Biggest Empower Network Scam Ever? Unbiased Review

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The big Empower Network scam question is strong in this industry. This company has exploded. It’s huge. You’ve probably heard of it. Maybe you’re in it. Maybe you’re thinking of joining, or leaving. Whatever your reason for searching on Google, I am here to help you. I want to give you my honest, unbiased opinion. Yes, I purchased the products. Yes, I have gone through the training. It has it’s good points and it’s bad points just like anything. But allow me to give you my take and what has really stood out in the back of my mind as an Internet marketer both the good and bad.

Most Empower Network reviews are fixed just so they can get you to join. I won’t do that. 

To become an active affiliate, it’s going to cost you $19.95 per month, but supposedly you’re going to earn 100% commissions. 

The way you make money is by purchasing the products (training). Then you are qualified to get paid commissions. For an example: if the product costs $100, then you have to buy it. Now you can resell that product and earn $100.


What I Like


It’s Fun. It’s a whole new type of business opportunity. There is a different type of energy that David Wood and Dave Sharpe bring to the table. This business is much more laid-back and “casual” if you will. They hold live events every 3 months or so and it’s just…I don’t know…FUN…is the best way I could describe the vibe of Empower Network. Definitely different to what I’ve seen in the past. Definitely hip & new.


Sales TrainingOne of the most important parts of running any kind of business, is knowing how to sell. David Wood is a master at this and teaches you how to reach into the minds of your audience and captivate your prospects’ heart in just about any industry. I actually learned quite a few valuable lessons on selling. I think this is how he was able to grow EN so much. I definitely got a few valuable lessons.


Positive AtmosphereI like how it is very team-oriented with a positive atmosphere and there is plenty of motivational support. That’s pretty big. Honestly, one of the keys to making any kind of business opportunity work is staying focused and inspired so you can keep on keeping on. There are different teams you can be a part of, depending on your sponsor, where you can join private website memberships and Facebook groups. Plenty of others to connect with.


High Payout PotentialIf you know what you are doing and know how to bring in traffic, you could make lots of money (mainly off new people looking for income opportunities). I think this is why so many big-shots in the industry have joined Empower Network: it sells people very well on the IDEA of achieving riches and financial prosperity.


What I Don’t Like


Banned on Facebook/YoutubeNot sure if something that gets banned from these huge social networks is a good thing. I’m thinking there was way too much spam with everyone trying to promote getting signups on their team. But it’s definitely not a good sign.


ExpensiveWow. I have to say the training packages are pretty darn pricey. Not only that, but honestly, I’m not sure if what is taught in there is actually worth it. For an example, the Inner Circle costs $100 per month and it’s mostly just audio lessons on “mindset” training and just recordings of how the big shots are making tons of money. To buy everything is going to cost you $5,000+. Most people looking to make money from home don’t have that kind of capital.

Also, to get paid you have to pay (about $20 per month)? Never heard of a good affiliate program charging you to become an affiliate.


The Blogging SystemYou get a blog for $25 that no longer ranks that well. They also say you can blog about anything and make money. I disagree. If you know anything about Internet marketing there is a whole science behind finding a niche, keyword research, writing good content, and rankings. Also, you don’t own the blog as it belongs to their domain. The site goes down, so does your blog. 


Not Really 100% Commissions. There is a “processing fee” that is going to take a little bit. Then there is a “hold back” where they kind of save a piece of that commission for you to be released every 6 months. And then your 2nd, 4th, 6th and ever 5th sale after, goes straight up to your upline. In other words, one time I make a 15K Formula sale ($1000) and somehow walked away with something like $850. 


Getting CrowdedEmpower Network pretty much teaches you how to sell more Empower Network. So now you have hundreds of thousands of people out there trying to market to the same niche with the exact same opportunity. It’s gotten so crowded (no matter one anyone says) that many, probably most, solo ad sellers are not accepting offers that have to do with EN.


Selling The DreamWhat I have come to realize about the “Empower Network scam” is that it might not be an official illegal scam. But to me it’s more about selling the dream of making money to get people to pay you money. The majority of people who join really join not for the training, but just to qualify to get paid. Then it’s about pitching the idea of big money to people so they can whip out their credit cards and pay you.

