn the tables of many negative viewpoints as well as most outcomes. Just my opinion

      • Hi there, you said you’re a WV rep, I would like to ask you a question please! My sister just joined WV and this week she’s been very busy recruiting people. She was trying to convince me to join but I’m skeptical esp because she keeps on telling me that the rep that got her to join get a lot of money. Today she got her fifth person to join and she told us that the lady who recruited her has been promoted because of that and that she will be getting a salary of $10,000 every month, a car and a bonus of $5000 every week! Is this possible in WV? thank you for your time.


    • Your definition of a pyramid is probably mistaken. A pyramid is the exchange of money with no product in return. As Vince explained, the Dreamtrips memberships ARE the product. Therefore not a pyramid.

      • Norway has determined this to be a pyramid scheme.

    • aye yi yi. Pyramid scam to the core? Please. With all due respect, this is a leveraged income model like all direct sales companies / MLM / Network Marketing. There is no scam here. If the person that approached you about an MLM opportunity is under trained or lied about how the opportunity works then that is on them, not the company. It is the same as saying that you can get a great steak at McDonalds. This would be a mis-representation of that company, does not make the company a scam just make the representative either poorly trained (which is up to the individual to get trained) or the person is just a liar willing to say anything to get paid. (the latter of which is what gives this noble industry a poor name.) If you are willing to work, and work hard, and you are willing to help other people learn the skills required to thrive in this type of business model, then in the vernacular of a 3,5,7,10 year business plan, companies like WorldVentures, Mary Kay, Zija, Visalis, or any other business that has chosen to cut out traditional advertising in lieu of word-of-mouth marketing can earn both time, and money freedom, that someone with an “employee mentality” will never experience.

  31. I’m so upset about this program I put money in to and got absolutely nothing out of. it’s the biggest rip off of all time. I joined with the expectations that I would travel, and I did not see any thing on the site that I could or would want to do. I wanted to cancel and get my 250 + 2 payments of 49.99 that was payed for absolutely nothing… and the customer serves was so rude she tells me that I won’t get my money back. this is the worst company ever.

    • I’ve been a part of WV since the end of August 2014 & this is the BEST decision that i’ve ever made. I’ve already been on 2 Dreamtrips & I have another DreamTrip in August to Puerto Vallarta Mexico & i’m staying at the Hard Rock Hotel & it’s ALL-INCLUSIVE!!! You get in what you put out in this business. I’m not sure what kind of travel you are looking to do, but they have remarkable trips to Dubai, Greece, Africa, Australia, Jamaica, Puerto Rico….the list goes on. I’m sorry that you feel like this is the worst company ever, but again, you can only receive what you put out. Maybe you should try again, my team is extremely supportive & we’re like a big family. Maybe you need to be around like-minded people who can motivate & inspire you to make the best of this amazing company!

      • Don’t you all travel in a big group? Sounds like a pretty sh***y vacation if you ask me. Most people like to travel with their actual close friends and with family. Not a bunch of young brainwashed fools.

        • Hahahahaha good one Elizabeth..
          “Suckers never die, they are just replaced”

        • Haha I agree with dude. 1. If you haven’t been on a trip, hush about “big groups”.
          2. If that’s your attitude, please do not sign up so I don’t have to ever meet you. 3. This concert has allowed me to travel with my closest family and best friends, some which are new and a few longterm pals.
          Cheers to a better open mind.

    • Network Marketing in general (MLM) is not the lotery or a get rich scheme. If you put in the work you get paid. Plus it is hard to beleive you dis not find a cruise, trip or sporting event to attend to.

    • Talk it in this way, whatever business that you start with must put in capital, limit yourself on how much capital that you can last/afford for the business to grow or generate incomes, and is also subject to how much efforts that you can afford to put on? If u think this business is something that once you invest on it immediately can see return without putting effort on it, then it mean you went to the wrong door, casino will be much suitables for you. Properly saids not even the casino will return you your bets if you are the loser.

    • Hey Adrian,

      I am not a member but I know someone who is and you can definitely get your money back. Try reaching out to someone else within the company.

    • Gee Adrian Henry, with over 5000 trips offered last year you couldn’t find anything you liked? Of course you don’t get your money back…but you CERTAINLY should be able to find a trip. this year there will be over 11,00 trips offered. WV is a GREAT company with GREAT trips!

  32. I see this World Ventures business opportunity as a pyramid scheme and a scam in this way….

    You get recruited to join WV, find 4 people in 30 days to get the monthly fee waived. You pay for the membership to be a member and the fee to become a rep for this so-called opportunity. then persons 1,2,3, and 4 UNDER you also need to find 4 people each so that THEIR fee gets waived. and each of THEIR people need to do the same and so on. Hence the pyramid scheme. The more people you have on the team, you get a cut of what they sell or what-not. In the REAL world, all companies are in a pyramid, but EVERYONE gets paid for working and its a guaranteed pay. Yes at different levels, but you are GUARANTEED a paycheck. With online mlm, you are NOT guaranteed money, because if someone under your structure backs out after joining, their upline loses money, then the word of mouth spreads… a second and third person back out on your team, you are down to one… then you have to start paying again monthly to keep on the site with the business opportunity end of it and eventually YOU quit. That is when the whole system collapses. People give up because their team members give up either due to not putting in the time and effort or they do and see no results, even if they been to the propaganda seminars and they have to spend to go. if you want to make money a good way with a business opportunity like this… Sell something people actually NEED on a daily or 2 day basis. I have a friend who joined a coffee business online and he is making 1000’s because coffee is something that almost every American LOVES to drink every day. Vacations are a Luxury!!! World Ventures is not a product that people will spend over and over again. Yes vacations cost a lot, but the business opportunity to sell them like coffee is something you will need to invest like 10 hours a day on EVERYDAY but you need the correct approach and salesmanship skills to succeed. My gf has hardly any money because she just paid like 500 dollars to attend a seminar with hotel stay to learn how to do better, but when i question her as to how she is doing with recruiting, she gets very defensive. That was the red flag i needed. These MLM companies are making more money off of you with brainwashing and false propaganda to better THEMSELVES and recruit people who work paycheck to paycheck to promise them a better income. You have to work tirelessly to succeed and you make personal sacrifices for a small income. In actuality, these types of businesses that are MLM do NOT succeed. (Amway was one of them). To those who want to join this, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! look at the pros and cons. Even if you DO have the time to work on this, think about the expenses you must do as a WHOLE… from signing up yourself to going on the seminars and staying at hotels, driving, gas… all that. Don’t let presentations fool you. as the old saying goes. If this kind of opportunity seems too good to be true, then it is. If you still consider joining, ask for real documented statements from the presenter’s OWN account online. If they continue to avoid that or get a lil agitated, that is the dead giveaway to a scam. BRAINWASHING is the number one sign that online MLM companies will do. Don’t be a victim. My gf is brainwashed and it shows. Just a heads up from someone who has put time and money into a program like WV and the whole thing failed. the failure made me better myself and take courses in Business management.

    • Absolutely! Why just today I was “invited” to a World Ventures meeting. The whole thing smelled of Pyramid scheme from the minute I walked in. My cousin invited me, but she refused to tell me what the “meeting” was for. That totally erked me – what sort of “reputable organization or company” invites you to a business meeting, doesn’t give you ANY indication why you are there and with no materials. Then just like you both laid it out – they offer you these low-cost trips (which I would never want) with tickets to events (that I would never go to) and the airfare (the largest expense of any vacation) wasn’t included in the price. I’m sitting there listening to this guy, thinking to myself, my travel agent got me a way better deal than this – and I didn’t even have to pay a fee for their service.
      Next came the business opportunity speech! I listened to his sorry little speech – the man had the nerve to show us an example – that included a pyramid – then claim smuggly – were not a pyramid scheme! (For that reason alone – I think they could be sued). Anyway after that – I left and told my cousin. You know this is a pyramid scheme don’t you? (of course she denied it was) I went on to say – you can get in a lot of trouble over this – pyramid schemes are illegal!
      What bothered me the most – they prey on people who don’t know any better (a fool and his money is soon parted). I think the other gentleman (there 6 current WV reps to 2 potential suckers including myself) was really interested in the program. Like I said, I got the heck outta there.
      The whole event lacked professionalism and was clearly a scam!

      • When I remember my invitation a few months ago, I laugh every time, cause when I asked sensitive questions, the answers were kinda like in movie Idiocracy : “I’m pretty sure what’s killing the crops is this Brawndo stuff.” answer: “But Brawndo’s got what plants crave. It’s got electrolytes.” – of course I did not join, because 4 reasons I also wrote few posts above

        The response for those in doubt is quite simple: when you get into a new type of job you are NOT trained for, do not expect your results to rocket without serious effort. You cannot become an economist if you don’t learn quite a lot about it. MLMs are simply the same in concept, some will profit of your investment with minimal effort, until you learn to handle the system, and guess what, you will do the same when your turn comes.

