Fast Traffic Formula Review- Another Scam or What?

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Welcome to my Fast Traffic Formula review. If you know anything about affiliate marketing or making money from home with your computer, you will know that the basic rule of thumb to generating income is generating traffic. Without generating any kind of traffic you not to make any money and that’s just the bottom line. So it would make sense for you to purchase a product that says it can bring in lots of traffic fast. Hence, that’s where this particular product was born.

The problem is that it’s most likely not going to deliver the results as advertised and right away I noticed that it was another product by Adrian Morrison. If you know anything about the Morrison Brothers, you would probably recognize big brother, Anthony Morrison who has been behind a few very low quality affiliate basic beginner products such as advertising profits from home. Let me explain what this new traffic product from them is all about.

it’s pretty much another product designed to benefit affiliates more than anything else. Please understand what happens with a lot of these Internet gurus. What they’ll do, is they will target the beginner market because most new people to this industry don’t really have a clue of how Internet marketing really works and are desperate for answers and are looking for solutions to problems such as getting traffic. So Internet gurus such as the Morrison Brothers are really good at creating pretty much big up sells and distributing them through their affiliates. So basically a bill creates a fast traffic product that contains training videos and modules ( really old-school methods) and charge people a fee. You get what I’m trying to say?

So the only ones really making money are at the big-time Internet gurus and their affiliates, rather than the people that actually purchased this program and put the training to use.

That’s why if you have been browsing around the web you will see that most reviews of this particular product are very biased and positive. That’s because the reviewer is trying to pre-sell you so you will click on their link and it will make a commission off of you. But I definitely can’t recommend this product if you are somebody that is truly looking to generate fast traffic or you’re struggling in your online business.

The product starts out at around $34, but it doesn’t stop there. After you join you will be bombarded by upsell after upsell for more bonuses and special training and what have you. Not only that, but I’ve been talking with some people that have purchased this program and this one guy told me at 12 o’clock midnight, his phone was ringing and it was the sales team calling him. Not only that but the sales team suggested that he gather all his credit cards and get ready to invest in the program if he’s serious about his financial future. That’s how relentless a lot of these sales teams can be.

So did kind of conclude everything, what you’re basically going to get is a bunch of training on what traffic is about and other basic training that you can find on the Internet for free if you just look hard enough. I definitely can not recommend Faster Traffic Formula. Things revisit my site and reading my honest review.

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