Hazel Peppergood Reviews- Home Mailing Job Scam?

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hazel_peppergood_scam There were so many common red flags I saw when visiting the Hazel Peppergood website. Immediately I recognized a stock fake “news story” video that is commonly used on a lot of scam data entry and link-posting job websites. Also, the notorious use of news logos that means absolutely nothing. This review is not off to a good start. 

Hazel Peppergood is a website or I guess “person” who claims you can make a lot of money by stuffing envelopes through home mailing jobs. The idea is that lots of “legit” companies need home workers to send out their letters and what not and she is going to help you get started. It even goes as far to say you can make “$1872 every week!”. Do you know any job that pays that much for stuffing envelopes or mailing from home? Not a chance. Gee. Wouldn’t life be great if we can all just sit on our butts everyday and make truck loads of money doing that?

hazel_bullcrap Haha! I know you might have got your hopes up and think you landed the secret “jackpot” home income opportunity when hearing about this site. But I hate to burst your bubble. But this opportunity is way outdated and pretty much obsolete. This is something that caught on for a little while like back in the early 2000’s. Think about it. Who even mails that much anymore? 

The concept is that there are companies out there that can’t reach everyone so they look for people to help mail out there offers for them. That’s where a “home mailer” comes into play. Did you really believe that you can make all that money just mailing crap all day? And do make thousands from home just working “part time” stuffing envelopes? I think you deserve to get scammed if you really believe in stuff like this!

hazel_info_productHazel Peppergood is nothing more than a big info product that you pay for to LEARN ABOUT home mailing jobs…which I don’t even think really exist anymore. I’ve been there and done that in the work from home industry. You’re going to be paying for a booklet called the “Peppergood Home Income Report” that costs you $68.95. There is a claim that you can get a rebate for the total amount. I could guess from a mile away that all she cares about is adding you to her email list so you can be bombarded with even more offers and other work from home “stuff”. That’s all this site is about: getting you to pull out your wallet and eventually spend some money to get Hazel Peppergood rich, for some outdated cheesy work from home opportunity. This smells just like a scam to me!

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  1. I have emailed her 4 times and yet no response. Now i a.m really ticked off

  2. l, I just ordered you packet Haza but my name as listed is incorrect. It is Rita Maynard, not nardmay Thanks….the rest is fine.

  3. I feel she is full of sh** now too because all comp companies have numbers and I don’t know what’s wrong with her so I’m starting to feel that way to that she ripping people off with money does ball don’t cuz I just lost some money too and I’m going over to some reports oh that’s a damn shame somebody should find her a shirt or shutdown

  4. To me right off the bat. The Name Hazel Peppergood sounds like a name I would use for one of my characters I would create on an online game or as a deep web fake forum name.

  5. I just reading up on reviews and seeing who are scams and who are not. I was thinking about joining this home base now I know. Yes, God does see everything and theses scam companies will weep what they sow.

    • Hi Cyndraia Jerry,
      I did got hazel good report. I looked at worldwide publication and Millionare mailers club I see no phone number on the application form. I did called Hazel on e- mail in last few days ago. She did asked if I did sent any money to two companies I said no to her. I want the free toll phone number before I send any money to them. But I know she is scammer. I believe that she made up on everything on her own website. I did lost my money is $86.00. I think too much money. I see hazel peppergood report is so cheap. Not $60.00. It should be around 36.00. She wanted the money. Play around fool on anyone. God’s eye watch her when she moves what she knew about her sins.
      Kelly .

  6. I have been emailing HAZEL and she has been emailing me back everytime. But i believe she is a scam.

  7. I paid $68.95 to Hazel Peppergood. Yes, she sent her report, but it consisted of what she considered primarily as scams–ALL OF THEM EXCEPT FOR TWO–so I i vested in the least expensive recommendation she had, costing me $79 to a company called Worldwide Publications, but they did not send ANYTHING in return! Essentially, I lost a total of $147.95–to a worthless report (that focused primarily on scams instead of credible companies), and a company that cashed my money order without sending me what I paid for. I do believe that Hazel Peppergood is paid a commission of whatever is paid to Worldwide Publications, and that is why these two parties are reluctant to provide a refund, much less treat the third party fairly. I do NOT believe the testimonials are authentic, based on my experiences. They were most likely created by Hazel Peppergood and her cohorts. Also, the phone/fax number, listed on the Internet, is ONLY a fax number, if it works as such as all. I am SO glad there is a God that oversees and records EVERYTHING, including thieves who masquerade as someone with valid informatio when, in fact, I believe the entire booklet I bought is scam information. Since Ms. Peppergood has not responded to my emailed messages, I believe that that confirms she’s a scam too. My email address is ——–, but she really deflated me for now. I take this scam VERY seriously!!

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