        Do you really consider everything said as true or you investigate and make your plan in order to achieve a goal? Consider this scenario: WV a huge lake, which looks so perfect in the sunset you would instantly want to jump in. But your logic will warn you “Hey, you don’t know how to swim! Except brick mode.”. So at least few basic options will be served as any of us “monkeys” has a brain: 1] learn to swim, 2] get a boat, 3] enjoy the moment OR 4] “yeah – doesn’t really matter to me”. Based on your experience, you will pick one, or combine a few of them, or add some more options – well regardless that represents your plan.
        A few suggestions: if you don’t have a really good feeling about it, but you liked the presentation and pictures – walk away, that is just your envy “talking”, you will fail.
        If you want something temporary, or part time – walk away. This is dangerous for you – you will only loose money until you learn the concept.
        If you already have a even better plan in your head – trust me – try to contact a bigger head in the chain and discuss your ideas with him/her under confidentiality conditions to protect your ideas. If no one reaches back to you – you will be fine anyways 😉
        If you have at least a basic plan in your head, on how to make use of the offered opportunity, if you are sure you understood at least 50% of the rules (simply check yourself discussing with your presenter) – yeah you should join.
        If you are confused, retry understanding it at the next event – by default at least 60% are confused when a new idea is being presented to them. So is normal to want to understand.
        If you worked in the MLM before – hehe – you know what to ask and what you are capable of. You obviously learned failures the hard way and you know how to deal with that.

        Few things are often used in this segments of the market:
        – you will be bombarded with information (ask them to slow down and if they make fun of you, just say things like “the main reason I ask such a thing is that I want to make sure I bring you $1,000,000 this year or just $10,000”, or similar efficiency-ironic phrases, that will catch everyone’s attention and 60% of them (the confused ones) will actually take your side for a while;
        – you will be asked to take a decision fast – with show-offs like “…to show you how much I trust your skills, I will pay your initial fee”; do not believe that – 80% of the people looking for new choices, do not react well under pressure and they actually can endorse you to join, which normally is a feature LV3+ are allowed to do
        – you will be insured about your $$$ safety so many times, that it will make you puke (not even the bank can guarantee low deposits in case of crysis, yet they still say it)
        Not only these, but more, yet these are the most used 3; do not be disgusted about it, is just a presentation, no one will dare force you to get a job you do not like or understand – so just focus on the information that answers to your questions AND VERY IMPORTANT to not hesitate to put questions, more and more and more.

        I would write some more, but I have so many other things to do, I hope that at least I made a sense on how to make your decision about any job, not just becoming WV. IF you are in a really bad financial state and hope that WV will help you, think again, I will honestly tell you to first get back on your feet then go to an event again and try to understand the concept, then decide.

    • Thanks B for the enlightenment. Many a times we have been fooled by these get rich quick schemes but we have failed to learn. Most times it is the people who have very little in life that end up joining these schemes and consequently loose the little they have. Today I friend of mine pitched WV,and she told how she borrowed USD500 to join WV.Very absurd!! How is she going to maintain the monthly fee because smart people like me are not about to throw away good money. A lighter note, Can we just go back to the basics of working hard step by step to get to greater heights? Did the Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Kiosaki just sit back and wait for easy money? Off course you know the answer.Get your sorry lazy imaginations to real work for the greater good of yourselves.

      • I just want to make a comment, real quick…i know this is an older post but the references were made of Bill Gates and Robert Kiyosaki etc…basically were all talking about opinions mlms here . World Ventures being prime suspect but all MLMs nonethe less. yess the Warren Buffets, Bill Gates and Robert Kiyosakis of the world did work very hard for what they have. However im reminded of Rich Dad Poor Dad and Mr. Kiyosakis statements can be found all over that the way to achieve success is not by your typical get a good education, get into a great company and work hard your entire life for said company and retire happily…thats not how the world works anymore i recommend anyone to read his book, its life changing. Furthermore, A quote of Mr. Kiyosaki himself states “the richest people in the world, look for and build networks” and thats how you succeed in any mlm. if you cant do that then its not for you. Plain and simple. When asked “if you could start over, what would you do?” Bill Gates and Donald trump both replied “they would get into network marketing” and donald in his quote adding “and get to work!”. Just ellaborating on more FACTS.

  33. i seriously do not advise the youngsters to join WV. travelling is not for people who do not have a stable income already and the cost for sustaining it will be too high. But for adults who are earning a stable income and would like to travel can consider joining world ventures. Just make sure you feel that joining world ventures has sufficient benefits to be worth paying such a high starting fee. I found someone that actually had posted some examples comparing prices might be helpful to making the decision. Cheers.

  34. Reminds me of Primerica.. if its really too good to be true, no one needs to “act thirsty” to sell it to you. My friend goes to the freaking park and makes videos using the little banner, Im like dude you live here in NYC you’re false advertising like you’re on a trip, but gullible ppl jump on it.. The thing I want to know is once you have 4 people under you, and you went on your dream trip, what happens next year, do you need to recruit another 4 ppl– so like for every trip you want, I get that you no longer have to pay monthly membership fees, but every point you get is like a dollar, so to keep going on trips do you need to keep recruiting for a lifetime?

    • @Eliz, You can pay out of pocket for the wholesale trips, and you don’t have to sponsor people to keep going on them. Every dollar of your monthly fees mature into points to make a Deamtrip cost less. The points are just there to help you pay for them, and there are multiple way of obtaining them. It is difficult to explain over text, but I would suggest you getting with your friend to answer your questions properly in person.

  35. World Ventures is not a get rich scheme neither a pyramid scheme. They DID NOT said Sign up, refer 4 and sit lay back. However, they said “REFER 4 PAY NO MORE” which is the World Ventures policy. That is what each and every members on the team must do to avoid monthly fees because once you sign up four persons under your wings you will have nothing to worry about. The more members you have on the team the more you earn. There is no guarantee in any Direct Selling Marketing Company. The work you put into the business, is the result or profits you will get out of the business. If your is LAZY a person and want to earn money in Direct Selling Companies, then THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. Work hard! Go hard and done!

  36. I was recently approached about this. I’m not a salesperson, and there’s not a chance in hell I’m going to become a recruiter or whatever. But I do like to travel, so “pyramid scheme” aside, do folks have feedback on whether or not they actually have good deals and good quality?

    • Yes, the deals are great. I am an actual rep and have booked my first dream trip for $189 per person minus $50.00 for my recruiting bonus so it will actually be $139 per perso not per day but for the entire stay.This is a 4day 3 night at the Palms hotel and Villas. Of course breakfast is included, 2 legoland tickets, shuttle bus to and from, for being a dream trip member you also get a surprise activity and if your a platinum member you get a limo and Vip dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. I priced it online and this same hotel is $114 per night and the Lego tickets are $87 per person. I don’t know the surprise activity but that’s more savings. As you can see, the savings add up really fast plus if you find this trip cheaper within 7 days, they will refund you your money and pay for your trip. It’s their price guarantee.

      • Hi Crystal. Glad it seems to be working for you. But the thing for me is, it’s really all about the business opportunity than anything else. The trips and incentives are part of you recruiting more and more people….and that’s what MLM is all about. That’s why there is so much debate not just on here, but on the topic of network marketing in general.

    • From why I find most of the time Cici, the deals are going to benefit those who are involved in the business, moving memberships and making sales. You can just do a Google search and find just as good, if not better deals on various websites if you’re not interested in joining WV as a rep and just as a customer. I’ve actually did a search and found tremendous deals outside of WV…not to say that they don’t also have good deals. I would say they are more limited though to be honest. Like I said, it’s more of a business opportunity.

      • So many people get involved with WV being scared. Some of you’ll are on HERE looking for opinions from random people who haven’t experienced our trips looking for a reason to talk yourself out, and then call it a scam. If you are skeptical or new, take the initiative. Put your money where your mouth is. Pack your suitcase, go on a trip, dink a margarita by the beach, and experience the culture for yourself. Then, if you think it is a not worth it, state your opinion like an adult.
        Otherwise don’t join, ignore this company, and keep living your life. You don’t know what you don’t know. God bless you either way! 🙂
        (The company has about an 89% retention rate on those who have been on a Dreamtrip.)

