Info Cash Review- Another Scam Or Not?

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info_cash_review_Welcome to my Info Cash review. I am going to be as honest as I can in this one and give you my personal take and opinion. Most likely you are brand new to making money online or you are struggling. 99% of the people who visit my blog are 1 or 2 of these types of people. That’s why I’m going to give you my honest opinion on this product so I can help you make an informed decision. So let’s talk about it.

Info Cash by Chris Carpenter is a make money online program that teaches you about paid-advertising. He supposedly has made lots and lots of money over the years mainly through paid-advertising or pay-per-click. This is mainly through Adwords which are those little ads you see on the side or top when searching for something on Google. Those little ads cost money, but could help you make more money if you know what you are doing. And that’s the main focus point of this system.

One of the big problems with what he teaches is he advises you to do “direct linking” meaning, when people click on your ad, it takes you straight to the affiliate sales page. That’s not good.

Do Not Direct Link!!!

This could get you banned. A couple years ago, Google decided to get really strict on guidelines and how you can set up your advertising and one of the things they didn’t like was direct links to offers. Instead, they’re looking for a website that provides valuable content. That’s the route you should go. 

Creating Your Own Product Is Not Good For Newbies

One of the training modules in Info Cash is how to develop wealth by creating your own info product. This is more for advanced marketers and I do think it’s a good idea to eventually come up with your own product and then get affiliates to mass advertise them. But I don’t recommend for beginners to focus on it just yet. 

Building A List

One of the things you can learn from Info Cash is that you are taught about the importance of building an email list. You definitely want to capture as many email addresses as you can when people visit your site. Then later you can promote different affiliate offers and make even more money. But first, you must know how to drive traffic for this to work. Otherwise it’s a useless thing to learn. 

My Final Personal Thoughts?

So, Info Cash is definitely not a scam. However, I have to say, if you’re a beginner and looking to make money on the Internet, you’re likely to lose money diving straight into pay-per-click marketing more than anything else. Not only does the course, in my opinion, lead you towards something that can get you banned (direct linking), but there are much better training programs out there that teach you a lot more things and provide better content. Also, I don’t think there is enough valuable training and education to truly take a complete beginner and be earning income by following what is taught. At least it’s a good intro to the money from web world.


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  1. What other programs are out there?

  2. Thank you for your honest review.

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