Infinite Binary Profits Review- Gonna Scam You Forever?

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Binary Options is high risk. Experienced traders understand this so well which is why they don’t just click CALL or PUT out of whim or gut feeling. They usually have proven strategies and none of them became ultra-rich overnight. Trends and signals may be useless but they have their means of trading with calculated risk. This is very different from the hundreds of scams that claim to help you earn $1K in just a day.

One of the new ones that recently popped up is Infinite Binary Profits. I got too fed up with these scammers so I did some fun testing. As of this writing, the total beta tester profit is $196,331.91 while the offer expires in a little over 6 minutes. Now, ladies and gentlemen, you will witness something so spectacular it will put other magicians to shame.

A Bunch Of Things Went Weird For Me

I refreshed the page and lo and behold, profit went back to $34,462.03 while the timer reset to 15 minutes. Isn’t that amazing? Mike (the owner) sure has some tricks up his sleeve. Okay, I’ll stop clowning around. Infinite Binary Profits’ website is done in minimalistic fashion. The design is simple and easy on the eyes and there aren’t plenty of distractions. The reason is probably to keep your focus on their sales video because apparently, you could lose $1K if you don’t pay attention.

This here is the story of Mike which, according to him, is not a sob story because that’s usually full of crap. I couldn’t agree more. Anyway, years ago, he fared pretty well and was even earning up to $1.5M per year. But despite having a mansion, Lamborghini and all those other things average people like us don’t have, he was working almost 24/7. He even got to the point where he had to use drugs along with half of his other co-traders. Wow, that reminded me of The Wolf of Wall Street. I know you were thinking it too!

So that was his motivation. He quit Wall Street and started working on his software and the rest is history. If that was pretty convincing to you, here’s a little surprise: all the testimonials used in the video were from people he hired on Fiverr. Yup, it’s mostly the same actors you see on other scams. Not sure about how much they’re earning but hiring their services only costs $5.

When Mike says it’s 100% free and there’s no risk, that’s such BS. In Binary Options, it’s both risky and definitely not free. Joining will require nothing but your email address although in my opinion, you shouldn’t even consider signing up because they’ll likely spam your inbox and sell it to other marketers. So after that, you’ll be required to deposit starting funds to their broker of choice. Even if it’s just $250, there’s no way you can profit from it. You may win the first few trades but I guarantee you, you’ll be on a losing streak thereafter. That’s always the complaint with these scams.


If you win, the brokers get a cut and if you lose, they still get something. So you see, there’s not really much for you in this scheme. Mike and his associates will simply siphon your money a few dollars at a time.

To end, Infinite Binary Profits is a scam. Don’t make Mike any richer.

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