        If you’re gonna be a WV rep, only you determine your level of success. Income is not guaranteed, because it is based on your compounded efforts and skills. So many people give in and quit because they thought it was easy to be a professional marketer. News Flash… It’s not easy, it’s possible and worth it. Not sure you can do it? Go to a company event, WV offers world class training.
        Sincerely, JJ

        • Can You Say AMWAY? Exact same scam just packaged different. You get asked to go to a meeting without telling you the company name, AMWAY. You get fed a load of crap and shown cancelled checks for huge amounts of money, AMWAY. Exact same deal just a different company name. I went to Vegas on my own, had 4 free nights at the Orleans and a free flight on Frontier Airlines, I paid 17 dollars for the whole trip, minus food and gambling. Didn’t pay membership fees or monthly fees either.
          What irritates me is the fact people that don’t have the money to waste are getting scammed and I have personally been lied to about how much some people are making, 1200-1500 a week, but are begging for money to go to a meeting in Houston.

          • A business that is 50+ years old is not a scam. amway has been around for 50+ years and only gotten bigger. If you think these types of businesses are scams than your welcome to your opinion even though you are wrong.

      • Even if you’re just a member and 4 of your friends join, they not only waive your fees, but the travel points still accrue each month. You get what you put in.

  37. I just a party that has people trying to get us to do this. The one girl was picking up a bmw this weekend. I’m about to move to Florida pan handle and I don’t think I can get people to do this under me. I’m a single mom supporting two kids one in college. If I get stuck with these payments I’ll be half ruined. It sounds good and I see people making money but I don’t think its for me. I’m a bartender and work in food industry I’m a good talker but not this good. Reading all this I’m not going to do it. Thank you all

    • It’s really like any other MLM, Heather. I mean, there are definitely people out there in your shoes who have seen success, so, it’s not impossible. At the same time, it might also not be the right time for you. I am not a rep of the company, I am just trying to give my fair and honest opinion as having experience in the MLM industry.

    • To me it sounds like a good choice! A responsible person first of all, with good understanding of impact. Risks exists in any business (and you know that already) and yes “no pain no gain” , but sacrificing so much would be just plain stupid.

  38. Thanks for the awesome write-up. Made up my mind to run away from that friend who keeps pressurising me to sign up for WorldVentures. Thanks for the honest review of WorldVentures and by keeping the debate alive in the comments section. After reading a few more articles about WorldVentures, I’ve made up my mind.

    • Yeah that’s what usually tends to happen. Your friends and family are the first ones to call on the list. It’s what you are taught in the network marketing business model. You contact and then pitch them this opportunity alongside the help of your sponsor or upline.

  39. i have just been approached to join this business,

    What the hell should i do, my gut feelings says it is all bull?
    I’m a uni student and i already have a job,
    do you think its worth the effort?
    i don’t want to join just for someone to make an extra $100 a month from me,
    i have done nutrimetics and avon before and they all suck.

    • I know eveone have their own opinion, and worldventure is not a scam if you do not put in the work how are you going to get paid? Worldventures teaches you how to be a independent work for your self and helping your team mate to grow.The way i see it is , its better for me to build myown than work for 40 hours , for 40 years just to get 40% of my incom when i retire. People have this mentality to work and build another person and not ourselves. I learn a lot from worldventures that they did not thought me in school. The system teach us to barrow , but not to get out of it, the business man is smarter than the worker who works a 9-5 .Net marketing is the way for those who wants to do it. I am not nocking down a job , but i will do it untill. Not working all my life to retire for 40%..

      • That’s what I have decided to do. No matter what company you do network marketing, you have to do your part, but you don’t do it alone. It’s a team effort and world ventures does teach you the truth about our working system. Our schools have trained us all to be an employee and no matter how hard you work, you will never make as much money as the people over you. Even after 20 years. If warren Buffett, Robert kiyosaki, and bill gates are all involved in network marketing then I’m all in.

        • Yes I do agree hard work pays off as long as u put your mind into it. I’m a rep myself & so far I’ve been a member since last month & its definitely going in a good direction.

  40. Thanku Vince For the is article!!! I approve and think this is very accurate especially since I know at least 3 high school friends who went into the very same company and one of them is still going strong. It’s very very hard and you have to have a mighty drive, passion, and excitement to be able to move forward and recruit. Unfortunately I didn’t end up doing it either but shout out to the ones who make a way.

  41. World venture is a bunch of bullshit. The two “CEOs” who started the company are both frauds. The company has an F with the BBB and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is a pyramid scheme. Run away from this company. If that’s even what you call it.

    • The company is not accredited by the BBB

    • So you’re entitled to your personal thoughts, and I’m not affiliated with the company, but you might want to check your sources. They haven’t had an F reading with the BBB in about 3 years. It was a C two years ago and is presently an A.

      • A lot of crap

      • It’s at C+ on BBB this year because of a lot of complaints from customers.

    • The company is not acredited because it is not willing to pay for a ranking. The fraud here is the BBB as is well exposed in the following investigation done by ABC.

  42. DON’T DO IT!!! If you can on here searching for info on it then listen to your gut!! It’s a very immoral company and you will lose money, or you will help others waste their hard earned cash. It is not statistically possible for everyone to make 100k.

    • Came* Sorry guys writing in the car. I want to add that I am a Nurse Practicioner, experienced in sales from my college jobs, and have very close friends in the company who have and still are, trying to sell me on it. Did my research folks. Hope this helps.

  43. World ventures who ever joins that rubbish you’ve made a big mistake my friends

  44. WV is a complete joke! Another scam targeted to young college students and/or people who are struggling and looking for a easy come up! Over 80% of reps do NOT make a dime and the ones that do, make a annual $400. Who can LIVE off that? As for the ‘freeMW’ once you ‘qualify’ you are left with a monthly bill that you HOPE the company pays for if YOU can maintain your certain quota EVERY month. (Don’t forget about the fast drop out rate they never tell you about) And if you can’t, YOU are responsible for the payments now on! Omg, how awesome.
    You do all the work, while they sit back & collect your hard earned coins( which is really your families and friends hard earned money since ‘You don’t work’ haha all you do is ‘SELL DREAMS’)
    The CEO will forever be the CEO, you CANNOT work up to their position & they WILL NEVER let that happen.
    I hope people do their research & really think about this! It’s immoral and wrong.

    Just get a job or build up to your OWN dream career.

    PS- Still not convinced? Well, google WakeUpNow, another MLM very similar to WV. Take a look at their concept and goals. They will look VERY similar. As of Feb. 2015, they are now COMPLETELY shut down. As yes they HAD a product, which included travel (well look at that, hmmm).

    • They give you a “free” BMW? How does that work?

      • I don’t think it’s really “free”…I’ll explain what a similar company (ViSalus) does…what they do is offer to put down $600 per month towards a BWM (lease or finance I believe) as long as you maintain a certain level month after month. Or you can just accept a $300 cash bonus. I’m not even sure if they offer the BMW program anymore here in 2015. They might.

      • It is not free. You earn it as part of the compensation plan for doing the business. It is well documented in the company’s compensation plan.

      • I have been studying this business. There is no claims by the company to give anyone a BMW. There is a car bonus after a point.

      • It’s actually yours for use – but if you fail or leave, bye bye. That only makes you less independent, soon they will also offer you a house for your services, maybe a boat too, it’s something we in business use to keep the ones with potential closer and dependent of us, not really as respect for their services, else we would just put it on their names – right?

  45. I just got lured to one of these cult meetings by a co-worker. A fat rich white guy preached the gospel of MONEY and EASY LIVING to a church full of poor black hopeful fools. They cheered every time he mentioned money. It is a fanatical religion of greed and amorality disguised as positive personal growth.

    • I have been with WorldVentures as a member and a representative for 2 years. It seems that a lot of the negative comments come from people who either did not understand all the benefits they receive, the way the comp plan is structured or the rep who presented to them was not as clear as they should of been. As a member and actively using the product I must say the dreamtrips are one of a kind. The experiences I have had have been great. I have been on 16 vacations within WorldVentures. I have vacationed a lot before worldventures and every time I book a trip I do “legitimate” research to make sure I am getting the best price because if i don’t and I am able to get the same trip for the same price, as people would say “apples for apples” I would get a refund and go for free. Also if I find a flight or hotel for the same price for the days that I have booked within the same day of searching I get back 150% of the difference to use for any of my future travel. I have actually received that benefit and was able to fly for free using Rovia bucks back to New York for the holidays to spend with my family. There are a lot of benefits to being a member and if you choose to utilize it you will see the value. I can’t understand the ones who have a negative outlook when they haven’t taken the time to see what the membership has to offer. Secondly as a representative when i first started I was skeptical about joining anything that had to do with putting money into but that was just my mindset of, is it too good to be true!?When I really took some time to think of what was offered I thought I have spent 365.00 foolishly many times just like many people have. So let me see if the product is real and if I can work the business. And if the business doesn’t work I will use my product and be a member. However i did start working the business because as humans we refer products all the time. This is to me a referral based product with the opportunity to make a high or low income. The choice is yours! My success was not as quick as others but I have a high retention rate of people who are very happy where they are in the company whether as a member, rep, or both. I have earned a part time income because I have only worked the business part time and sometimes not even part time, you can say spare time. I have built a residual income which is not as much as I want it to be but it is growing. As I continue to learn about my product and ways to show people an honest way to make money with this idea then the income will come. If you’re looking to making a quick buck I would say for most of you stay at your job and work for the CEO of your company who has the time and money freedom to do the things you really want to do.

