Instant Traffic Commissions Review- Scam or Fast Money?

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instant_traffic_commissions_review_Are you looking to find out about Instant Traffic Commissions? Good thing because you need to know if it’s a scam or not and I’m here to give you an honest and unbiased review. I’m not an affiliate so don’t worry. I won’t try to pitch you on joining or anything like that. I just want to share with you my personal opinion and review.

How It Works

So the best way I can explain Instant Traffic Commissions is that it’s a “software” that builds a website for you in a niche of your choice: make money, weight loss, muscle building, golf, dating, and a few others. 

Then it helps you out with squeeze pages that promote a “free video”. For someone that wants to unlock this video, they have to share it with at least 5 of their friends, and this is supposed to make a chain reaction and you get tons of viral traffic to your video which presells them to buy an affiliate product. 

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What I Liked

I’ll be honest with you. At first before I started going through the Instant Traffic Commissions product, I kind of had my doubts. I’ve seen so many crappy traffic courses before and thought this might be one of them. I was pleasantly surprised that they weren’t trying to sell you a bunch of hype! In fact, the video lets you know that it is definitely going to take some action and work on your end.

You can get this for basically free if you just keep exiting out the page and keep getting the downsells.


What I Didn’t Like

How exactly are you going to get visitors to visit your squeeze pages?

It comes down to the “if” game. In theory, the Instant Traffic Commissions strategy sounds like it could be a good deal. It seems like people could basically grow your opt in rate for you on autopilot due to a free incentive. But that’s if. You could play the if game all you want with any program out there. Not only that, but the truth is, nobody has really mastered viral marketing just yet. It could definitely come off as very spammy to your friends and family posting on Facebook and what not.

You have to know how to target your visitors. If you’re trying to get optins to a fat loss squeeze page, and people were to randomly optin, then how do you know if any of them even want that kind of product?


My Honest Conclusion

I think one of the main purposes of this whole product is to sell that hosting/website setup package. Could this work? Yeah, I think it could. Is it really going to be the answer to getting all your traffic problems? No. It’s just 1 method that might work for you. I think this product was developed more to get “newbies” to pull out their wallets because they don’t know much better and think this might be the key to mass results quickly.


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  1. In our oppion, having in the past tested many of these so called traffic software, we can honestly say that all of them are scams full of hype and lies to get our money. Getting real targeted traffic is a systematic step by step long term action formula and only those who are willing to do the work succeed.

    Or traffic can be paid for? This gets instant results if done correctly but requires constant repetition unlike free organic SEO where results are normaly longer lasting? there are a few excellent traffic courses but unfortunately too many that are worse than useless. Blogging is also recommended for traffic building.

    Thank you for a great article here Vince. We too are premium members of Wealthy Affiliate University, the best membership for anyone serious about making money online if the work is completed and enough time is given to making it happen. There is no get rich quick on the internet because work and action following a proven formula is always required.

    All the best to all,

    Stephen & Jennifer.

  2. Very good ! this site Rocks, straight up ,no drop offs, and to the point…Can I have a job promoting this site?
    thanx,Christopher Lee

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