Freedom Fighters Network Review- Another MLM Scam? I Think So

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freedom_fighters_nework_Freedom Fighters Network is a make money online program that promises a 7 day free trial for those who join. After that, it will cost them 47 dollars a month and 25 dollars a month for the autoresponder. There are more things to pay, just as you will see further into this review. The owners of the program are Jordan Schultz and Angela Moore. What people who are experienced with making money online products can see from the start is that there is no real product involved.

Empower Network Started Dying, So…

The program smells like an MLM or pyramid scheme from the start and those who pay attention to the details will see that the owners are actually trying to get people into Empire Network. There are complaints made on the Internet from individuals who have joined and they were indirectly forced to join Empower Network. What Freedom Fighters Network teaches its users to do is promoting the program. The idea is that you can earn commissions by referring others to the program.

What this system does is offering patiently all the small steps necessary to make money. The problem is, in some of the steps you are actually required to pay for traffic, autoresponder and other things. The program is cleverly built to trick people into joining Empower Network, believing that there is a product involved, but there is no real product.

Guaranteed To Make Money? I Don’t Think So!

The owners say that they guarantee you will make money and if you don’t, they will give you 150 dollars as cash-back. However, if you want to earn with the system, you need to bring people in. You need to generate 150 leads in order to qualify for the guarantee, but this is extremely hard for a newbie. In order to generate the leads, you have to draw traffic. Form here, the program becomes even smarter and being smart is a negative thing in this case, because it tricks people who don’t read the terms of the guarantee.

Beware Of Buying Crap Traffic

There are traffic packages that you can buy. The smallest package costs 100 dollars and provides 250 clicks. The largest is worth 1000 dollars and offers you 1250 clicks. You can draw your own conclusion that they won’t give you the guarantee money, because their terms are made in such a way so that you will not qualify.

Paying for traffic is not always a recommended thing and the price that the Freedom Fighters Network presents are huge. If you don’t get enough leads, you pay for more clicks and so on…see the trick? You have no guarantee that the traffic will be relevant anyway. The traffic may also be saturated, because their targeted individuals may have had enough of viewing the same offers constantly.

I Can’t Recommend This

No matter what system you intend to try out there, Freedom Fighters Network may not be the best one to try. It is not recommended, because it is built in such a way to benefit the owners. It is very hard to succeed (maybe even impossible) with a so called program that doesn’t even have a tangible product to sell. All that it does is using Empower Network and a few tricks to get you in through a free trial and then to make you pay for different services.

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