      • This is total BS! I have friends trying to get me involved in this but guess what… They gave me their ID# and password so I could see the great travel deals for myself. Every trip I look at not only can I blow the deal out of the water just finding my own accommodations, but if I book the same dates in the same hotel through the hotel’s own website it is at least the same if not less than the so called “Dream Trip”.
        Total MLM SCAM!!! Please everyone listen to me. World Ventures’ Annual Income Disclosure is available all over the internet. Look at it. Don’t let “one of them” try to explain it away, just look at it for yourself and you will see all you need to know.

        • Yeah, it’s a typical trait with just about every MLM company. They like to highlight their product or service, but then you realize it actually costs more. The same thing happened to me in Amway. Supposedly I was to save money while buying the same things I normally did at the grocery store, just through my own Amway “business” instead. It seriously used to cost me hundreds, yes hundreds of dollars just for some meal replacement bars, a few vitamins (which I didn’t even really need), and some toiletries that costed way too much.

          Understand what is really going on here. MLM have to factor in the ability for affiliates to get paid. You really think you’re getting a competitive deal? It’s more about getting people to join the BUSINESS of World Ventures more than anything. Think of the product as an entry way into the MLM world.

        • You were probably not doing and apples to apples comparison or taking into account the extras, tickets or breakfast etc they include as part of the price that the hotel site is not taking into account. In addition if what you say truly eere true you would go on the trip for free. That is the company’s garantee.

    • there are always jerks who “whore” themselves out – trying to sell crap to poor people.
      the way of the world.

      I hope none of those people bought into the scheme.

  46. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I joined to worldventures 1 year ago, but feel cheated.I was told that in case I will not use the money towards the trip I can have them back.
    You can see on my profile that I have not been for any trip, I have not been for any meeting, I have not invited anybody for the team.
    I was tricked into signing the agreement, and I was also told that I will get a number of benefits e.g. free holidays, extra money in my bank account.This person hasnt told me all true.

    Please advise if you can issue a refund if the below point has been breached:

    “It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme”

    copied from

    “WorldVentures Marketing, LLC – Representative Agreement – United Kingdom”.

    Please advise asap.

  47. I am disappointed in everything. No idea where to begin lol definitely looking into a full refund! I believe I’m well within my 14 days I hope.
    1. Reps gave the same simple minded response to my questions of statistics “u get what u give” type analogies
    2. Noone followed threw would be “there” like it looks in the video
    3. Mathematicaly makes no sense if you still pay out of pocket for trips that are not cheaper and can only use so many points on certain trips.
    Welp guys guess the jokes on me save yourself the grief don’t make you or any of your family\friends get wooed into this dumb investment that makes zero sense take your 300 to the casino and at least enjoy it
    Milk and cookie parties you pay for lol what a joke I feel violated used and losing sleep thinking about payments and if I can get a refund horrible feeling DON’T JOIN!!! RUN!!!

    • I feel your pain!!! Same exact scenario happened to me, I joined the Idiots Club as well. My buttonhole is very sore, I’ve put Vaseline on it & it’s still very chafed… Definantly a learning lesson! Just today they withdrew $60.99 from my account, you’re kidding me right! Everytime I told the rep whom signed me up I wanted to cancel my enrollment she gave me a long list of benefits but never provided me w/ any contact info or what steps I should take to do so. This is a joke…..I guess a joke on me!

    • have you gor your money back? I have the sme problem, please helpp!!!

      • Guys, I have no idea who signed you up. I don’t know why they have introduced you to WV the wrong way. I am sorry that was your experience. I joined 5 yrs ago and it’s been life changing. When things didn’t go so well, it really wasn’t the company’s fault. They do not penalize you for quitting, just call the 800# and cancel. That simple. And if you do not have the 800#, you really haven’t even looked at your business or your sites or what you have. It’s called netWORK marketing for a reason. If you do nothing, you make nothing. If folks worked half as hard as they did at their jobs in this business, their lives would change in a major way. I’m not lying and wouldn’t lie to you when the truth speaks for itself. This is by far the best company I’ve been a part of. If you get no training, don’t plug into the system, are not coachable & teachable and follow directions, NO, you will not succeed in this business. You can use all the excuses you want, it still doesn’t change the fact that you gotta work hard at first. This isn’t get rich quick, it’s get rich possible. That was all I needed…POSSIBLE. I will do the work if it will get me to my dreams lifestyle. You guys are asking for your money back instead of figuring out how to earn what you invested back. Is quitting what you always do? If it is, then it won’t matter what company you join, it’ll be the same outcome & formula for you.

        • Thanks man I just joined not long ago and im fired up and the possibility is great for those who really want it! You can’t be successful sitting on your lazy bum! Some ppl see the glass half empty well all I can say is stay thirsty! With God ALL THINGS are possible through Christ that strengthen us, by end of this year I will be IMD and come back on this page and testify to these nonbelievers. Hang in there bro and shoot for glory!

          • I appreciate the passion of some of the WV “employees”. The main thing I see here is that you PAY your “employer” every month for the chance to make money. I work for a large company that pays ME every hour to do my job. Seems clear to me what is financially sound…

          • I just joined last Thursday and have waived all of my membership fees and I have earned my personal sales bonus and should be getting my car bonus soon as well. I don’t know who signed some of you guys up, but I’m not experiencing any scams. It’s not a get rich quick plan. And someone please define pyramid scheme- when a company takes your money and promises a double return…no products involved.

    • omg this sounds horrible! I never heard of this until today when a college mate came up to me and blabbed about how great this program is. I honestly wasn’t even paying attention a whole lot but parts of it seemed so awesome, i was just like “why didn’t i ever hear this before!” But now i’m like cringing over these different experiences and I’m glad I didn’t know about it. omg theyre all sooo mad LOL ! HAHAHAHAHA their comments made my day!

  48. For the folks who use this as a business, I’m still waiting to hear the bottom line – that is, how much money, plus the time value of your money, plus the value of your time, plus the cost of your airfare, have you invested? And what have you seen as a return? I won’t say, “scam,” but until one of these golden few who is making cash explicitly states just how well they’re doing, it’s fair for everyone to heed caution. I’m not talking about restating the success that the company tells you of folks who have made money. Who on here, after profit and loss, is making money??

    When trying to refuse a “scam,” regurgitating the company talking points really doesn’t say much. Regarding some of the comments, I don’t “sell” my life on facebook, etc. Posting to facebook doesn’t demand that I sell memberships to family and friends. As far as “working hard,” I go to Harvard. Come on, guys. Just share a profit and loss statement.

  49. I recently canceled my membership with world ventures and very much wish I never would have wasted my time. As the owner of 2 small businesses I should have known better than to be persuaded by the higher up people in the company that came down 2 my friends house to present their pitch and video to us. In hind sight I now realize that these few people that have hit high levels and receive residual income from WV go from town to town selling people on these lofty ideas of making money from traveling when really all they want is to get as many people as they can in each community they visit then move on to the next. They get paid for every single person and for the first 3 months they came around and presented the company to everyone we could get to sit down with them. They receive commissions for your work while you alienate your friends and family by constantly annoying them about this great opportunity they just have to see. This company is built off of a few charismatic used car salesmen passing off their lemons as gold and using your friendships and family bonds as the ammo to make you let your guard down and think that since your close personal friend or relative is doing this that it must be ok when really they were duped the same way your were. I waited a full year to cancel out of guilt for the 3 people I personally referred to this company because I felt wrong about canceling something I got them involved in. The product is not cheaper, I found any trip I wanted to go on apples to apples for cheaper using other websites. If any trip was cheaper with WV it was because of the reward points that were my money dollar for dollar anyways. The $69 cruises do not include port fees and taxes of $189 per person or airfare to LA or Miami or San Diego which is where those cruises embark from, nor do they include your passport application fee for those who don’t already have one. They make a great dream seem so very attainable when in reality the very few who do succeed, less than 20% even earn a penny, and for those that do the median income is $40, all they do is use people just like the pyramid schemes of old. My only hope is that new federal regulations will be written to banish these crappy companies who take advantage of so many people who cannot afford to take the financial hit that this or any MLM company incurs. In closing I hope that my story will dissuade at least one person from joining such a dishonest company

    • Thank you. Someone tried to get me to join. I told the person I needed to do a risk assessment for my money. Lucky for me my 21 year old brother is in his final year of a business degree and knows a bit of marketing. He explained to me how it works. So more googling has brought me to this site. I thank you so much for your story has made me laugh so much I can’t sleep. Will definitely cut and paste your experience to forward to the person who tried to get me to join. I wot for my money and afford 2 international holidays for my family of 5. I think I will stick to that than try any get rich quick American dream schemes. Once again. Thank you for the enlightenment.

