Does YOR Health Scam People? Unbiased Review

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yor_health_review_So you’re trying to find YOR Health scam reviews, are you? Yes, I figured. It’s why I created this one. I promise you I’m not in this company and I’m not going to try to recruit you! Haha. I’m just going to give you my take coming from a work at home entrepreneur’s perspective. I’m thinking someone has pitched you the idea of joining, maybe you’ve gone to a meeting, or maybe you are trying to figure if this is a scam or not. But most likely you need money or want more income and you were thinking this could be your ticket? That’s good. But there are a few things I would consider before joining…

What Is YOR Health Exactly?

I’m going to try to make this as simple as possible. It’s a company that distributes health & diet products. It makes them. Produces them. These are real products you can eat/drink and use. If you are a health conscious person, then you might be interest in their products. One of them is a drink mix you squeeze into water, and it’s like flavored vitamin water.

So why do some people think this company is a scam?

It’s the business opportunity side of the company.

YOR Health is willing to pay you to sell and promote their products. They will pay you even more to recruit more people to sell and market these products. The more people that you recruit who are active, the more money you make. The higher levels you reach, the more residual monthly income you earn. There are multiple levels, hence it is multi-level marketing.

This is why you may have been approached by someone who asked you “Are you looking to make more money? Our ‘health’ company is expanding in the area and are looking for ambitious people like you” or something along those lines.

They’re looking to recruit you and hopefully get you excited about making big money.

Will YOR Health Scam You?

Honestly, I don’t think it’s a scam at all. It’s just network marketing/MLM. It’s one of those “pyramid” things (although the compensation plan is not really a pyramid scheme). It really depends on who is your sponsor and also how you perceive these things. I get a lot of positive feedback from members of YOR Health, and also negative feedback from people who have quit or people that were recruited to hotel meeting to join, but didn’t want to. 

My Personal Advice to You

YOR Health is a business opportunity. Yes, that’s right. Not only that, but it’s a multi-level marketing type of business.

The way these things work is dependent on YOU. People are going to join YOU when you’re trying to make money, not the company. If your people skills suck, you’re not into sales, and you don’t put in a lot of hard consistent effort, then you will most likely fail at this.

Becoming a distributor also means that you are going to need to invest money upfront, buy/sell products, and recruit more people to do the same thing as you, be committed, and there is NO GUARANTEE you will even make $1. This is very hard to do in the 21st century to be honest and very few people make it.

If you want to work from home, are unemployed, running low on money, or completely broke, STAY AWAY from network marketing or MLM is what I say. Yes, it is going to cost you money and also valiant effort to top it off. But, it can be done.

Overall Score: 4.5/10

The reason why is because the company is nothing new and the business model revolves around MLM which I am not the most fond of to be honest. 

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  1. With yor health I started off being a customer. I was trying to lose weight. My first week I lost 7 lbs. After using the products into my 2nd week I notice my energy increased, no more tiredness. I no longer has shortness of breath. my 8 weeks challenge I lost total of 22 lbs. And now I lost a total of 30 lbs. I went from 165 lbs down to 130 lbs. The products really works! I made up my mind and decided to come a promoter, so I can share what I love and make money (extra income on the side).

  2. Hi guys,
    Interesting read re these posts. I think it is critically important to have solid scientific proof to back the efficacy of any product we may well ingest. That holds more so for the mlm industry. To many companies promote their products with great zeal without the backup of quality peer reviewed studies & spruik their own in house “scientific” validation. I too am involved in an mlm company that brings to the world breakthrough science on the cellular level. The beauty of this company is that they have world class scientists behind their products & backed by many peer reviewed studies. So why have these world leading scientists decided to bring their amazing breakthroughs to the world via mlm? It’s because they themselves tried conventional means to find it very restrictive & an absolute nightmare in crossing the T’s & dotting the I’s, not to mention the expense. Plus they wanted their products available to the world without the restriction of a prescription. They also appreciated the power of word of mouth & the value of partnering with the right people. Everyone should be diligent in their appraisal of a company & it’s products. Will the product’s do as advertised without harm – Are they fairly priced – Does the business opportunity offer training & support without pressure on the individual to recruit others – Is the science solid & on going. After being with this company for 5 years now, I certainly know I am with the most advanced & ethical companies on the planet. And yes not only I, but many others have benefitted greatly from these products. My challenge to anyone looking at this industry & it’s multitudes of products, is to see how one company stacks up against another by using the criteria mentioned. It is a great industry that offers financial rewards for those that work hard, as it should be. But more so, if you have products that genuinely make a difference to someone’s life, what price do you put on that? Good luck to you all on your quest’s to find your holy grail. Remember to be fair, honest & transparent on your journey & have the best interest of people at heart. Mike Spadaccini Western Australia

