Instant Online Profits Review- Alex Shelton Scam?

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instant_online_profits_review_There is a system called Instant Online Profits that has been endorsed by some of the big boys in internet marketing and was created by Alexander Shelton. Since it was first released, this system has created quite a buzz. As with any product released in this niche, some love it and some claim it is yet another scam. Why miss out on your opportunity to make some real money online? Read on to learn about Instant Online Profits

Analyzing the Sales Page

The video comes on and you feel as if you are watching the next big Hollywood blockbuster. They say the thing that many crave to hear, that they can make over a thousand dollars in less than 13 minutes a day. This makes some perk up their ears and start drooling while others run away screaming, clinging desperately to their wallets. Which reaction to Instant Online Profits is the most appropriate?

What Exactly Is Instant Online Profits?

No, you will not make instant online profits by purchasing this program. Those who have been around in the industry for a while can see exactly what this system is about through the sales video and hyped up promises of making lots of money with little effort. But to be fair, there is a little bit of content in this system. Instead of directing buyers of the system to use one particular niche, Instant Online Profits allows users to simplify the process of setting up multiple affiliate websites. It uses the Amazon Associates program and a number of advanced software allowing users to create their own network of sites with just a few clicks.

Here are the Advantages:

I guess one of the advantages of Instant Online Profits is that it does teach you about affiliate niche websites. There are so many get-rich-quick push button systems out there, but this is kind of one of them. I do have to say that the sales pitch is a little bit too over hyped and unrealistic earnings for the brand new person.

Watch Out for the Cons:

It is possible to make some  money with Instant Online Profits, but there are some challenges. The ability to make a lot of small websites for products still does not do away with the competition factor. It is possible to create sites that do not pull in any sales at all. A ton of marketing will be necessary in order to help these websites rank, profit, and outdo the competition and the program simply doesn’t make this clear to you. There is another problem as well.

The whole premise is to build websites that are affiliated with Amazon. As far as affiliate commissions, Amazon sucks. Honestly. It’s like 7% which means you’re going to really need to become a mega-traffic guru that gets massive amounts of hits to your websites to make any kind of decent income. Something not likely to happen for you as a beginner any time soon. I guarantee that.

Is Instant Online Profits Right for You?

One of the things about Instant Online Profits is that it works for those who want to make money online without marketing as well as those who do not mind putting a little extra work in. But you can say that about any decent affiliate program out there. Those seeking to do it the marketing-free way are going to have a harder time simply because they are not taking any action to stand out from among the rest. However, by continuing to make small websites about products, it is possible that at least one of them will do really well and make you some cash. But since there are better options out there, I can’t recommend Instant Online Profits.

It has hit me that probably the way you’re going to make money with this program is as an affiliate of the actual company, selling and marketing it to others just like you who are looking for the next “training” program that will supposedly reveal all the secrets to online success.

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  1. I’ve just been on a webinar with Alex Shelton – promoting his current project

    The email he gave is ——-

    and website:

    I, too, bought Vanquish x, followed the instructions made no money, saw it wasn’t going to work
    asked for a refund but was just outside of the 30 days so he refused.

  2. I received an email invite to a webinar from Alex Shelton….I’m not sure if this is the same individual that is mentioned above. I will certainly stay away from this person and thanks for the info.

    • Yeah it most likely it is. If has anything to do with making easy money it is. It’s funny, because I checked out the site again, and now it is down. It seems like he has packed and moved shop somewhere else. This is a very popular tactic among the get rich quick gurus out there. They will do what’s called a product launch and just blast email lists.

      Perhaps you were subscribed on one of these email lists, hence the reason why you got the email invite. It’s funny too how these gurus do deals with each other and exchange lists. You might have never even opted in to any of his stuff, but still got the email. This could be because another guru sold him the list and you were on it.

      I would suggest to be weary of anything that says “instant” in the name. It’s a sales strategy to get people excited.

  3. I also bought the Vanquish program by Alex Shelton (a Digital marketer living in Paradise Thailand according to his twiiter profile @AlexShelton) and spent a lot of time making websites and spending money in the process. He suddenly took down the Vanquish program without informing any of his customer. When I complained he did not reply. Only when I threatened to take legal action he promised a refund. Of course, Alex Shelton never did.

    After two years, out of the blue I got spammy emails recently informing me (I was addressed as a friend) about a new program:

    How to make $2,500/Week with NO selling & NO website with 7 Figure Earner Alex Shelton!

    I contacted him and gave him ample time to give me a refund. He never replied. This man cannot be trusted. I will now take legal action.

    Alex Shelton can be reached at:

    and perhaps still at: Alexander Shelton

    This man cannot be trusted.

    You are warned!

    • Thanks for the info. Yeah, there’s nothing “instant” about Instant Online Profits. In fact, I would stay away from anything that promotes the idea of such. One of the things that gurus do, actually most, is create new programs all the time. Usually, they are basic info products but are hyped up and marketed to seem like the next greatest thing. Then, after they exhaust that, they move on and create another product launch using the same tactic. Do you really think you can make $2500 per week with no selling or websites? Isn’t the internet nothing but a bunch of websites together?

      I wish you the best of luck in trying to get a refund. You probably won’t do it by contacting him. Most likely the product is sold through an affiliate marketplace. That’s who you would want to contact first. It’s very hard to get your money back sometimes, because there usually is in the fine print somewhere, certain terms and conditions which you agreed to, when purchasing. Take this as a lesson learned and don’t fall for get rich quick and easy stuff anymore, no matter how promising it sounds!!!

    • Yeah I know my bank is doing a fraud investigation I never authorized him to take money from me I didn’t even know who he was and my account has been charged 3 times already OK enough already!!!

  4. Same as Matt Vanquish was a rip-off. The guy is a crook.

  5. Alex Shelton RIPPED ME OFF.. I paid $2100 for Access to Vanquish X software that allowed you to build amazon affiliate sites. Then One morning…POOOOF… my sites that I took time and energy to build had vanished. When i went to the Vanquish X back office, it was gone to. No Email explaining what happend, no refund. I have tried to reach Alex with no luck. If you are thinking about purchasing anything from Alex Shelton… BUYER BEWARE..

  6. Instant online profits is a criminal enterprise for the purpose of committing theft by deception. I have reported them to law enforcement officials hopefully for prosecution.

    • Well done – I hope that Alex Shelton is held accounatable for his actions.

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