    • This is helpful, thanks. So yes, you did at least affect one person’s decision.

      • Make that at least two people..thank you! I was given the speech last night. I was supposed to meet a married couple because they were “interested” in working with my company (home care) and I went to bring them an application, paperwork, etc. When I arrived at their house, they dodged the subject and basically told me they would think about it. So, as I got up to leave, confused as to why they called me repeatedly in regards to working with my company, they asked if I had 15 minutes of my time to give them. Then they launched into the speech and videos on their computer. Every question that I asked them, they seemed to get more annoyed, which right there was a big, red flag! I really feel disrespected by them, wasting my time and my gas and being played like that. Thanks for the additional input you wrote, I think I will actually tell them how I really feel!!

        • Those couple are wrong. They should not use your company to apply for the job. Apparently, they were not trained properly and did not attend regional training event. I have been WorldVentures members for a couple of years. I have attended regional training and have been training by my upline people how to approach people. I am sorry that you and other people above have bad experience. I don’t blame you for not joining due to how they approach you. If you have meet different people who show you the same home based business, make sure that you are respected with your choice; your questions are answered; give all resources regarding the company, etc. It is just like a job interview, if the interviewer did not interview properly, you will turn the job down. I really love WorldVentures very much and best home based business that I ever involved with. I have been through about 5 different home based business because I have a support system from my uplink people even the top one in my lineage.

          If you are looking for great income as a retirement, keep looking for the right one that mathces your lifestyle.

        • Same thing happened to me last night. One of mi clients came to my business, armed with a laptop computer, and forced me into his presentation. At first the Dreamtrips seem to be a very good idea, but once he started talking about recruiting other people I stopped him on his tracks and told him a wasn’t interested. I’m just to old to fall for these type of scams.

          • About recruiting people, you really have choice whether you want to refer (recurit) other people in order to waive the membership fee monthly. If you wish to earn, you will need to join representative business system in order to get the monthly fee waive and earn commission. somne people signed up just for traveling and paying membership montlhy just like you join a gym club and maintain montly fee. You really have choice how to run or handle your membership.

    • Did you even take a trip or were you put of by the overall cost of travel? I was disappointed to book a $69 cruise and then find our about the port fees $189. Luckily I live in LA so I did not need a flight. There is also a daily $12.50 service fee for the cruise staff. So my 5 day $69/pp cruise came up to almost $650 for my son and I to visit Catalina and Ensenada, MX. Yikes! I met up with 125 other DT members and our host, for several private parties and activities. I made friends that I have traveled with since that cruise, and my son ate well over $69 in shrimp and lobster the first night. Fellow passengers paid just a little more for their trip, but they could not compare with the DT experience.

      Would I do it again, book a $69 cruise know it was really more than $69? Yes, I did, and I added a flight to Miami where I met 300 DT member for a cruise to Key West, Cozumel and catamaran trip to a private island with the group. PRICELESS!!!!

    • Funny you talk about how you pay out money to this company. I am a real estate agent and I pay money every month to use their portal and carry on business. You have to spend money to make money in any business!

    • If you really found a trip apples to apples for cheaper using other websites, why you didn’t claim your member benefit – dreamtrip price promise and let the company refund your money and send you on the trip for free?

  50. I will not call it a scam because it is a legitmate company and there are people making money who are happy with what they make or I would not have been approached. However, here is my concern….. If I find a lower rate/offer/package for the same trips/packages that WV is offering on another site, what is the point? As a frequent traveler I love it when I get a deal, and any money that I save I want it to be placed back into my pocket – not applied towards my next trip. I do not find this attractive at all as I have never been a fan of store credit and I am not about to be one of this method. So good luck to those of you who are finding success in this business and kudos to those of you who felt that it was not for you and got out early. You may not like the comments that people post on here, but hey it’s America and I love it!

    • That’s why it’s a Pyramid Scam. they all say, we have cool products and we cut the intermediaries.
      In the end, you buy general products for higher price. They can sell it because they utilize people’s network (they have you scam your friends)
      So in the end, you are going to lose those friends.

      • that income disclosure is shown every time you show the plan.

    • Did you do your money back guarantee? Once the company is legitimate there is usually fine print people don’t read or response is ” well I saw that if I found a lower price for the vacation package somewhere else, I could get a full redound. But I can’t bother”.

      To each his own. My friend is 23 and retired technically, student loans payed off bought a house and a car and has residual income every month. I’m on my way to doing the same by next year. We decided either be comfortable in an office job for the next 40 years n never get home before 6pm or 2-5 years of intense work, developing ourselves as persons and then getting to enjoy our lives.

      I find that people make excuses more than anything else, finding fault is what we do as humans, we have to retrain our minds to be positive. My question is when you look back on your life do you want your kids/ family to go through the same crap you did? ( not just money). Get uncomfortable with your life and do what’s beneficial in the long run not necessarily immediate gratification.

      Ps. I hated having a job. just over broke.

  51. ALERT ALERT!!! The BBB has issued an alert for World Ventures. think twice before joining.

    Here’s the link:

    WorldVentures promotes membership of discount vacation clubs and sales of travel services through multi-level marketing. Individuals that pay a business opportunity fee to sell WorldVentures’ products or services are called “independent representatives.”

    According to the business’s 2014 Annual Income Disclosure Statement, 77.51% of WorldVentures’ independent representatives did not earn a commission or override between October 2012 and September 2013. Of the 22.49% of independent representatives that did earn a commission or override, the median earned was $40.

    • The reason why only 77.51% never earn commission is because they were only taking the dream trips and not working the business. I have only been in for 4 months and I work the business and receive a cycle bonus each week. I also have waived my fees and pay nothing else into the company. The scam is that job that you give your life to and when they don’t need you, it’s bye bye for you. WV gives you the opportunity to change that. it’s totally up to you and how you work your business. I worked my business with WV just by following a simple system, attending free trainings and doing exactly what they said do. Also, when it states that on 20% earn money, that’s because most just sign up for the travel part only. Hope this helps someone.


        • Sorry to bother everyone here but I literally just joined WV tonight and I’m feeling very doubtful. Many people are telling my I’m crazy and I’m being scammed. I guess I’m just looking for some reassurance. I’m very passionate about traveling and I just want to know that I’m safe in this company.

          • Well you are not getting scammed but if you want to succeeded at this business then you will have to get others to join. If you don’t get others to join then you are not going to make money and you will be out of money every moth for the membership fees. There are so many other ways on line to make money other than MLM. Try Crowd Funding it is the easier way to go.

          • Look up Amway !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same exact SCAM

  52. I had some unique questions for my presenter that I never got a solid answer for. It’s as basic as this: a company thrives on bringing in more revenue that its costs. I keep hearing all of these perks for membership that the money we pay we would see back if we recruited others. The only stream of revenue I’m seeing is the membership fees. If by adding a certain amount of people my fees get waved, that revenue stream ends and begins for whoever is “under me.” If enough people get under me for me to make a profit, that basically diminishes the company’s revenue because it’s going to us as reps. So how does the revenue exceed costs? If I pay 350 or whatever and get my people to get my monthly fees waived and I make the money back on my investment, where does the company see profit? I’m thinking the revenue is for selling trips but you can only book these trips as a member. Sounds like this company is making all their money on the people joining and selling them trips at rates that aren’t much better than an Expedia, etc. As I type, it now makes sense that this is exactly where all the revenue comes from. The way they keep costs low is the rewards system. Only a small percentage see rewards that exceed their own cost of joining. Therefore, this company is paying out to a small few and selling a pipe dream to the rest. Indeed, this could work for someone with a strong network but statistics do not lie. You could work your butt off and still won’t see these potential benefits. The company is going to make its money. You’re paying for a opportunity to be part of the few that become payees rather than payers toward their cause.

