Income Source Training Reviews- Another Scam Or Not?

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Income Source Training seems like a good idea. Work from home. Make lots of money. Only spend a few minutes per day working. Quitting your job. Getting a big house. Buying a fancy car. Unfortunately, this program is not going to really bring you these kind of results if that’s what you’re looking for. In fact I don’t think my opinion, it will bring you any results at all. Welcome to my Income Source Training review. Most likely you have heard about this program through the e-mail you got that made it into your inbox and evaded the spam folder. This is another work from home scheme design to get you to pay for stuff you don’t really need or you could get for free just browsing around on the Internet. Allow me to explain what I’m talking about.

Income Source Training and programs like it, will paint a picture of easy money in data entry work such as posting links and ads and make it seem like companies are hiring people to do this for them. Not only that, they will displayed advertisements as work from home jobs when in fact they are not jobs at all. From what I understand, with a job, you have to become hired by an employer and then you are paid by the hour for your work or skill. That’s not the case with this program at all even though they tell you you’re going to make money for each link that is posted. Allow me to explain to you what this link scheme actually is and how it works, or how actually doesn’t work.

[note color=”#FFCC00″]First of all, you are actually going to have to pay to join Income Source Training. That should be a red flag in itself. Let me explain to you how they are supposed to pay you for posting links. These links are actually your links. You become an affiliate of this program meaning your job is to sell this program to others just like how you bought into it. For each person you bring in that buys, you earn a commission. And you will actually only earn money if you can get people to click on your links and purchase the program. You do not get paid by companies or you do not get hired by companies to simply post links. Income Source Training says you’ll get paid over $200 a day just to post links. That’s very misleading and it’s pretty much a lie. If you build a large affiliate marketing business, then yes, it is possible to make that much money but that’s because you have built a large business and not because you are employed by one of these work from home schemes.[/note]

┬áSo does income source training scam people? I would think so. It’s very misleading to tell people that if they buy into your program you are going to provide employment when you are not. This is nothing more than a very cheap low quality spammy affiliate marketing scheme which will try to upsell you as soon as you buy the first product. You can definitely expect somebody to call you and tell you about more offers so you can throw more money down the drain. Not only that but these type programs have been infamous for being extremely hard to get your money back. Just be careful.

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