Internet Revenue Concepts Review- Big Fat Scam?

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Internet Revenue Concepts, which is found at the website “” is a website posting scam. It’s a trick being used to get the users personal information including your credit card account. There are very many other such scam websites that this Internet Revenue Concepts scam website was in such a hurry to take your cash that the site didn’t change a single-thing from other such clone website scams, so red flags fly. Let’s start with the crummy-website design.

Apparently, it wasn’t enough for the scammers to place cheap looking graphics. The Internet Revenue Concepts scam thought that you’d fall for their farce if they lobbed every social-media logo they had at the top-of the website so as to try & make the site look legit. They lobbed various social media websites which by the way, have absolutely nothing to do-with this junk. As a matter of fact, every single thing you will see on the website is completely repudiated-at the bottom disclaimers & terms.

Some Red Flags Before Pulling Out Your Wallet

Beware that the Internet Revenue-Concepts fee for joining is actually a re-direct website which happens to-be yet another horrible scam. It’s a scammer tested-scammer approved old trick which is known as the bait & switch. Be very careful. Read the terms and the disclaimer, and get to see that they’ll charge you a one time set up fee of $99.95 as-well-as a monthly access charge/fee of $-54.76 after seven days, unless you decide to cancel.

The disclaimer legalese-on cancelling is vague. It basically looks like they’ll charge you on a monthly basis just because you entered into the agreement. I cannot stress enough that you be very wary of Internet Revenue Concepts. It’s certain nobody will answer your calls if you try getting a refund. Incidentally, they’ll also sell your number and your name to other companies.

What Do You Even Do? It Doesn’t Say!

Internet Revenue Concepts site has absolutely no-description as to exactly what you may be doing, all they say is that you will not need any experience to make $100s in just a single hour/day. It takes persistence & effort to build or create a decent and proper home business, so that is a red flag right there. Nobody in their right state of mind should give up their hard earned money let alone credit card information to such scam. The work/job is supposedly some kind of affiliate-marketing known as link posting which pays up commissions upon the transactions from the ads. It’s not as-easy-as all that, & that’s why they do not tell you what you are signing up for. Internet-Revenue-Concepts was created by just the same individuals who perpetrated Internet Revenue-Concepts scam.

It has just the same template look-of those others since they’re too-lazy-to change the scheme. Beware of some terms like; Search Engine Agent & Wealth Development Certification-Program as it is all just made up tricks. Most of all, the most heinous-of the numerous wrong things they’ve done is swarm users with calls so as to get them to buy a “free-consultation” so as to get more cash out-of them. Bottomline, Internet Revenue-Concepts is a scam you should get as far-away from this scam as as possible.

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