How to Make Money with a Blog in 3 Easy Steps

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how to make money with a blogYou really want to know the secret on how to make money with a blog? Too bad. Go somewhere else. No, I’m kidding! I’m going to show you how to do just that. It’s SO SIMPLE you’re going to eat fried chicken. Ok that made no sense. Doesn’t matter though!

It really comes down to 3 important steps and they go like this:

1. Find a Niche

2. Write Stuff 

3. Drive Traffic to Your Site

It’s really this simple. However, before you get too excited, there are a few details to know about each step. Sound good? So let’s talk a little more about each. Seriously though.

How To Make Money with a Blog: Finding a Niche 

funny-catSo a “niche” is pretty much a specific audience that you are trying to market to. For an example, there might be a group of people that want to learn about cat psychology? Is that even a real topic? Who cares. We’ll use that example. So some people might want to know why their cat acts like a diva and never wants to do what they’re told. Or maybe their cat is having problems like losing money in the stock market or having relationship problems with other cats. You know what I mean! 

How to Make Money Blogging: Adding Content 

Ok so now here comes the actual blogging part. Crazy right? So you want to provide some useful and relevant information for your audience on whatever topic you are writing about.

how to earn income blogging


In other words, just share stuff you know that might be valuable to people in your niche. Going back to people who are interested in cat topics, maybe write about what tricks, tips, and methods you are using to get your cat to use the litter properly. This is going to establish loyalty and trust with your website. You’re going to be able to build a following of subscribers which is ultimately what you want!

How to Make Money with a Blog: Traffic Is King

This is a big no-brainer. You need visitors to click on your blog and read your stuff, man, your ssshhhtuffff! This is so important when you’re figuring out how to make money with a blog. Traffic is everything.

smart passive income blogHow are you going to sell whatever your are offering or promoting on your blog? How are you going to earn income off the little ads you put all over your pages? You’re NOT. Not until you get people to visit your blog. That’s why you gotta share it. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Whateverererrrr. The best way to generate tons of traffic is to get your blog towards the top of Google. 

Choose to do this the Easy or Hard Way

You can figure out how to make money with a blog the easy way or the hard way. 

mad at computer

The hard way is basically blindly trying to find a niche and trying to figure out how to somehow get towards the top of search engines and trying to figure out how to write content that sells. The hard way sucks. Trust me. I know.

Or you can be smart and do it the easy way. What’s the easy way?

genius memeFollow an online business that provides training videos on exactly what to do step-by-step and also offers to set up your own blog for you. Not only that, you’re going to learn exactly how to turn your blog into a money-making-machine! 



  1. I just read your “How To” information on blogging and clicked the link you provided. Of course, I was taken to a page that promised a free gift (something that is not only making me very weary, but it is also making me very leery of any site that uses this old, tired ploy to rope people into something that is HARDLY FREE). Well, after entering my email address, I was told that the list is no longer active, full, or whatever they meant by their double-speak and to contact the Website owners. There are NO links to do so. Now, what do you want to bet that I will receive a bunch of junk email from these people who now have my email address (frankly, a “dummy email address” that I now use initially nearly anywhere to avoid these scumbags)? I betcha’ 20 to 5 that…well, you know the drill. 😉

    P.S. Thanks for all of the GREAT TIPS and RECOMMENDATIONS! Yours is one of the few such sites I find to be relatively reliable. Great going!

    • Hahahahaha. WOW this post is so old!! It was like one of my first from years back. Man, I’ve come a long way LOL Kinda embarrassing, but hey, I’m glad you liked it. The content still holds true to this day though. Nothing has really changed. However, yes, the link I had there would lead to a program I was involved with back in the day which is now defunct. I’ve moved on to a much better program that helps people get started in blogging the right way. Thanks for the heads up. I went ahead and changed the link to where it’s supposed to go 🙂

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