Excel Cash Flow Review- Work From Home Scam?

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Excel Cash Flow can be described as a new work from home program that is promoted by Debbie Jones who is the spokeswoman. She claims that she has found a new technique that people can use to make money from the comfort of their homes. She says that anyone can take advantage of this and all an individual has to do is go through some little training and he/she will be good to go. The website that people are supposed to work with claims that the program will train interested parties on how to become search engine agents. 

“Search Engine Agents” Don’t Really Exist

The search engine agents are people who post links for various major companies and the companies use the links to sell their products and services. A person can do this from home. Individuals who are interested in this training program to know how to become search engine agents are supposed to spend a onetime fee of a total of $ 97 to buy membership. This is despite the fact that the program is quoted to be worth more than $2000. Excel Cash Flow describes the link posting opportunity as a traditional opportunity where people get to work from home posting links from various companies. However, the reality is that it is actually an opportunity for independent business. 

This simply means that as an independent business, a person will not get to work for a specific company but instead, you will have to partner with various businesses in a bid to promote the links that will be used to sell their products. When the links bring in a sale, you will be able to earn a commission. The site also claims that a person will only need an average of about 4 minutes to be able to post a link and that a person can earn an average of about $ 15 for the links they have posted. 

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It’s Not A Job!

There are certain issues that surround Excel Cash Flow one of the major ones being that the company misleads their customers and prospective members purposely by acting like it offers a traditionally job opportunity that offers individuals an yearly salary that is reliable. The program states that if a person posts about 15 links and earns $15 for each, they will take home $225 for an hour’s work. If a person does this for 5 days, they will make $1125 which translates to $45000 a month and finally $58500 yearly. 

The truth is that although the earnings of $15 on average are repeated, it has no truth to it. And even if there was some truth, a person will not make money simply by posting a link as a purchase has to be made through this. While it is possible to make loads of money though link posting, a person cannot make it with the manner in which is described by Excel Cash Flow. Before you invest in a costly training program, it is wise to study some free resources online as this can help you make a informed decision on the legit methods that you can use to earn money from home.

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  1. I’m still waiting for my $113.00 dollars to be put back in my bank account the bank wants to know we’re the money is.

  2. I have tried several times to work from home with computer from website affiliates to paid surveys, I did receive 8 dollars for a lengthy opinion for a virtual lawyer trail but that is the only money I made. I spent a week building a website and invested a substantial amount of money only to not earn a penny. Most of these are scams, I have yet to find a work at home business yet, they all sound to good to be true. Please, if anybody knows of a way to make money from home, let me know. I am unemployed and my children have already accepted the fact that there will be no Santa this year.

  3. I signed up online to make money from home, the advertising stated that a payment of 97.00 would be required so I signed up, then it prompted me to pay $19.97 to learn how. Paid a total of 116.97 this transaction occurred on 7/22/2015. There was a 60 day refund guarantee. On August 25th I called into the customer service center and requested a refund, I was told it would be refunded to my credit card in 5 to 7 days. 10 days later I called back asking about my refund, I was told they were unable to process the refund to my credit card and a check had been mailed to me on Sept. 1, I should be receiving with in 5 to 7 days. On September 15th I called in again and was told that the Sept 1 check was stopped and that a check was processed on September 11th, I should receive in 7 to 10 days. On September 21 I called in, was told that the check was not mailed out spoke with a supervisor Jonnie employee number 0142 and she said the check was not mailed that they are refunding the money to my credit card with in 24 hours. Today I called in to again inquire and was hung up on, when I tried to call back I got music then silence and was hung up on three times, when I called back with my called id blocked it went right through. I filed a complaint about the business with the FTC this morning. The gentleman I spoke with today would not let me talk to a Supervisor or Manager, he indicated to me that the check was processed on Sept 11, and I just need to wait. This is the 4th story I was told. I asked why was I told it would be processed on my credit card, all he said was he was sorry and I should receive the check from the 11th, that it takes 7 to 10 days. I informed him that I was told the check did not go out, and it is over 7 to 10 days. He said to me a Manager would call me back today and then basically hung up on me. I’m not holding my breath for a Manager to call me.

  4. Thank Goodness I didn’t spend $ that I really can’t afford on a FALSE DREAM! Yes, I was all set to GET RICH, then thought I’d better Google 1st. SCAM! I was self-employed FROM THE HOME for 23 years & made a lot of money before and while raising 2 boys – My “Master Plan” worked! And so did I >
    12-hour days, tight deadlines, etc. I had great discipline, skill, and clients who respected & trusted I’d never let them down. I was a Graphic Artist. Then along came Computer Graphics & for me > Game Over. In 1981, $30/hour, a lot of $. I’ve worked for $9/hour, $7.50/hour – NOW I’m (retired?). WHY DO PEOPLE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OTHER PEOPLE? I’m grateful for you, Vince, a Real Human Being. You HELP us navigate the RIGHT from the WRONG in this disgraceful “World of the Internet”.