    • Actually if referring to YOR health products, the studies didn’t even show what they were purported to show. Plus, they were run out of a group in African that no respectable peer reviewed journal would ever touch. I review journal articles regularly, and we would have thrown these out immediately.

      That should say enough.

  3. I never intended to sell Yor health but just use their products after an acquaintance selling it showed them to me and allowed me to try some samples. To be honest my experience as a customer was not great. This is not at all the hosts fault. Their systems are absolutely set up to take money, and the products are secondary. I had problems with auto ship. After disabling the settings twice I recieved their products twice when I did not request nor have auto ship on. I rhen recieved notification that for a third time they had billed me. I rang to speak to someone to find out why this problem was occurring. No answer! So I emailed. Instead of responding to my email about my issue with the auto ship function they passed it on to the host who complained that my email was sent to him as a complaint about his service of me. I explained it was technical and had nothing to do with him.

    Each auto ship unfortunately didn’t even get it right. I got sent some things and not others, and I revived for example multiple drink bottles when any imbecile would fathom a person would suffice with one. Then on top of that I was charged expensive shipping. In fact half of the cost of my order was shipping for only a few small products. Suffice it to say, I have never returned to YOR health and if anyone asked me about them I would explain that their systems are clearly made to take money from consumers – what’s the problem you might say? Well customers hate two things being sold to and being bullied into purchases and YOR health does both

    • ELise,
      The drink bottle are complimentary and I think you will find that shipping costs have reduced dramatically now there is a distribution warehouse in Australia. All companies have teething problems. So far my experience has been good. No problems at all with shipping or product quality.

  4. My feeling is with all these things that if they are so good, why are they not marketed in a normal way? And the answer is, because the product is secondary to the business. Of course business is about making money but most people start with a good product and then work out how to sell it. Multi level marketing promises people big things and lots of success, but as in every business, only a few can sit at the top rung. The rest are minions. So I would argue that products just as good as these are available elsewhere, cheaper and for less hassle.

    • Nikki, a traditional distribution model for a health product involves the manufacturing, wholesaling, distribution and ultimately the retailing of the product. Every level incurs various costs and ‘mark up of the product’ with the retailing aspect being the most costly incurring significant overheads such as staff and rent plus advertising and endorsements etc. The only way to make margins is to make the product as cheap as possible and sell as high as possible. Those with wholesaling and distribution agreements and certain retailers are the ones that make all the money.

      In contrast, a good product distributed through direct sales or network marketing has – Manufacturing costs and income to those distributors who are good at distributing. The absence of all other wholesale and distribution and retail costs allows for significantly more to be spent on the manufacture of the products (better raw materials) while significant profits can be allocated to distributors who do a good job of distributing. Bad distributors do not burden the company with expense. You also get a significantly higher care factor for a positive customer experience than you do through a retail model as the distributor has a higher care factor for a positive experience.

      When you appreciate this you can understand that the opposite to your position is actually the case. The right network marketed distributed product can in fact be of significantly higher quality than their retail equivalent. In saying that there will be average and substandard network market distributed products like there are retail products.

