FB Cash Method Review- Jerry Billett Scam?

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fb_cash_method_review_Welcome to my FB Cash Method review. One of the first things I noticed on the www.fbcashmethod.net website is the header which advertises “How to Make $5K in 14 Days. No Money. No List.” and of course I soon then after, rolled my eyes. If you’re browsing around the web looking for legitimate ways to make money from home, then you’ve probably heard about this particular product and want some more info on it. But wait a second, I’m not just going to write off this company just yet. Maybe there’s more to it. Well that’s what I discovered as I started reviewing FB Cash Method. To be honest, I am pleasantly surprised that this is one of the first courses that I’ve seen that actually does show you pretty good Facebook marketing techniques to grow your business. To be honest with you, I’m not a huge fan of doing social media marketing just because it is so time-consuming and there are smarter ways to generate traffic. But if you are considering this program, I would add it on to your already existing online business and an additional source of traffic, leads, and sales.

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Inside The Member’s Area

Module 1

There are about 3 lengthy videos that dive into the psychology of building relationships with prospects. Understand that a lot of people are very hesitant to join any kind of business opportunities because many have been burned before. So in this training module, Billett is going to show you how to “tear down their defenses” and get them to close sales on their own selves. basically this whole module was designed to show you how to get people to like you and trust you before the do business with you or network with you.

Module 2

The 2nd training part of FB Cash Method is built all around getting your prospects interconnections to actually “beg” you to tell them what you do so you can send them the information. Not only that, but he teaches you how to form a type of call to action in that you get your prospects to actually view whatever presentation it is that you are promoting or business opportunity that you are promoting. The focus of this training is actually to seal the deal and really make those sales and convert at a lot higher rate.

Module 3

This module shows you how to use Facebook Graph Search. What you’re essentially going to be taught how to do is how to venture into paid advertising but within Facebook itself. I know lots of people that have seen success and have got really good results doing paid advertising within Facebook. But understand, this is going to be a whole other skill in itself and honestly I can’t really ever recommend paid advertising to complete beginners or newbies. But maybe with some correct guidance you can actually see some results.

The Cost

FB Cash Method is going to cost you $27 but it doesn’t stop there. Yes, there are going to be a bit of upsells you are going to be pitched which are optional that run at about another $97.

Final Thoughts

So I’m going to give you my honest opinion on FB Cash Method. Do I think it could work? Yes to some degree. Do I think people have made money using it? Yes, I’m sure some have. Is it something useful to add to your marketing efforts? Yes it won’t hurt. Is it going to be all the answers to your money-making problems? Nope. Is it the best program I would recommend for beginners? No. Is it going to be as easy as they make it look? Probably not. Would I buy it? Not just yet. And let me explain why.

This program is going to work best with the network marketing or mlm industry. It’s a person to person type of marketing. People join YOU in mlm and network marketing and that’s where it hits you. 98% fail in this industry. This might be able to help out with making contacts and connecting with prospects. The thing is, it’s going to be very time-consuming. It’s a very time-consuming process and you’ll be targeting people in the make money online niche, as if they haven’t been contacted before. In my opinion, I would first spend the time to learn SEO, keyword research, and the basic Internet marketing skills first before venturing into FB marketing, unless you are interested in just mlm types of business, then I would promote FB Cash Method to your team. The hard part is going to be getting your team to get off their butt and actually buy this thing, and then actually take action on the stuff they learn from this program. Good luck.


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