  5. Thanks for saving me from getting into a scam… Love your feed back Vince… Thanks for making the internet search for fraud companies easy… Keep up the great job!

  6. I almost got in, but being a suspicious person in general, I decided to back out of it before filling in my credit card info. When I clicked ‘back’ button, a pop up window came with ‘special discount’ if I decide to “stay on this page”. They are now offering a $77 price instead of $97. That’s when I got even more suspicious and went to search for feedback on this excel cash flow from other (potential) subscribers. Thanks everyone!

  7. I almost got myself in. I went aheard and borrowed from my girl. I would hv been dead now. Thanks for the eye opening

  8. Call them on it … after confessing to me they had not met Cami White and did not Know who Debbie Jones was … and after trying to convince me the name of the company was “excel cash flow” … they quickly offered more refund than I put in when I suggested we should look it up on wall street … this scam has actually been around for several years with different spokes persons … the number you call to ‘get started’ is actually in a call center that supports a dozen or so of the the same types of scams … when you call they want to know “which offer you are calling about” … the call center is in Nevada somewhere and in my opinion should be raided and shut down by the FBI … it has been reported 🙂

    • Wow. That’s crazy. Yeah well I’m glad you got your money back. The fact that they offered your money back that fast without a fight, tells me they know they’re in the wrong. It’s nuts how it’s all orchestrated to get as many people as they can to sign up, that they have a full on team in place answering calls all the time. The sad thing is, there isn’t much enforcement on shutting these things down. It just costs too much money I think.

    • I got suckered in, and now I want to know how to get my money refunded.

      • I did the same and want my money back as well

  9. Thanks Vince !!!

  10. something in my body asked me to click on this last link before paying $97….thank you so much all of you

    • Yeah the $97 price point is a common marketing strategy. You’ll see a lot of shady programs advertise at that price. It’s not 100, and seems like like it’s affordable. But honestly, you can get get way more value out of a program that costs less than that with all kinds of community, support, and training that actually works.

  11. I received this email and thought this is really too good to be true. Can’t tell you just how many times I’ve been scammed out of thousands of dollars because of “offers” such as this Excel Cash Flow one. The genius of this type advertising is to sucker you into enrolling in the program for just a few dollars, and once committed, then the hard sell begins to invest thousands of dollars more. For a change I decided I would investigate this Excel Cash Flow ad, and I am so thankful that I did. I really appreciate all the comments from those persons who have invested and found this program to be another scam. Fortunately, I have not investigated a dime, but simply had the foresight to read what others have experienced.
    I agree. There should be a law to prevent this kind of thievery.

    • If you have spent thousands looking for a work from home job, these scammers are there just for you and people like you. If you haven’t learned to investigate these scams you never will.

    • Well you know what they say, Brookie…if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. I’ve been scammed as well especially in the beginning of my online journey so I know exactly where you’re coming from. The advertising is a form of marketing that is to paint a picture of easy money, wealthy, and success if only you buy their system. Of course, that’s not the way life works and if it did, everyone would be doing it. Good thing you didn’t fall for it this time! Good to hear.

  12. I just saw the advert sticks to my wall then i checked it and was forced to pay the money…wen i wanted to log out i saw d money reducing till 25 dollar ….then nearly gone paralized cos i just left my job and managing the little money i had….i immediately called my bank and they told me to call them but they closed now so am going to call them tomorow.my bank says if dey refuse to refund they will file suit against them after

    • Yeah that’s what’s called a down sell. When you click out of the page, they want to keep you interested in their offer so they’ll knock the price down. A lot of people who don’t have work or are unemployed do tend to fall to these kind of things out of desperation. Stay strong and avoid things that sound like easy money. I would advise if last resort, simply move on. It’s going to cost you much more in legal fees to go after them, and it could be a nightmare trying to track them down. Cut your losses, learn your lesson, and move on my friend!!

  13. We realized after reading the above reviews we should get our $97 back asap. We called, they agreed quickly and gave us a confirmation refund number and said to expect it back in 5-7 days. We will see!
    Here is the number you can call for a refund 888-591-2783 and good luck!

    • so u got your refund back??

  14. I am one of the sales person that calls DIRECTLY the customers who put their information through the website.
    I am sick through my bones that here right now, i’m calling people and making a fool if them which is not my personality. but I need a job.

    • I joined this thing yesterday, I called one of the support people and was told, “No one was available and she would have someone call me back”, I asked her if this thing is for real, and she said “YES – and they would call me back within 10 minutes to an hour”, I had an uneasy feeling about this, and guess what NO ONE HAS EVER CALLED ME BACK. I have called all these numbers, in fact the same number I called in the beginning and no one answers, not even an automated message. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! I am so “P*&%$#!”.

