Home Income Kit Review- Beware of this SCAM

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home_income_kit_You are an absolute genius for researching Home Income Kit before you decided to join. It’s funny. I’ve helped a lot of people avoid this scam and have referred hundreds to a legit income system that works (click here). Buy anyways, let me tell you about this scam. You will see similar websites to this one all promoting the idea of making “link posting profits” from home. They like to advertise this as a work-from-home position where you get paid to do simple tasks such as post links on the Internet for various companies. This tends to attract a lot of people looking for work and who need income. Unfortunately, it just rips these people off of the their hard-earned money because they will charge you an upfront fee to get started around $97. It’s not the fee that I’m concerned about. I wouldn’t mind investing in training that was actually valuable, but this takes things to a whole other level from the fake news logos, to the fake featured stories, crazy sales teams calling your phone, all the way down the crappy basic affiliate marketing training which isn’t even worth $1 in my opinion. So let me dissect things down into understanding.

You want to make some money right? You want to work from home, correct? You saw this and thought “cool! easy money”, didn’t you? 

And that’s how they get you. 

The website itself is nothing more than a capture page just itching for you to enter in your info. Once you’re inside, you will see a sales pitch pretty much telling you how to you can set your own hours, work from home whenever you like, make thousands of month, and only put in minimal effort. Not only that, but you need no experience and it’s going to be as simple as posting links all day around the web. Mama always told me if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Not only that but they’ll go as far as featuring a “news” article of a single mom who’s making thousands per month just by working with Home Income Kit, right?! Wrong. Karen James is actually a fictitious character and is a stock photo you could actually find doing a Google search yourself!

So how the heck do you really make money from home? Well, it takes knowing and learning the right Internet marketing steps. It’s not just posting links all over the place. There is much more to it than that. 

They’re going to sell your info. Yup. That’s right. Not only are they going to charge you to join, but companies like Home Income Kit actually can sell your info to other scammy systems where you will get bombarded with out of state phone calls promoting more “opportunities” to invest in.

Oh yeah, and 1 more thing. Good luck trying to get a refund. Many people are complaining to me how Home Income Kit hasn’t given their money back to them after they realized they don’t want any part of it. Many times support will even change their contact phone number! 

Anyways, I hope I helped you in some way. 

Have any questions about Home Income Kit or any comments? Please leave a reply. Thanks for reading. 


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  1. Too good to be true… simple rule for protection against scams. $3000-$6000 a month working 45 minutes/day, anywhere, anyhow, doing little or nothing at all for $99.00 membership fee…! sounds like a scam, looks like a scam, smells like a scan, and it is 99% most likely a scam. Did I miss the opportunity of becoming a millionaire? You tell me.

  2. Am glad I googled http://www.home with income
    .com to see feedback how dishonest and feeling disappointed that the only I became aware of the site is because I read it in a magazine chiidmags.com.au mind u this is a mag a person would find in a library school child care how can such a dodgy company get away with advertising to take advantage in a mag about positive parenting although I noticed the comments have came from the person above saying this site is a scam to follow his link to his site may he be the scammer trying to move ppl away from the real the anyone been through the site I have put in

    • Yes me too! Just today I contacted homewithincome(dot)com to say I’m no longer interested because I researched it’s a scam. Also sucked in via advertising in the Child magazine under work from home. Luckily I didn’t hand over banking details! Keep away from this website. Boy did they write a nasty email back to me. Just confirms their evil ways.

  3. What is the website for this home income kit ??

  4. Are you interested in a banner placement for a similar product in this niche?

  5. Donald Trump’s girlfriend home income kit is it for real or is it a scam

  6. I ordered the home income kit and now they are very rude on the phone and state they cant give me info and they will not respond to my emails paid 97.00 for nothing its a scam so please do not give them your information cause now they wont refund my money nothing but a scam I am very upset we try to make money on line but don’t know who can be trusted now days.

    • the scam is up to $99 now oB

  7. What’s up, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this post.
    It was helpful. Keep on posting!

  8. Thanks for the reviews

  9. I was just about to sign up, filled my credit card information and I thought for a second before hitting that send button, I googled this company first and read this page. Thank you to all the comments posted here, you just saved me from getting scammed! The power of “googling!”

  10. i was charged montly 167 n 157 usd succeedingly without my authority…Scumbagz.. false reassurance wen calling the hotline for refund…no kit….they just want your money..block your card for thie future use…Scam!

  11. So it’s basically a tax on gullibility.

  12. Amazing I decided to check on them as there is promise of easy money & it appearscharges will be monthly..Glad Imfound these reviews.

  13. Hey Thank God i read this. i was about pushing the final button for payment when my instinct asked me to look for reviews. however, i was lead to this by the virgin media survey i did? is the survey actually real? i have already ordered for a product they said i won by paying only the shipping cost. These guys are really crazy. Thanks all the same for the info.

  14. I was just about to join the site!! so glad I read this first!! thank you!!!!

  15. Huh..I too joined “fool”s community” ioday by loosing 6036.29 Indian rupee. Effort or expect REFUND will cost more…

  16. awwwwwwwwwwwwww.i wished i wud have read it beforeeeee.i lost all my money.they took $66000.:(;(

  17. thanx……..for telling us…….thanx alottttttttttttttttttttt.

  18. Yes I wish I had read goolge first. Got the home income kit on march 29, 2013 for $49.00. I didn’t do much because there products didn’t look good. Then I started again this year,looked into the site and started to promote. I made a conversion and guess what, I turn my head for a second and poof… the site is gone. A page shows up and says FLASHSUCCESSMESSAGE.TEXT. I try to email a Adam Shaver and guess what no response. My hard work promoting and time wasted sucks. May GOD send these scumbags who are heartless and greedy staight to hell.

