How to Get to the Top of Google 2013- Post Penguin Panda

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penguin panda updatesSo you want to know how to get to the top of Google after Panda and Penguin and moving from 2013 on? Good stuff. You already know this is the best way to make money online and establish a name for your business. But goodness gracious. It’s a whole new ball-game now with the whole Panda and Penguin updates going on all the time. As you know, around April 2012, Google went on a mission to clean up search results and hit all the spammy sites using black-hat methods for SEO. 

I should know. Some of my sites were hit with the updates. Like, badly. And I didn’t really participate in black-hat stuff. The whole back link and general optimization approach has really changed and a lot of Internet marketers are scrambling around, trying to figure out how to get back on track with SEO. 

Benefits of Being at the Top of Google for your Niche

  • You’re going to get all kinds of traffic going to your site everyday, on complete autopilot.
  • Not only do you get traffic, but it’s higher-quality targeted traffic. This means the people that are visiting your site are looking for YOU and what YOU have to offer.
  • This leads to more hits, leads, sales, subscribers, you name it!
  • All this means together is that you are just going to make tons of money without even trying!

Google Strategies That Don’t Work as Much Anymore

you dont saySo in the past if you wanted to know how to get to the top of Google and stay there, you would focus on getting a high number of back links pointed towards your site. Mainly you would focus on links coming from quality websites and that would boost your rankings. It would add authority to your site and popularity so Google would put you towards the top. You would match the anchor text to the exact keywords you were targeting and you would DOMINATE search results for those keywords! Too bad, so sad. 

On-page SEO has even been affected too. Before when you would write a blog post let’s say with the keywords “lose weight fast”, you would want to include the keywords in your article, a lot. Google would then say, “Hey, the content in this article really revolves around ‘lose weight fast’! I must put you towards the top where everyone can see!” Maybe so much so that it didn’t really sound natural. And that’s exactly what Google has busted. You can’t even have the keywords on your page too much. 

Is Search Engine Optimization Dead?

ripAs far as traditional strategies and lessons that would teach how to get to the top of Google in 2013, I would say yes. It’s dead in that sense. You just can’t manipulate your search rankings as efficiently anymore. Google caught on. They don’t like people purposely going on campaigns SOLELY trying to get a higher ranking for their own site. Makes sense though. It’s their business. It’s their company. It’s in there guidelines too. Can’t blame ’em.

However, there is still hope, my friends! Do not fret! Do not fear! You will find the answer, here! See what I did there? Hehe. 

Your Answer For Getting to the Top of Google in 2013

Yes, my friends. Here is the secret. Oddly enough, it’s not really a secret. In fact, it’s really just common sense. If it don’t make cents, it don’t make sense. Whoa! I just made that up right now. I like that. I like that a lot. Maybe I should copyright that. Nah, I don’t really care. Okay. Back to the topic.

 “Add high-quality and valuable content to your site!”

BOOM. Yes, it is glorious, my friends, glorious I tell you! This is what Google is all about now. They want people who are using their search engine to land on high-quality useful information so the reader can have an enjoyable browsing experience, IF you know what I mean 😉 You don’t? Okay. No problem. Hmph. 

go to the top google 2013Just in a nutshell, if you want to get to the top of Google in 2013 and after, SEO is going to revolve around adding helpful and valuable info for your readers AND OFTEN. No more outsourcing poorly written articles like you did in the past. You’re going to have to maybe pay a little more for quality if you want to outsource work from now on, or just write yourself if you’re decent. Keywording in your posts and content is going to have to sound natural and you can’t blast your posts with tons of keywords anymore. Nope. Sorry. You gotta mix it up!

Off course, there is much more to that such as using social media and finding the right places to create back links. But I just wanted to touch upon the most obvious and important thing!

 What Do You Do Next?

internet income university recommendationLook, I simply don’t have enough time or capability of teaching you ALL the little details of the new approach to SEO. But I can give you a recommendation of the best system that will! If you want to build a profitable money-making website or find all the training tips, techniques, tools and methods that will get you to the top spot of Google in 2013, then you need to join Internet Income University today!

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