      We spent over 6 mths finding the absolute best health product we could find from any source and the one that stood out above everything else is Isagenix which happens to be a network market company. Our due diligence on the company showed us that not all network marketing companies are equal and we now proudly align my wife’s name and her medical degree alongside their products as the best health and nutrition products we could find. The fact that they are a network marketing company is irrelevant – if anything it is a massive bonus as we now have hundreds of people we have share the products with getting the products for free as they have had amazing health transformations and multiple people asking ‘what have you done’. Personally I am more than happy for these guys to be getting their products cheaper/free/making some $ on the side for recommending a fantastic product than I am a rich distributor/wholesaler/retailer sitting back in his beach condo living off the profits made from people buying a traditional retail distributed product. Final thing . . next time you walk into a health store and buy a months products as them for a 30 day money back guarantee. I will guarantee you one thing – they will laugh at you! With the product range we distribute there is a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. Now that gives you confidence that the products are exceptional.

      End of the day my wife’s goal is helping people with their health goals – and the best way we have found to do that is through the products we have chosen to represent.

      • Matthew, I have been approached by both Isagenix and Yor Health supplements to promote through my personal training business. If you dnt mind could you explain to me what made you choose Isa over Yor? Why do you feel Isa is better than the rest?

        • Riyaan I have reviewed both product ranges, and how people go on them. I find that the yor health range is the best based on being a health supplement- plant based, working with the body, not replacing meals etc. They offer all natural improved health and weightloss is basically a side effect.
          The only issue I have ever appeared to find is with their MRP shake. It is the only product that is not plant based, contains dairy etc. and basically it looks like its there for the people that do like a shake, but its not promoted to replace all meals with. Most people go for the ‘go green’ set which covers all digestive health and is complete plant based, dairy and gluten free etc. no adverse affects and really effective.

          isa has advertised many thing with their products including GMO free when their products are clearly not. It is very much a meal replacements scheme which is where the weightloss obviously occurs. every isa party i have gone to, they dont even want to tell you about the products, you have to look online which I have done and found extensive reviews from nutrionalists going against the products. If you want a shake diet, then go for it, but as a PT do you feel comfortable telling people to go on a shake diet?

          • OK, first things first, Isagenix is technically not a diet. It is a nutritional cleansing system. However, since one of the positive effects of releasing toxins from the body is weight loss, people often compare Isagenix to other weight loss systems.

            Isagenix is far more superior in so many ways-

            What We Don’t Have~

            ~No artificial coloring or flavors
            ~No artificial sweeteners
            ~No stimulants
            ~No soy protein

            What We Do have~

            ~ We are gluten free, wheat free, barley free, soy free, calcium casein free, nearly 100% lactose free, digestive friendly, kid friendly and vegetarian friendly!
            ~All natural and organic~All raw ingredients are cold processed with tender loving care to ensure that the integrity of all phyto-nutrients remain unharmed
            ~All raw ingredients are grown in various regions in the world and are harvested to season
            ~70 Plus Ionic Minerals and Trace Minerals
            ~8 Digestive Enzymes for proper digestion and assimilation
            ~Exclusive Undenatured Whey Protein Concentrate
            ~Over 600 raw ingredients in Isagenix products, all tested prior to being used
            ~Best of all, Fast and Safe Results that are Measurable by days 2-4
            Quality testing~
            ~Over $1 million spent annually on finished goods testing to ensure label claims, microbiological, heavy metals and pesticides requirements, all finished product batches tested to insure integrity and safety
            ~Over $300,000 spent annually on independent 3rd party testing
            ~Over $500,000 spent annually on raw ingredients safety testing

    • Hi, from what i know the company believes that “word of mouth” is a lot more powerful than normal marketing practices so they save a lot of money which is put into those people who are doing just that. pretty smart i reckon…

      • I tried the products because Ive been looking into a resolve for myself instead of invasive means and honestly after trying the product i can understand why they offer the money back guarantee I am a believer from experience I have had nerve damage and muscle ache and tension due to a sprain I acquired awhile back working for a company doing laborious things.. I am just overwhelmed with the results.. that really is what sold me.. . actions because noone can make you buy nothing infact i guess thats why they say you like it you buy it… or something like that..

        • HOPE… wich products did you use for those purpose, cause I have a similar problems.

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