Easy Paycheck Formula 2 Review- Will Sarah Young Scam You?

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easy_paycheck_formula_2_reviewHello and welcome to my unbiased Easy Paycheck Formula 2 review. No, I am not going to try to recruit you to this business so don’t worry. I am here to just give you a review and my opinion of this earn-income-online program that a lot of people have heard of. Let me explain how I rate products or programs. I like to review them based on whether or not I truly feel deep down inside that a beginner will be able to make at least some money once inside the program or at least there is enough correct Internet marketing info for a “newbie” to be pointed down the right way towards future Internet profits from home. There are not a lot of programs that truly deliver, but I have to say that this one kind of does. Kind of.

When I first just saw the name of this program, I thought, “Great here we go again. Another plug-into-my-system and earn millions.” Oddly enough as I started to figure, that’s not the case with Easy Paycheck Formula 2. Although “easy” and “paycheck” probably should go together in the Internet marketing world, because it’s not easy to make money. It takes work and effort. But let me get back to this.

There is a lot of good valuable content within this system A lot of the info is actually really good for beginners to know such as explaining the concepts of making money online and how everything works. You will taught about niches, keywords, and products. There are plenty of training modules that also dive deep

I’m just going to point out the obvious flaws of this system more than anything else because I think if you’re going to throw down $97 (the cost), then you should know of at least the downsides of this.

Good Idea To Make Money On Squidoo Or Not?

So 1 of the ways you learn how to make money, or should I say the main way, this course teaches you to make money is through Squidoo. Many people have made a lot of money on Squidoo in the past. It’s a large website with a lot of followers and potential traffic/customers. Not only that, but the website tends to rank pretty good in major search engines. I’m sure you have heard of Squidoo. So, the idea is to build your “income streams” through Squidoo. This means building Lenses for the sake of having a lot better chance ranking for whatever products you are promoting which means more money in your pocket. There is one issue I have with this.

Not wise to put all your eggs in 1 basket.

The thing is, especially with Google, is that a lot of these big websites are going down in rankings. Understand it’s not just you using Squidoo. It’s thousands and thousands of other people too. So a lot of garbage content gets uploaded on the site, and those Lenses get ranked on the 1st page of search engines. So Google could very well pull the rug out right under their feet and say “no more Squidoo rankings” and there goes YOUR len’s rankings, traffic and income. Get me?

Poor Post Penguin 2.0 Backlink Methods

Some things that caught my eye where the back linking strategies that were taught. Back linking is where you post your website link on other sites, so they all link back to you. This used to build authority in search engines which meant better rankings. Better rankings= more traffic. More traffic= money. But I have to say that going on Fiverr to get a bunch of back links could not be a good idea, and that’s what Easy Paycheck Formula 2 recommends. If you’re going to do that, make sure your first tier of back links are minimal in number, but high in quality. Then buy more links to point to that 1st tier, not your own website or you could get punished!!!

My Conclusion of Easy Paycheck Formula 2

This was a hard one for me. I have to say, there is a lot of good content in the member’s area. At $97, that’s not too bad. The problem I do have though is the whole back linking thing and also not enough emphasis on building your own site which is crucial nowadays to stay safe from crazy algorithm updates and what not. So, I’m going to say I’m neutral. 


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