Income At Home Reviews- Why Are There Scam Complaints?

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If you’re looking for Income At Home reviews and you’re looking for an honest one that’s not going to sugarcoat things, then you’ve come to the right blog. There actually have been many complaints with people calling it a scam. If you’ve been listening to news or talk radio such as Dr. Laura or Glenn Beck, chances are you have heard of a “work from home” opportunity being promoted on the channels. This sparks lots of interests because at a time like this, people are looking for answers and additional income opportunities. The sad truth is that the majority of blogs and review sites are totally biased and you will find a lot of reviews that are totally fixed and biased in order for you to join their team and they make money off you. Let me explain why…

Most Income At Home Reviews Try to Fool You

It is a company that survives off ┬áreferrals and people wishing to make more money. People make money by referring others to join. Dr. Laura gets paid to endorse this company. You would get paid if you referred people and signed them up. Get me? That’s why a lot of reviews are extremely biased and say nothing but positive things. When you visit their blog, read their positive review, and click on their link, you’re going to end up being “sponsored” by them and they’re going to make money off you for the business and sales you bring in.

The problem with products such as Income At Home is they do a very poor job at explaining exactly what you’re going to do and the realities of building online income. They lead you from one thing to the next and often times, that “next” step requires you to purchase a “guide” or “system” that costs $9.95. And that is what this product really is. It’s just a general info product. It’s a make money from home guide that just shows you how you can setup your own home based business and how you can be successful, along with sharing testimonials of other people who have made money by building their own home business. But it doesn’t stop there. More specifically, it is a system and setup for you to join…Herbalife! Get it?

The front end of Income At Home is the guide, and the back end is for you to join Herbalife, which is a multi-level marketing business. Yes. This is one of those “pyramid” type of recruit-lots-of-people and sell vitamins type of business. Is it legal? Yeah it is. But let’s be honest. Most people nowadays don’t really like these types of income opportunities anymore. They’re just too hard and have too much of a negative perception. Unless you have extreme talent at talking and convincing people.

On the Income At Home website, there is a disclaimer that states:

…While most participants do not generate a profit, of those active leaders that do generate a profit, 84% average $1482 (with a median level of $954) in 2011. Your success in this methods results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, desire, diligence, leadership, and talent…

There have been a lot of Income At Home scam claims. It’s actually pretty easy to see why to be honest. When you can grasp and understand what is really going on behind this product, you might feel the same way. However, that does not mean that it actually is a scam, it just might not be what you think it is. People are always searching online for ideas that can help them make extra money. In fact, maybe if you are reading this review right now, you want to find out some more info and see if it is really possible. It is absolutely possible to generate thousands from home. But that’s only if you acquire the right Internet marketing skills. It’s not going to be because you found a “work from home” opportunity such as Income At Home.

There are many different ways to make money from home just using your computer. You don’t have to be an expert or have previous Internet business experience. As long as you are willing to learn and take action, you can be successful. You can blog, build a list, find a niche, get paid for doing little gigs, get involved with paid-advertising, do joint ventures, become a contractor, freelancer, create your own product and distribute it, get paid for generating referrals for companies, drive traffic to a website, invest in advertisements, and more. But the reality is, this all takes learning and skill. It is not something you just jump into today, and tomorrow be expect to be earning thousands. It doesn’t work that way. To generate income at home, you have to know what you are doing. Make sense?

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