    University of Dayton School of Business
    Class of 2013

    • Hi Jay!
      Most people join WorldVentures for the travel benefits and a few take it on as a business. As you can imagine most people have jobs already, kids, life commitments that stops them from working on a new business properly which is why in the Income Disclosure Statement there is a large percentage of reps that don’t earn income – it’s because they’re not trying to! I joined in July because I love the travel part, didn’t have time to study the business part but knew it looked like a good opportunity so invested in a representative business which I could look at later when I had the time. I also figured a few of my friends would want to join because we travel together so why not become a representative so I have that opportunity to have my fees waived. After the business I was working for shut down our project a few months I started learning the WorldVentures business and I just went on my first DreamTrip and first big WV training event this month and now am being trained in doing the business because I made the decision that the time is right for me. I’m now part of a great group of motivated people who are all doing this as a business at their own different paces depending on how much free time they have. Some are already financially free from WorldVentures while others work the business off and on so make less consistent income but still good money for the time they put in. DreamTrips and Rovia won 2024 World’s Leading Travel Club and 2024 World’s Leading Online Booking agency at the World Travel Awards, beating Expedia and other names. I traveled quite a bit before I joined and I can honestly say my experience of traveling with them to Thailand was way better than any other trip I’ve taken. The price savings are bigger than I have ever been able to get anywhere else and you really get VIP treatment. Their revenue for 2013 was $195M and they’ve just starting expanding to Asia and Australia. I live in Australia and they just launched in June this year and so may people are having fun travelling and/or making money. If you couldn’t get your questions answered by your presenter I would suggest getting in touch with a leader in the company who can answer your questions properly, I’m being trained by leaders who are now frienfs who aren’t even on my upline and are just helping me because they are awesome people!

      • I haven’t met a single person that joined for the travel benefits, Everyone talks about all the money they are making or are going to make. If you are making 1200-1500 a week why do you need to borrow money for gas? or beg for money to get to Houston for a Boot Camp, it’s a scam and you all know it.

      • That is ridiculous. The majority of people join this because they want to make money and do the business. Most people do not travel that much to make investing in a website that gives you travel deals worth it (especially when there are so many free ones out there that do this). In order to make just investing in the travel club alone worth it you would have to take a heck of a lot of trips to recuperate all those fees plus the activation cost. That makes no sense for the majority of people. People get into this because they are looking to make money. So yes, they are working the business but they are not making anything much.

  53. As many people have mentioned you get what you put In. Like a person above me I make substantial income and joined WV for the experience. I just returned from cancun and was impressed. On this trip I was happy to be around other people and make friends. Will i make money, turn a profit, who knows. What I do knob know is that this helps me decide where I am going on vacation. If five years from now im still in this I bet I will have earned at least 100 dollars.

    Now that I have one trip under my belt I am looking for to my October trip too. I do like to get an understanding of where peoples heads are at. You may havr heard of someone called Anthony Robbins. He mentions you should invest xxx of your income in yourself. It sounds like some people here would think paying a psychiatrist or self help mentor is a racket too. That is directed at trainings. P.s. youdon’t have to go to trainings. I went just last Saturday. Stayed for half then blew quite a bit partying at night. If you have the right perspective this is fine.

  54. When you ask direct questions, they just give you the round about answers.

    I just want to know how can i make $2,000 a month, just selling memberships and not businesses..
    that whole left side right side compensation plan, makes no sense to me.

  55. My cousin works for the company and most of you all comments sound just like hers. Im a traveler and it makes no sense to invest in a company that’s going to return your money back by Putin it toward a vacation. Is it me or did you not just pay for your own trip? or cant you do that yourself by saving your money? but can’t say to much because I don’t know anything about the company but ill stick with what i know. oh and we just came off a 7 day vacation and now i see why my cousin was taking so many stupid pictures..i guess to convince the other ppl she come in contact with.

  56. Well i just have to say….i work a full time job at about 60-70 thousand a year. I joined WV for my boyfriends sister…she is actually doing great…her yeam has 26 members in over 7mths…and she does all my selling. I can see the scaming part of it but hey i only invested 365. I spend that every two weeks at target…so either way its all good…

  57. I just really hope people don’t believe that by joining this you’re starting you’re own business, because you are not. You are an employee who takes a lot of trips that you end up working on anyway. I really can’t say much about the actual travel savings part because I haven’t actually seen one of the trips for myself.

  58. I read these comments to try to scope the lay of the land before embarking on this journey. I really wanted to read what people who had had more than a few weeks experience with WV had to say. At least one did, and I have discounted the comments of those who have not. My take from the presentation and presenters was:
    1. I have a base from which to compare travel packages. If WV is not as good as another, I am not obliged to take the WV option. (Of course, airfare is not included because people will be coming from different places.)
    2. I was impressed with the guaranties that
    a. the carrier will reduce the fare up to the date of
    departure and
    b. WV will pay the 150% of the difference of an identical package
    within a week of the trip, and will credit back the cost of the trip
    3. that if four people sign on within three months, I will recover my $365.

    Has anyone had experience with any of these assertions? If so, I will happily introduce my friends to WV because the “investment” will be readily returned for them, too, provided they join with the expectation of signing on four more.

  59. I recently enrolled in WV, through a lot of hearing the pitch from several of my close friends. I have done sales my whole life and have a lot of friends and people close to me. I do have ethics when it comes to sales and I don’t want to lie or push my friends into joining this “great new viral thing.” I want people to save money and to give people an opportunity to have a great time at a cheap price. But it is hard when I log into other sites and see the same packages at greatly cheaper rates, and those are for just going with you or someone else not a group of random people you don’t know. My travel time is limited so to give money to a company like a vacation savings plan seems pointless to me. Then there are people I talked to that worked there for years and were overwhelmed but un happy customers and emails and when they addressed this with WV they were terminated. So then the company just absorbs all your team with out paying you and left them with car payments for their BMW they “earned”. I just want to do the right thing and actually offer something good not a scam to people. There is always that saying in life if it is too good to be true it probably is. There are just so many blogs, lawsuits, and posts to even figure out if this is the right way to go. I don’t want to invest my time and hard earned money and friendships into something that could potentially bite me in the ass a year down the line.

    • Well its been almost a year since this post and I hope your friends have updated you with valid information. It’s not clear if you joined or were thinking about joining.
      1. you can travel anytime on any budget with or without other members. I have taken trips for 2 nights and up to 9 nights. I have traveled alone and with thousands of other members. From $69 to $1500. You control, when, when, and how you will travel.
      2. You are not an employee so you cannot be terminated. You really need more info from your friends on that claim. if you are not paying your member fees (like any other membership) you account will be closed.
      3. BMW’s are not gifts or rewards. WV provides a way for you to earn $$ towards the purchase and monthly payments. If you stop earning $$ then you will most likely stop making those payments too. A lot of people were buying/ leasing BMWs before setting up a plan to support the ongoing cost of ownership. WV now has a “lifestyle bonus” to help people make better choices when spending those bonuses.
      Good luck and happy travels!

  60. Its funny to see all the brainwashed Koolaid drinkers regurgitate all they crap they feed at the seminars. Just glad I got out when I did…. If you are looking for a sign to get out, DO IT NOW you will never make money with this!!!!!!!

    • I agree with you Steve. When I got out I felt free again. I can’t believe I fell for this trap and let them brainwash me.

  61. I joined 12 days ago. My husband and I were told about this opportunity by my brother and his wife. We were excited because we do enjoy vacations and wanted the opportunity to take a “luxury” vacation at a heavily discounted rate. Once I got access to their vacation packages, I began comparison shopping with other sites – apples to apples – same hotels and even added the “special inclusive perks” that comes with WV packages. What I discovered was very disappointing because we really wanted to share something of value with our friends and family. There was not much of a difference in pricing. In fact many of the packages offered by other sites were several hundred dollars cheaper and if the WV package came out lower it was because of the points (that we paid for) were deducted from the total costs. Also, we were told by many of the reps that when we took vacations, it would be a tax write-off since we were in the business of selling this product. I’m not sure if that is true and we have posed this question to our CPA. We’re waiting to hear back. If that is true, then it might have some value. But if not, I don’t see any reason to keep paying towards monthly payments. I heard there was a 14 day window to get a refund.

    • Hello RIS,

      I would like to know if it was confirm that the tax write-off is true.

  62. There are a lot of interesting comments here. I am doing research on MLM’s for a client.

    There’s no doubt that the people who get the richest from this and any MLM are the people at the top. But they are the people who th9ught it up and did the work to get it going. It is also a fact that there are a few people in most MLM’s that do very well with them. The key to this seems to be that they are great net workers. Some are naturally good net workers and others are willing to do the work to become.

    I have a friend that started an MLM. He included me, but I didn’t do any work and didn’t get anything out of it. Some that did, did very well.

    Anyway, my impression of WV is that it, among those that I have researched, has the best documentation of fees and compensation and seems to be the most transparent in documentation regarding things going on with the company. If I were in the market for an MLM, this is the one that I would choose.