    • Amanda, are you really? Or are you an affiliate pushing this product? If so, there are actual affiliate products out there that are valuable to people. You don’t have to sell Excel Cash Flow. Or the only other thing I can think of is that they’re giving you a cut for every sale you make. I doubt they’re paying you per hour, if I’m not mistaken?

    • Amanda, you are a good person. You did not have to say you worked for his company , I pray for you to get a great job that does not scam people. For being so honest God will provide for you, don’t worry. Bless you

    • That means you are a THIEF! I needed a job, got one.Working on a HOG FARM! Not glorious, but a really HONEST JOB!

    • Can I get my money back. I am on phone now trying to het my money back. Ehat should I say or do?

  15. Are there any legitimate work from home sites/jobs?

  16. I visited the Excel Cash Flow website and thought, “This is too good to be true.” I decided to check with the Better Business Bureau as their website states they have a very high rating with the Better Business Bureau. Well, the Better Business has no record of this company. You can never be too careful and do your research before dealing with these scammers. A wise person once told me, “You should never have to pay money to make money.” Believe it!

  17. I just spent an hour and half on a hard core sales person, not only did I spend the 97. but they actually wanted 5550. additionally for the investment, the training, coaching and software. I told the sales person I would not make a decision until tomorrow. so glad

    • So glad? Glad you spent $97 AND will probably not get it back? OK then.

  18. Thanks Vince, I was about to throw up 97 bucks for nothing!

  19. This is the worst kind of fraud I have seen,very stupid website and the so called owners and benefactors,rubbish.

  20. I was real stupid for joining this group of scammers. The company is called “Excel
    Cash Flow” and then when you get suckered into it, It turns into the name of
    “New Beginnings” You are given a coaching staff, for the cost of $4300, they also
    post a free toll number 877-436-5229, ext 1 They also set up a “free” website, with a
    name called “Global Virtual Opportunities” when talking to the coach, he says, “We
    are not connected to that site.
    I am writing an article and pointing out all the internet scammers we have on the
    internet marketing. The government should outlaw this type of fraud. Good Luck
    I say with the government.

  21. Wow! Glad I make a habit of doing a quick google “scam” search before giving anyone my hard earned money!!!!! Saved once again.

  22. hmm. . . i just saw this opportunity in my email for excel cash … and i have to admit, i fell for it !BUT before i gave up the most important information..(my card info.) i hit the return button to reread and make sure i saw what i thought i saw, to my surprise a message popped up saying to hold on and that basically my price was reduced i did this back button thing about 3 times until i did no longer believe this . my total went from 97.00$ to 27.00$ . what caused my disbelief was the advertised available positions in my area. if this was true .. this “excel cash” thing wouldnt be so interested in me and my 27.00 one time fee. compared to a 97.00 one.. right?


    • Yeah, it’s a common tactic. As you keep exiting the page, the price lowers. It’s attempt to do anything to get someone to at least cough up a few bucks. Not an uncommon thing with online make money scams. You just gotta be careful out there. There are way too many tricks to get you to do what they want.

  24. Yes it did the same thing to me too.. they mislead me into this trap and took money too. And after I did it. Nothing came back. No emails… nothing. So it is a scam. I’m sure of it. Anyone if you see this site. It’s a total scam
    Don’t fall for it. Says you can contact them back at excel(at)supportmember.com or something

  25. I just got an email from excel cash flow and decided to do some back round and came upon this site Ty for posting and stopping me from wasting my money on a bad site

  26. I just invested in this same program Excel Cash Flow by Camp White. I guess I’m a dummy too. I HAVE NOT RECEIVED A CONNECTION OR ANYTHING EITHER…

    E. Pomeroy

    • If you used a credit card have you contacted them to try and return your money

      Best regards


    • I was one of the not so smart ppl as welcome I thought I did all my research on excel before investing and when I did the website just didn’t look right. they took my money immediately, thought throw me off. totally rub me the wrong way. so I did more digging, which is what I should have done in the first place. I came across this site and has I was reading , basically how stupid I was. I call their customer service 888-591-2783 and got my refund. the woman assured me I would get my money back within 5-7 business day so ill be looking for that.

  27. Hi. Am I talking with Vince?

    I have just invested in Excel Cash Flow (stupid me) and nothing has happened no connection or contact, just blank.
    My question is would you know how I can contact them, phone # etc etc. proper address.

    Thank you for your time

    Kind Regards

    Michael Dunford

    • So this didn’t work for anyone

    • I did a Better Business Bureau search for Excel Cash Flow. The Better Business Bureau has no information on this company even though Excel Cash Flow claims to have a very high rating with the BBB. I wouldn’t send money to these scammers that make false claims to take advantage of honest people. A wise person once told me, “You should never have to spend money in order to make money.” Believe it.

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