There really isn’t that much of a product other than training. No keyword research tool. No hosting. No website builder. No software. The compensation is also a type of MLM. Yes, when you have a sponsor and you are someone else’s sponsor, there are multiple levels. When there are multiple levels and you’re marketing something, it’s called multi-level marketing.

What’s wrong with mlm? Small chance of making it big.

It’s just really really difficult and the reality is, 99% of people who join will most likely not see any kind of significant monthly income. Many of the top leaders and earners in Empower are no newbies. Most have had an extensive background and are Internet gurus themselves.


Costs Money To Make the BIG MoneyI was chatting with an “upline” while in Empower and he was telling me really how most of the big timers are making money. It’s by investing literally thousands and thousands of dollars in paid advertising & joint ventures…NOT by blogging and sharing on FB. For an example, he told me how he finds websites that he knows are getting lots of traffic and makes deals with the owner to place a banner ad.

He might pay $2000 per month to place his banner and in return gets traffic, hits, and leads. He then hires an “appointment setter” to call and qualify those leads. Then he hires a “closer” to call the quality leads and pitch them to invest in the $5000+ Empower Network total package. BOOM. Makes money.

That’s one way the big shots are making the real money.

Definitely not newbie-friendly if you need extra capital to invest. Just a thought.


Honest Conclusion

Some say it’s an Empower Network scam. Some are extremely loyal and absolutely proud to be a part of it. I’m really neither. There are some advantages especially if you are experienced and have some money to invest, and there are some disadvantages I think if you are brand new. I had a few $1,000 days while in for a couple months because of the traffic from the multiple websites that I own. Not from my EN blog. I decided this type of program was not for me. I would say though, at the end of the day, the amount of success you see is going to be dependent on YOU.


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  1. Empower Network is the biggest pyramid scm on the planet. Anyone who want real personal training should listen to the classic speakers and read their books. That company is going to go down. I joined and spent about 2K on B.S. prodcts. Fun? You call sending emails with curse words fun? It’s ery unprofessional and they do a diservice to true network marketing. I just joined a company that is in pre-launch and come to find out one of the “heavy hitters” is an Empire Network’s guy. I’m seriously thinking about leaving. I know he will bring in all the garbage that they learned over there. Already he’s at the top of the sponsored list and ‘i’s probably through extensive advertisements. Everyone else is moving up steadily while he is going at an alarming rate. Here come all the roaches from EN. Already we’re seeing the bait and switch crap hat they all learned at EN. Really a shame. They should ban that company from doing business.

  2. Vince,
    Is Angela right? Can you use the TOOLS of EMPOWER NETWORK to MARKET Products like Lightyear Wireless?

    Will D <
    to Angela
    I don't see how EN can be used to market anything but EN…..How?
    Please see this review of EN. Is Vince wrong?

    Angela Moore

    The products teach you how to market on the Internet. You can use this knowledge to market anything from digital products to MLM products to products you stock at a brick and mortar store. If that review doesn't say that, then yes, that review is wrong.

    • Hey Will. Thanks for your comments. I would have to disagree with Angela. By the way, I had been in Empower at 1 time too and owned all the products, so I know how it works.

      EN claims to show you how to “market” anything and make tons of money. They also pitch you on getting a “viral” blogging system and to blog daily. Too bad those blogs don’t even rank!!!

      The whole premise of Empower Network is to really sell more Empower Network when all the smoke and dust settles. It’s MLM. When your blog’s domain is from Empower, and the widgets/ads are Empower, it’s hard to market anything else.

      The top-earners in EN hardly even follow the core steps themselves. Most of them make a killing from paid advertising (spending $ thousands and thousands a month in ads) and joint ventures with other big-shots.

      I wouldn’t place your Lightyear Wireless business in the hands of the EN system. I would focus on building YOUR OWN website and marketing that in your niche.

      Most of the training EN is basically how to “convince” people more than actual SEO techniques and understanding keywords and how Google and search engines actually work.

      Hope that helps,

  3. I found your review VERY HELPFUL and well thought out….
    This is EXACTLY the Type of REVIEW that is HARD to FIND…
    I will DEFINITELY BOOKMARK your site.

    What do you know about Lightyear Wireless??????
    Please REVIEW this Company…

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