    I’ve seen MLM’s that deny they are. There is one that I looked at that has 100% turnover per month. Some that have no description of how their compensation works. Others that try to trick the unwary into filling out their form,

    Good luck

  63. Interesting…………………..It all is very interesting!

  64. It kills me how people are so quick to down talk something just because they failed at it.. Let’s get to the real issue here, which is “why” did you fail at it. Most of the people who was a member of this company that are on here slandering it are the ones who joined and sat on their behind all day and put in absolutely no work and play the blame game to justify their short comings cause they were too lazy to put in the time and effort and expected money to just fall into their lap from out the sky. Fact is no matter what you decide to do in this life you have to work at it to be successful at it. Ex; you join a gym 1 year later you’re mad and upset because you have this membership that you’ve been paying for a year now yet your body has no results to show for it. Why? Because you were to lazy to get yourself into that gym and put in the work to get the results you wanted. It’s not because the membership is a scam, but because you scammed yourself into believing a gym membership was going to send you a pack of abs through the mail without you having to go to the gym and sweat for them abs. Same thing goes with an education just signing up for those classes isn’t going to get you a degree without you getting out of your bed and going to class every day and go home and studying your materials instead of getting home and going to sleep. I am a WV rep, college grad, n I also have my abs from my gym membership. Why? Cause i got out my comfort zone and put in the time and effort cause I understood that in life nothing is given to you. If you want it you have to work your behind off to get what you want.

    • And I say…….. AMEN!!!

    • ABSOLUTELY YES! I have read all comments till this one, I totally agree with you GOALGETTER. In life nothing is given to you, you need to work yes in whatever jobs you need to put some efforts. In every MLM companies, everything goes with the comp plan, if you do according to that then you EARN. I’m doing reasearch abuot WV and I might join very soon. I don’t care about the people who approach me but I do my own research how all the plans of the company work, I think it’s the way to start doing something serious.

      • Lol, I can’t believe how gullible you people are. You look through all the genuine comments of people telling you it’s a scam to find one that you can use to justify joining this company. I want to say good luck to you but if you’re stupid enough to join WV (after all these warnings) then you deserve to be scammed.

        Just don’t go crying to someone when you finally realize what a fool you were to even consider this.


    • Amen twice and thrice! You can read these same negative comments on EVERY MLM out there. And what you just said sums it all up. Don’t blame the company….Get off your but and work!

      • Get off your butt and scam your friends, families and co-workers.

    • Thank you! Because all I’ve been reading are complaints !
      The same people that shop at Walmart, or tell a friend to tell a friend about where you shop and have gotten no benefits from that.. My brother is adamant on proving WV is a scam.. I’m just going to hand him the popcorn

      • i just joined WV 2 months ago. i worked my ass off to hire 4 people. Now, I don’t pay anything anymore every month and they still continue to give me points in my account.

        Things I know:

        1. This is not easy money.
        2. This is a networking company
        3. This does not work for everyone. Many people already failed in this industry.
        4. You have to be persistent and put your heart into it
        5. If you search for it online, you will definitely see lots of articles saying its a scam. It happens to all MLM companies.
        6. Yes, you need to recruit people. That’s what you do for the company, in return, they give you a possibility of live your life better.
        7. You need to challenge yourself because you will needto find 4 people to join within a month
        8. You get what you give.
        9. Never say “how will i get my money back?” instead “how can i earn my money back?”

        God bless everyone!

  65. To all those people whining and complaining , aka mike, get off your arese and do some work, the harder you work the luckier you get,

    Lifes short.

  66. WV Is A SCAM!!! If you have to pay nearly $400 to sign up including monthly dues = scam!
    It is the same concept as recieving a million dollar check in the mail, but the company wants you to send them $200 first before you get the million dollars.
    WV does not cover airfair for most trips, you are not granted to go on vacation every month which you pay dues for, the company has a few lawsuits already and WV is now starting to get kicked out of certain countries.
    Also, that beautiful car they give away – your stuck with the payments if you don’t meet status quo.
    And this company will put you through hell and back again (about 10 times) to get a refund.

    Be smart people – do your research.
    And dont scam your friends and family into this. If you want to help them out – buy their groceries once in awhile or just put a check on their table.

  67. A pyramid is the way of life whether you believe in a religion maybe you don’t have a religion… OK what about the legal system IR even smaller, what about your jobs?? You have boss right?? Who has a boss and that boss akdi has a boss and you as a worker are actually at the bottom of that pyramid already so what do you have to lose by investing some money into yourself??

    • Come on, that is obviously a WV selling point. If I work I get paid. That is not a pyramid. I work harder and/or educate myself more, I can potentially get paid more. However my pay is not predicated upon me suckering my family members into paying my way.

    • That’s exactly right! Every job is a pyramid Scheeme. Some people just have a fixed mindset. We call those people lower-middle class citizens.

    • But you didn’t pay to get that job and you don’t pay a monthly fee to stay in that job, you just work. I have nothing against WV but don’t say that all jobs are pyramid schemes just because you have a boss who has a boss etc.

  68. A pyramid is not a scam. I can get discounted vacations on Expedia and travelocity. Pyramids require a knack a skill for selling unless you explain it for what it is. Don’t sell discounted vacations sell the fact that the more people you sign up the more money you make. Like I said a pyramid is not a scam but please don’t make it sound like a business. It is what it is.

  69. I really liked your review, it was honest and to the point. But I would like to say that in any instance in life you CANNOT judge anything just by face value you have to understand everything about it to be able to judge it. If you think like the heard you will perish make your own mind up at the end of the day due to diligent research not just reading some blog and coming to the result of “Oh WV is a scam” Be your own master and take chances and be honest in life it will get you a lot further trust me! Anybody can be burnt due to previous disappointment and resent that thing for the rest of their life it’s called living in the past. Get over it! So advice for anybody wanting to research WV or change their life for the better. Do your homework properly, meet people personally introduced into WV so you can share experiences that ARE real, Go to a presentation or something, watch videos and then when you feel you have enough data then JUDGE IT!

    • Well said! I just don’t like that they use young people to make them rich!

  70. I’m not sure that WorldVentures is a scam. I just joined and the things i’ve seen so far are pretty tangible. I’ve met somebody that has been with the company for 2 years and has been on 17 vacations. I met another person from the bronx just like me, who went to Guatemala to help build a middle school through this company. Even in a live presentation they tell you that only 22 percent of people make income off of this business and the rest is personal effort.

    • I find it incredibly shocking how ignorant most people are. Nearly everyone on this planet promotes and sells their entire life on Facebook and Instagram yet you don’t get paid for it. FB and Instagram are forms of network marketing but the only person that made a fortune was Mark Zuckenberg. The difference between the rich and the poor; is that the poor wants everything to be a convenience, everything has to be easy. The rich understand that they are willing to do whatever it takes to obtain riches. Of course its not going to be a walk in the park, but when is life really that easy. I am a member and also a Social Worker. My job is the only scam in my life. I put in the most work however my boss who is most likely on a trip with World Ventures, makes all the money. Talk about a scam. You are a scam because you don’t believe that you are actually capable of having something like this. $365 is no money at all to get started on your own business. $1/day and the membership costs per month goes right back to you in the amount of $660 on your year anniversary after enrolling. Essentially this is free. I AM A MEMBER YES. BUT I WASN’T ALWAYS PRO WORLDVENTURES UNTIL I WENT ON A TRIP AND MET THE MOST AMAZING PEOPLE. So for those who are commenting try it out then base it on your experiences. Often times you don’t because you are scared of how inadequate you really are. This is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

      • maria that’s a good comment.matter fact a lot of these comment are goad . I’am NOT WV yet but just doing some research first. Which make since if you like to travel or a side line business.. You Got To Be In IT to Win It…….

      • well said maria!

      • Thanku Maria very much well said!!

      • Hats off,Maria. Well said.I am a member from Malaysia. World Ventures just launched here about 5 month now. But… not because I am a member, but because all the facts you mentioned are the truth. We ‘sell’ ourselves everyday on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram ( and so on ). Stating our opinion, comment, complaint and sometimes even promoting / sharing others’. Did we ever get paid ? Hell NO ! We enjoy doing such thing, I’m sure. Yes, because it is FREE. Well, as much as i love doing ‘charity’ why can’t i start earning for myself for almost the same kinda efforts ?
        World Ventures is only 9 yrs old. At this young age… there’s so much to be ‘amplified’ & ‘rectified’. If one should comment, please… make it a constructive comment. Oh…. and… If you hate people complaining about how you wear yourselves / manage your household etc when they are not you or in your shoes… let’s not become THEM. BE IN THE SHOES.
        The salesperson will say anything to get you buying the shoes. That’s their job. It is up to you now whether or not to buy it. Make an informed decision. Not just based on some bad / good reviews.
        And let’s say you finally bought the shoes. Well, if it doesn’t fit you, would you go back to the store and throw the shoes at the salesperson and ask for your money back ? Or perhaps, go to some forum and tell the world that ‘the so-called-store sold me shoes that didn’t fit me’ ? Or say…..the shoes you bought fit you perfectly….and you might be the next Cinderella. Finally you will say…. ” It worth buying “. Again, IT IS YOU AND ONLY YOU WOULD KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. Remember…. When opportunity comes knocking at your door and you don’t answer it… chance is… it won’t come again. OPEN THE DOOR, invite it in.

