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Income At Home Scam Question Explained In This Video

I’m thinking you’re looking for Income At Home scam reviews. That’s good. Honestly, when I first heard about the company, I already sensed a few red flags of things too good to be true. And in my opinion, I think I was right. I’m just going to show you and expose to you what is really going on with Income At Home. It’s a really popular work from home guide or opportunity that is getting a lot of publicity. But there’s a little catch I think you might want to know. I’m definitely not going to make any claims or anything like that, I’m just going to give you my perspective as an affiliate marketer and someone who actually does know how to make money from home and through the Internet.

I actually realized what Income At Home really was as I went through the signup process. It is promoted as a business opportunity and work from home guide that will show you how to make a bunch of money on the Internet by just following the steps and plan outlined. You will see a few testimonials of people finding success with the program. Allow me to break it down and show you what is really going on behind the program and what it can mean for you.

Does Income At Home Scam People?

allow me to be a little bit more transparent with you than other income at home reviews. First of all please understand that most income at home reviews are purposely going to be positive and there is a reason for this. The reason is because you can actually become an affiliate of the company and make money when you refer people to your link. So if you are somebody that’s getting lots of traffic to your videos and website, then you know you can make easy money off beginners by promoting income at home on in a positive light. I’m not going to do that with you. I’m just going to tell you my opinion and tell you how I see things.

What this program really is, is it’s pretty much a pre-sell for you to join a multilevel marketing company. The actual product is nothing more than a general guide explaining to you how to make money on Internet and giving to you testimonials of other people who have found success in the industry. Not only that but you will be taught what to do and that’s kind of the whole point and premise of this product. It’s to get your dreams and hopes up and get you excited about income opportunities so that you will then join Herbalife. Get it? It’s pretty much a presell for you to join an MLM business. The actual content within the program is not enough to actually teach you how to build a sustainable online business from home. Rather it’s just to get you to sign the dotted line and join whoever is sponsoring you, their team.

Multilevel marketing is not a scam and it is a pretty popular income business model. But there is a problem I have with this approach. The first thing is that I don’t like the fact that income at home kind of hides the notion of being a part of an mlm company. Let me explain to you what the creators of income at home have done. They have been able to get a massive amount of exposure due to advertising on different radio networks. This is really how they’re building the business and making money. They’re paying top dollar to be distributed all across radio communication networks and being endorsed by popular TV personalities such as Dr. Laura and others. This alone is going to bring tons of traffic to the website and get many people to actually buy the guide. After they read the guide then a lot of them will join the Herbalife downline.

Then of course you’re going to get experienced Internet marketers that know how to drive tons of traffic to their online businesses and then get people to join their team as well and all of this is going to make the main company more money. The reality is that in multilevel marketing there is a failure rate of about 99.9%. The reason isn’t because of the actual company, but it’s actually the style of business. It’s a people building business. Not only that but this is the 21st century were most people are aware of these types of businesses and generally are skeptical and just do not like them very much. So now you’re heading into a demographic where people are already skeptical of these so-called “pyramid schemes” and now you’re going to have to get them to join and do lots of work under your guidance.

If you are not a dynamic leader and you don’t have tons of charisma, you can pretty much count on the fact that you are going to fail and people are going to wash out the join your team. That’s why so many few people actually make it in these types of businesses. Some people do make a lot of money because they just keep the naïve and beginners dreams alive. Some people stay in the business and spend money and not do anything but really just stick around because they like the thought of one day actually seeing results more than anything, and those are referring these type of people, are actually making money.

 Final Conclusion

So here’s a clear answer to the questions: Will Income At Home scam you? No. It won’t. Why? Because there are income disclaimers all around the site if you look hard enough and there are no guarantees promised. It’s just in my opinion, unlikely you are going to succeed unless you have a massive following already or if you’re a master Internet marketer that is already getting thousands of hits per day to your website/videos. Other than that, I think you are in for a hard lesson learned.


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