  19. yeah!!…leave me an email…as to how to get my money back…I’ve read your message too late!!

  20. I wish I read this before. They charged an amount of $160 and the customer care numbers doesn’t work. If we check with the bank, can it help get my money back??

  21. Honestly, I don’t mean to be rude, but there is a lot of ignorance on the Internet nowadays. You really can’t believe anything you read anymore. I don’t understand how this could actually fool people, since it doesn’t even tell you what you will be doing to make the money, but I guess people like to believe what they read, even if it’s fake reviews raving about the company. Be careful before giving out any information and try your best not to give out your cell phone number. I innocently entered it on a reliable cruise site without realizing it (autofill) and the rep was calling me everyday for weeks! I was literally just looking into the prices of the cruise, but not serious about booking it.Be smart about what you believe online. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

    • I agree. I made sure I Google it which lead me to this website before anything else. Like they said it seemed to good to be true!!!

    • That’s The Exact Same Thing I Was Thinking When I Read The Article On “Online Career Journal”..All These People Saying How Good It Is blah blah blah And How Much They Got Back But Yet The Article nor The Facebook Post Reveal One Detail About What You Actually Do ..Plus They Fact Most Had Cheques Of A Few Hundred $$ Back Then 1 Guy Insulted My Intelligence Saying He Received 2 Cheques Totalling £2200..Its A CLEAR CON Or Poorly Constructed PONZI Scheme 100%….A Fool And There Money Are Easily Parted As The Old Saying Goes And Anybody That Signs Up Almost Deserves To Lose There Money And It Will Serve Them Well In Future Endeavours ..

  22. Thank God I was able to read this before enlisting to the so called Home Income Scam. Thank you so much..


  24. Im totally mad and angry from myself cause i didn’t see this website before, i signed up for the damn home income kit 2 days ago, and they took 19 dollars from my account, but i am so lucky that i saw this site sooner, i just canceled my card and requested for a new one, i even called my bank to see if i could bring back my 19 dollars because its still pending and the bank told me that we cant bring it back but we can claim it from them, so i hope it will work..and about my phone number! i had three weird phone calls yesterday, when i answer the phone call they won’t say a word, they keep silent ,, i didn’t get paid and i don’t know if i will get paid, i even changed my information in their website! hope it will work,,i even gave em a call and its just the answer machine answers, so i gave them a good lesson on the voice mail lol … so yeah, i will never search for a job online! u want to work!? so move your butt and go find a job in the real world, not online LOL 😀

    • Yeah Your Probably Not Going To Get Paid ,Count Yourself Lucky If You Get Your $19 Back ..And Don’t Be So Silly In Future..

  25. Thanks for posting guys, before I spent any money. Here’s what I found. Check both of these links. I hope this lets me load it. But anyway, check them both, the name is different but the amount and check number is exactly the same. The checks match …. Even though the names are different. NOT POSSIBLE !!!!

  26. Can anyone tell me the city and state they are located out of? I am trying to contact the Better Business Bureau and need address and website info.

  27. Thanks for being there to those who need your help. I am so lucky for searching and landing on your page. I know many more are searching, but all I wanna add is: if making money was that easy, there wouldn’t be “middle class Americans”

  28. i wish i would have read this first! 🙁 i actually paid 77 dollars cuz i got a 50 percent “discoun” on the “kit”. Just did this yesturday :/ workinh… I called today nd yup numbers are not working. ill be calling my bank tomorrow morning to stop any other charges from this website. Scam!!!!!

    • Dezygee, did your bank reverse the charge?

      IT IS SCAM!

  29. I wish I had read your advise before giving my card details on the HOME INCOME PROFIT KIT Website on 31/10/2013. I was asked for my card details to verify my identity but unbeknown to me that the company would be taking money from my account. On 06/11/2013, a total of £104.04 was taken out of my account without my consent. When I contacted the company for a refund, I was told ha I would receive my kit in three working days and that the manager would call me back in 24 hrs but to date, I have not received my kit neither has the company refunded my money or the manage called me back. I googled the company and realised that it was a scam. XxxxxxxWARNING TO POTENTIAL VICTIMS, DO NOT GIVE YOUR CARD DETAILS TO HOME INCOME PROFIT KITxxxx IT’S A TRICK AND A SCAM!!!

  30. I joined, posted ads, got conversions, and never got paid. Contacted them several times, all I received was lies. Bigtime SCAM! Wish I had researched first.

  31. Thank you for posting this! Glad I checked before I joined… saved me hassle and loss of money I don’t have to waste!!

    • Karen’s Home Income Kit will sell your personal cell phone number to other marketing companies without your consent. I now get about 10+ harassing marketing sales calls a day, even after I cancelled my membership the calls don’t stop. Most of the time the caller will hang up. I have no idea how these marketing companies can get away with this injustice. There is nothing you can do about it unless you change your phone number completely. And I couldn’t get refund either. Total scam!

  32. I wish I had read your post before joining the home income kit. It is a scam and refunds are impossible.

    • I to wish I had searched this out first, as now there is no way to get my money back, when one phones them it just goes on hold and one never gets an answer. its a SCAM

    • I wish I”ve read this before. My phone # and e-mail were sold I am receiving harassing calls from all over the states. They only want more money to help me make money, that this is a starting a business and I need money. Home Income lied to me that I can get my money back at any time if It doesn’t work for me but it was not possible. They only want to get your money.

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