Is Global Information Network A Huge Scam? Unbiased Review

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global_information_network_scamThere is a huge Global Information Network scam controversy going on. I’m going to try my best in giving you an unbiased review of this program. Most likely you are someone that is thinking of joining, perhaps you are already a member, or you are someone open to different business opportunities and heard of this one. My goal is to give you my personal opinion and perspective as to what is really going on here. I am a full-time Internet marketer, so I do know quite a bit about the home based business and MLM scene.

Lots of Redflags of the founder Kevin Trudeau

Whoa. It was easy to find lots of negative feedback on the founder of GIN. There are many videos investigating Kevin Trudeau and the numerous business ventures he has created, pretty much selling people the idea of “healing” themselves with really weird “health” techniques through his books. He’s been thrown in jail a number of times. He’s sold millions of books to unsuspecting believers over the course of the years, and has been the subject of much controversy. The reason why he has been able to develop such a following is by creating an almost cult-like following.

The things he teaches in his products are freaking crazy. Like healing diseases by jumping up and down and wearing white to increase mood and other things. I was watching the special and they go through all the crazy ideas and products this guys sells to his followers. He gets TV spots and advertisement spots and spent over $22 million or so in marketing. It’s absolutely nuts. You got to watch it.

Jim Strossel Exposes Kevin Trudeau on 20/20 MUST WATCH

Global Information Network is Too Expensive & 100% Recruiting

There are some legit MLM opportunities out there, don’t get me wrong. But GIN is just ridiculous. It costs $1,000+ just to get started, and there is a monthly fee of $150. For what?! That’s what I’m trying to figure out. For what. Basically you’re going to get training materials on life coaching and how to get out of debt and all that stuff. I guess you need to have something in exchange for all that money you’re going to be spending. But let me explain to you what this is really all about. It’s all about just plugging people into the system so you can make money off of your recruits. And I don’t mean that’s a bad thing, but Global Information Network takes it to another level. It’s pretty much a game of getting your friends and family to dish out money to sign up, and get as many others to do the same so the monthly fee goes right into your pocket.

Personal Thoughts & Conclusion

You know, there are just way too many red flags waving around in the air with this company. I personally would not join. There is just too much sketchiness associated with the founder. There just isn’t a solid game plan in my opinion from looking through the material and opting in the website and everything else. Even to sign up, you have to be referred by sponsor. This is just a recruiting game that charges a very extensive membership fee. Sure, you can make commissions, but your basically going to be hustling people into Global Information Network.


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