      • Thank you so much Maria I’m still not Join this WV just try to join but,1st i make a little Research find many kinds of positive and Negative Comment but i think this is the best and now i decide to join this WV soon.Pray for me Every one that i can Prove my Self that I’m also can…..Like any other WV old Member….

        • Md Roman Sharif, can u pls share how u doing with WV now?
          I havent decided yet. Pls advice.

      • It’s not your business because to you are not selling anything. You are a recruiter. Your way is not paid because you sell something, your family members and so on are paying your way.

      • All I can say, Maria, is you NAILED IT SPOT ON. I’ve been a member for less than 2 months. As I speak, I already have $1,070 from WV. Not only have I recovered my lifetime membership fee, I also never had to pay any monthly fee as a lot of my friends loved the idea of the travel deals offered by World Ventures and joined as well. I didn’t have to SELL it in the traditional sense. I just made them see the product and business and those who liked the idea, joined. No ‘convincing’ necessary. The more you share it, the more chances people will see what you saw in the first place. The business WORKS IF YOU WORK IT. It one just wants to sit on his ass and expect money to come in, this is not the vehicle for it. I now look forward to taking my first dream trip that will mostly be paid for by the money that I invested. AWESOME!

        • My friends tried to recruit me and working in travel industry this is just another booking tools for their “paying” member. My friend is nice enough to let me have his password and check the website out. I compared the hotel price in their website with Agoda and I found Agoda hotels’ rate are cheaper with the same date. Then I tried to book one hotel in Singapore (my home country), after I confirmed my booking it came to another page with a FINE print saying that the rate I booked is NOT valid for Singaporean. What the heck…. After I confirmed everything….

      • Telling someone they’re inadequate of who they are is a defensive slam. There’s no need to go on the defense if your comment/arguement has validity.

    • I was with wv and because of my situation i was not able to go as far as i would have liked but i know someone personally that has her BMW and she is making a six figure income. and i have also seen others achieve as well so basically it works the people to have negative replies just can’t hustle and grind stop hating

  71. DON’T ever VENTURE into something with this company!!!! Seriously, don’t! I was entertaining the idea on 1/21/14 to join in February and before I knew it… An hour after leaving a luncheon my cc was charged $362!!! Ridiculous!!! So, I called and notified the corp office on 1/22/14 that I did not want a membership and wanted my refund. There’s an entire process…. You actually have to send an email telling them you want your refund??? No, I’m just going to let you charge my card and keep my money?? As of today, 1/31/14, I have called them twice, requested my refund 4 times, emailed everyone possible including the CEO and still no refund!!!! SHADY COMPANY – BUYERS BEWARE

    • Kerry please can you tell the world how they got your credit card info? You dis sign up amd when your broke brother in law told you it was a bad idea you wanted out. Smart people make decisions quickly and change it slowly. I wonder what you think of your decision change. Was it fast or slow?

    • I think its some people that cheated on u, not wv. lots of people doing this using companies name

  72. Not to mention the the integrity behind the company as a whole and
    always giving back. With the rise of online marketing, the way to run a business
    has changed in the last few years. The company pays
    out over 62% of their total revenue to their representatives.

  73. I also did a review on World Ventures on my Scam Busters site. I am a PI that is also into internet marketing. I was asked to review World Ventures as a PI, the guy was not happy with my results be cause I think he had already made up his mind that it was a scam. They are a legitimate company

    If you are interested in my review, I am not affiliated with them, but Google basictech-news

  74. I made my money back the first month in world ventures. The same people that fail at mlm fail at life that’s why 90 percent of new Buisness fail in the first 3 years so let’s compare apples to apples. Do you want to pay thousands to start a Buisness and maybe fail or 365$ either way if your motivated to succeed you would have in either case. That’s how I look at it. Along with that world ventures give any money you pay in fees back towards travel so that in it self should be considered. So we have on one hand there is no risks because you really didn’t pay anything compared to any other buisness we’re you would also want your friends and family’s support but only paid maybe. 70 grand to get started. That’s how I see it.

    • ok, you have just repeated everything that they told you at the seminar, didn’t you? You sound like a robot. which is what they look for.

      • Well said.. exactly like their robot

    • I’m sorry but “the same people who fail at this fail at life” really? That seems overly harsh. Just because someone isn’t good at a particular type of marketing or chooses not to partake in it doesn’t automatically mean they won’t be successful in ANY OTHER facet or choice they make in their life. If you like mlm’s great, if you don’t, great, you don’t have to be a jerk about it.

    • A friend of my who try to get me into this use the exact same reference, ‘apple by apple’.

  75. Pretty good review. I have never been involved in any network marketing. I have always been self employed but loved the training and the product so much that I saw real benefit in using it for my current business and for growing this one part time. The truth is 80 per cent of people will fail or quit anything (school, real estate, life insurance, etc) if they are not committed or enthusiastic about the product. For me travel has always been the thing I most passionate about other then my daughter and son. So I told myself why not, promote and use something I love doing. The truth is if your questioning the risk vs reward, there is no risk other then the time you may invest. All the money you put in goes towards a vacation what’s the worst that could happen. Rich or poor we all will travel…the one thing that moved me since I am an insurance broker was the retention rate of the memberships is 89 per cent. So even f the business is not a fit most will love the product. So far my experience has been great, the training is fantastic. There have been some down cycles but that is to be expected with any business starting out right ? Network Marketing is not for everyone, so if your not open to it you can always enjoy the vacation club although being around fellow network marketers is kind of electric. In the Insurance industry your basically a lone wolf and you must keep all your online secrets guarded for fear of competition. It been a pretty awesome experience so far.

  76. I have been involved in MLM businesses and the most important thing is the product/service. What I like is that you can join without being a marketing rep…this is different than any MLM I have been associated with. MLM is definately not “get rich quick” though. My advice to anyone venturing in: Don’t have unrealistic expectations. If you can make a few bucks, that is good. With WV, at least you can travel at deep discounts.

  77. World Ventures is another way to say MLM You are billed the first time substantial money amount and they continue charging money every month Membership for life, they claim, sure you are charged monthly. Quit and resolved the problem, but they will not refund your money.

    • so they don’t give the money back in travel pay

      • Yes they do. & also the fees you pay (membership monthly & initial fees) are added towards your travel, but you can any you use 600 or less towards your trip.

  78. Hey. I just joined world ventures. I think your article was very unbiased and I appreciate it. I’m just going around the internet doing more research as far as reviews, and yours was the first and I can say that it gave well information.

    • To be honest with you this is a pyramid scam. You have to basically recruit other in order to make money. You pay a 50.00 a month fee to join and spend lots of money on training materials. quit while you can.

      • Yeah it’s a multi level marketing pyramid selling firm. Avoid at all costs.

    • Hey Somebody!!

      I just wanted to ask.. How is World Ventures working out for you?

      • I just joined WV and did it only because I figured I could take advantage of some good vacation deals. That’s the only reason I did. But then I thought, I am lucky enough to be able to afford the extra $100 start up cost and turn it into a home-based business.
        I have some extraordinary folks working “above” me who are already building “under” me, which is giving me the time to learn about networking and get better at it.
        Everything we do in life is dependent on the networks in our lives. But at the end of the day, if I don’t make any money at it, hey – I am already employed and looking forward to my first actual vacation! I’ll let you know in 6 months-1 year how I feel about it 🙂 God has already blessed me with a good job and WV is just a fun thing to explore.

        • Just wanted to follow up to see how your adventure was going? I’m planning a really big family vacation next year and wondered if this would be good for that and if I could make any money in the interim.


    • Simple question, how much money do they actually make on memberships versus money on selling travel, I mean real travel not just coupons.
      I think the answer will shock you.
      The reality is, a huge amount on memberships for training aids, material, monthly fees, than anything ever made on travel.
      The truth money is made one MLM selling to another MLM, eventually the bottom falls out, last level of people run out.
      This is not sustainable.
      So please get your facts right

      • Have you done this business a significant amount of time to make those claims? Look at the world we live in, churches are a “scam”.. And yet, the people still congregate.. At the end of the day, anything can work, you just have to put forth that effort……

        • You are foolish that is why you don’t get what he is saying. If everyone is getting their membership fees waived through the MLM strategy YOU will have no more discounted trips. That is why this strategy will soon fall out because no one will be paying anymore and without YOUR money and the money of other members where are your discounted trips going to come from? Either you prepare yourself to just fail like the majority does in selling DreamTrips and just keep paying the $100/mth business partner fees, or prepare yourself to unknowingly “scam” others into this idea of making money by paying so you still get your discounted trips and commissions by living off the money paid by others. Sounds ethical doesn’t it? (sarcasm intended)

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