IMPHO Review- Definitely Solid Affiliate Marketing Training & Community

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impho_review_In this brief IMPHO review, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised. This is something definitely for those who are looking for a good, honest, solid affiliate marketing program that will show you the ropes and provides the help, community, training & support you need to run a home-based business and make that money! And let me explain why I feel this way…

Who Is IMPHO Good For?

I would have to say this website would be good for beginners and really anyone who is interested in making money on the Internet and affiliate marketing. Sometimes it can be hard to trust a company that says it’s going to teach you how to do things the right way, especially if you are new to all this. I understand. But I would have to say that IMPHO is a great start for the following type of people:

  • complete brand new people
  • if you need a community and help
  • you want to know different methods of creating income
  • you are looking to build a money-making home business
  • you wish to work from home
  • you need good training that shows you step-by-step what to do
  • you want to feel “connected” to others who are doing the same
  • you want to be able to have constant access to support
  • if you need all the tools necessary to launch your very own website
  • you want to be your own boss

What Do You Get With IMPHO?

Lots of affiliate marketing training for beginners. I always say, it’s not what you join, but what you know that brings in the money. You MUST have training if you want any chance at generating income and it starts with the training modules. You can learn everything from paid-advertising to getting traffic to a website and much more. I’m a big fan of this. Of course, this isn’t the super-advanced-ninja-millionaire level, but enough for someone to get off the ground and see some results. You will get everything from a 30 day challenge, to a 20 week course, over the shoulder training videos, and much more. Obviously, you are going to get much more access to training as Premium member than free member, but it’s still a good value.

Tools to help you grow. Of course as someone that wants to make money on the Internet, you need tools to help you scale and manage your marketing. You are going to get all kinds of stuff that will help test, track, measure and help you sharpen your marketing efforts which can ultimately lead to more traffic and money which is what you want. Stuff like 

Community & Support. This is huge! In fact, it is quite rare to find a work from home program that provides actual help and support when you need it. You see, you will have access to a forum where you can post questions and other members and even Allen will help answer them for you. This is critical because you want to make sure you are on the right path and are doing the right things and sometimes need help when you get stuck! You can submit a support ticket with an average response time of about 24 hours.

Lots of Other Benefits. Of course, I can’t list them all here. They wouldn’t fit. But you can get just about everything you need to get set and ready to go in making money from home and learning home based business and affiliate marketing. 

IMPHO Is Basically A Wealthy Affiliate KNOCK-OFF!!!

When I visited this site, I knew the setup, energy, and process seemed eerily familiar. And then it hit me. IMPHO is basically a copy cat version of Wealthy Affiliate (my #1 choice)!!!! In fact, after doing some investigating, I learned the owner is an ex-WA member who took the same concepts and basically started his own online training website. Don’t get me wrong. It’s decent, but it comes nothing close to WA. Click here and read a full review of Wealthy Affiliate —> 

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