IncomeShops Affiliate Review- It’s Okay, Not The Greatest

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incomeshops_review_IncomeShops is a site that works on the affiliate marketing model. The customers are able to choose from a list of affiliate marketers and market their products online. The aim of the site is to build an online store or “shop” which earns money for the clients. The client goes on to customize the site according to his liking and chose which products he or she would like to market. IncomeShops monitors site traffic and sales from your site and determine your commission. Though this model sounds great on paper there are more than a few kinks in the armor.

Sites Are Pretty Impressive 

First of all the extremely good looking sites they show off on the main page of IncomeShops are professionally created and will set you back about 500 dollars at one go and an additional 60 dollars per month. Most people will have to settle for a simple and plain looking site, if they don’t want to end up spending a small fortune. After you have chosen your site design you have to decide the niche your site will cater to, the domain name and what to name your site. Most of these things can be changed later, and hence all the “choose the subject” hype so early on was totally unnecessary.

There Are A Few Things

IncomeShops asks you for personal details like your address and phone number, which seem a tad bit unnecessary and could be a ploy to market stuff to you in the future. IncomeShops charges more money to enable you to add extra items to your store. Each package has upper limits to the number of items that you can market. This is just a way for them to earn money as it doesn’t cost them a penny to let to you add more items to your affiliate site. The whole thing is fishy because they promote the idea of adding thousands of products when you actually just need 10 or 15 good products to generate good earnings.

The Training Is Okay 

IncomeShops provides training modules to help initiate you to their model and way of functioning. The audio on these tutorial videos was surprisingly low quality and did not sound professional. Though the content was easy to follow all the videos were all less than 7 minutes in length. So though there is basic training on how to set up your website initially, there is not much information on how to maintain a successful website based on affiliate marketing. The website designer tool is mainly drag and drop based and though this simplicity may bode well for the newbie, it sacrifices the ability to add any real character or distinguishing features while customizing your website.

However You Don’t Have Control 

The website you build on IncomeShops is not owned by you. If you decide to quit, the only thing you will walk away with is the domain name you purchased while signing on. IncomeShops will assist you in building a half decent website but due to the lack of a proper business plan or proper training there is a good chance your site will be a dud and end in failure. So IncomeShops may not be an ideal place to start earning money of the internet.

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