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If you ran into the Home Cash Academy scam and spent your money, I’m sorry. If you haven’t yet, I hope to save you some frustration and disappointment in this review. This is a work from home scam program by “Jenny Lee” as heard in the video, which I’m not even sure if it’s just a paid voice-over or not. I’m going to show you how websites like this promote a very unrealistic income potential and fool lots of people to whip out their credit cards. It’s a little bit sad that so many people actually fall for this program, but it’s not their fault. It’s actually quite easy to scam people in this industry, and a lot of “work from home” websites do it.


home_cash_academy_photoOne of things these low-end websites like to do is post stock photos of young moms to make you feel like anyone can do this. I could have sworn I have seen this photo somewhere else before. And I probably have. Often times you’ll read a story on the site of a struggling single mom who found the program and now makes thousands of dollars from home each month.

These stories are usually made up because a lot of stay at home moms or single moms do tend to look online for work. So what better way to sucker that specific audience in than to relate? Boom. Easy money.

You Won’t Make $$$ Simply “Posting Links”

home_cash_academy_scamLink partners? What does that even mean! It’s just an attempt to make it seem as if you’re going to be “working with” Google and other major companies that you are probably familiar with. It’s a setup to build trust and comfort with something you already can relate you. No, Google doesn’t employ and pay people to post links around the Internet. What Home Cash Academy is trying to do is mask affiliate marketing into some kind of link posting job. In affiliate marketing, you drive traffic through Google to a link either by having a website rank on the 1st page, or investing and paying for ad spots. You don’t just post a link.

Which brings me to my next point. Don’t be fooled by this chart. Man, I bet this gets a lot of people excited with they see the “income potential” by just posting links. You figure the more links you post, the more money you’ll make and you’ll be…rich in no time! Haha. Wouldn’t life be great if all we had to do was copy and paste links? Forget med school or becoming an astronaut! Just sit home and post links all day and make thousands of dollars. Obviously, we know that’s not the case. This table is just to get you hyped up and get your fingers close to pushing that “buy” button.

You’re Paying $49+…For What Exactly?

home_cash_academy_priceYou’re pretty much paying for an info product that, first of all, is misleading you because you don’t get paid by posting links. This is nothing more than a disguised affiliate marketing course that it made to seem like a job or position. You’ll even see something like “only 1 position left in your area!” at the sales page once you opt in. The only way I can see you make money if you become an affiliate of this company and resell this thing to other unsuspecting vulnerable human being who are just looking to make a legit buck from home. I would clearly stay away from Home Cash Academy and anything that is similar or resembles it. Oh, and prepare to be bombarded with multiple sales calls, pitching you to buy more coaching which could add up to the hundreds or even thousands!! 


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  1. I watched the video, and got excited when she said I would be charged nothing. When I got to the form they wanted me to fill out I noticed the credit card symbol, not a good sign. Then I noticed the price they wanted. I left the page at once. Never pay money to go to work for anyone.

  2. Do people get their money back if they cancel right away?

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