Internet Money Report Review- Another Scam Or Not Really?

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internet_money_report_review_Internet Money Report is a website aimed at helping new people learn how to make money on Internet. Hey, that’s actually what I do as well. So to create a review around this particular website since a lot of people asking about it, I went ahead and visited the site. On the homepage automatically will role-play is a video pretty much selling the dream of working from home, creating a six figure income, and using the Internet to do it. It’s not unlike many other affiliate pitches or business opportunities I have seen out there. On the right side is an opt in form where you can subscribe to their free course. I’ve actually heard some good news about this because some of the feedback I saw on their Facebook page was positive a lot of people said they got some valuable content.


Then there is the reviews tab on the website. So the reviews section of Internet Money Report is a little bit troubling to me I have to admit. I started to read their reviews on certain moneymaking programs that I know of are indeed the low-quality such as Google Sniper 2. I read the review and was a little bit troubled because they actually gave it a high rating. If you know anything about Internet marketing, then you will know that George Brown’s Google Sniper is really outdated and teaches some pretty useless tactics in his course. However, it does sell at a very high converting rate which is why I’m thinking that this website is trying to sell it to people. It’s to make money from the commissions of these reviews. That’s the only downside I saw about this website.


And then there is a “Free Money Making Site” section where they pitch The Viral Review Bot. It’s pretty much a software that helps to build websites and dishes out content automatically so you can save time and money. I have to be honest with you, I am not a fan of these type of automated software systems at all and in fact if you’re not careful you can be punished by Google and it can be a complete waste of time. So again, I am a little bit confused about this website because there is some helpful contents at the same time they are promoting, in my opinion, some techniques that are just not relevant in today’s Internet marketing world.

So to give you my conclusion, basically Internet Money Report is a popular website that sells different affiliate programs mainly aimed at complete newbies and offers a course so they can build a following and subscriber base. Pretty much the ones that are making the most money are the ones that actually owns website.


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  1. Hello
    Why are you making teviews about IMR but you are redirecting to WA?

    • Simple. Because I am an affiliate of WA and have tried all the scams already. There is nothing better than WA in my opinion. No doubt.

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