Dollar Frog Scam- Unbiased Review

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Will Dollar Frog scam you if you sign up? that’s actually really good question and I can tell you right off the bat what the whole goal of this website really is. When you visit the website you will see that there are 2 sections that you can choose from as far as making more money. One of them offers you the chance to become a mystery shopper and the other is offering you to get paid by taking surveys. Both of these I can tell you right off the bat right here and right now I would never recommend to anybody that’s truly looking to generate or supplement their income. Everybody knows by now that you really can’t find that many legit mystery shopper positions and it has been one of the most notorious scams out there on the web that people fall for all the time. The second way of making money isn’t necessarily a scam, I just think it’s a big waste of time and that’s taking surveys. Allow me to explain exactly how you’re going to make money if at all, with this program. But first let me dig down deep into why each of these methods of income are probably not work for you.

You will see on the Dollar Frog website the chance to sign up as a mystery shopper. I guess the whole premise or the whole idea is that companies are willing to hire people to shop at stores and gain valuable feedback. When you go and shop around you will write down what you observe in the stores as far as customer service, the quality of products, and your shopping experience in general. I guess the whole idea was that when companies got desirable feedback they can enhance their sales by making any changes that they feel he needed to make. I just think it’s a big bunch of BS to be completely honest with you and allures and a lot of people because let’s face it, people are kind of lazy and want to make money very easily and fast. Unfortunately I’m tell you right here that you sign-up was likely you’re going to be e-mailed a bunch of other spam offers. Just think about it. Do you really think it’s that easy to make money? Just to go around and shop? While one of life be great if we could all do that. Just think about the other hundreds maybe even thousands of people trying to get the same position as you.

[note color=”#fff0b3″] Mystery Shopper: Make $10-$40 hourly Get Paid To:

  • Go shopping
  • eat at the restaurant
  • go to the movies
  • go to an amusement park
  • play golf
  • take a cruise[/note]

The Dollar Frog website also offers you a place to sign up and take paid surveys. If you know me at all and you have read my reviews then you know I am not a big fan of paid surveys. What really is went to happen is to want to be on board with other survey sites to sign up with and really it’s just a big waste of time because I know now as an Internet marketer the real reason why these survey companies offer money to take these surveys and sign up. It’s basically to get your information and build a huge list. When you’re able to build a huge list you can monetize this list by spamming it with other affiliate offers and when people sign up for these affiliate offers, you can make a profit. That’s really the whole goal of these types of websites offer these home income opportunities for the most part. Well, these cheap almost too good to be true opportunities which more often than not are too good to be true anyways.

All I’m saying is I definitely can’t recommend this company and I would almost call it a Dollar Frog scam. It’s just a shame comedy people actually fall for this stuff and I really hope you don’t. Understand you definitely can generate income if you’re willing to sit down, learn, and implements the correct actions in the right marketing strategies. Any time you come across easy work or crazy mystery shopper stuff, I would highly turn around walk away and run as fast as you can. Also the only way I can see you making any money with this company, Dollar Frog, is through the referral program read this means you have to sign up a lot of people in order to make any kind of decent income and that in itself is a whole skill that most people lack. Thanks for reading.

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