Javita Coffee Reviews- Scam Or Legitimate?

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javita_reviewsYou’re searching for Javita Coffee reviews and doing your due diligence. I’ve actually heard of this company. Some acquaintances of mine are in it, and I can see a lot of younger people are interested in it as well.

I actually started my entrepreneurial journey by getting involved in a similar business a few years back, so I do know a thing or seven about how this is all works.

Alright, alright.

I know what you’re thinking.

Is this one of these pyramid scams? Or does it really work?

What’s the deal with this “special” coffee? I’m going to give you my unbiased review and opinion as a marketing entrepreneur with experience in this very same industry. Sound good?

About Javita

Javita is a company in the network marketing industry or “direct sales” that offers the average person to build their own “home based business” by becoming an Independent distributor.

It focuses on the sale and distribution of it’s own brand of coffee. 

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The Products

There are a few coffee/tea products that the company’s distributors market which include:

  • Burn + Control (coffee)
  • Energy + Mind (coffee)
  • Lean + Green (tea)

I guess there are some benefits to the types of coffee. For an example, the Burn and Control is supposed to help speed up metabolism, and the Energy and Mind has a herbal blend that increases alertness and what not. The Lean and Green contains stuff like garcinia cambogia which is supposed curb appetite and stuff. Cool.

What I Like

I like coffee. No, I really like coffee.

It’s like, my life practically.

I really like the idea of using “coffee” as the flagship product of this business.

I actually think it’s a brilliant idea. Get together with a few other coffee-addicts and you might be able to get something going here. Besides, just about everyone I know drinks coffee.

Why not incorporate a Javita Coffee home based coffee business into your life?

“Refer 3 and it’s free”. When you sign up 3 preferred customers on a set monthly autoship schedule, you will get your order for free.

That’s pretty cool and it is an incentive for people to actually get off their butts and sell.

Since this is network marketing, you can earn residuals. Buy, drink, sell the coffee, teach others to do the same under you and…boom. You start building up a residual income each month that could start growing.

That’s hands-free income eventually.

What I Don’t Like

There’s really nothing special about the coffee that I can see to be honest. It’s not a magic potion. Plus, you can find the same thing in stores all around you.

It’s a little expensive and the whole “weight loss” and “alertness” perks are basically from caffeine.

It’s not about the coffee. This opportunity is more about making money by recruiting your friends/family to see the same potential you do, than anything else.

This doesn’t resonate well with a lot of people. If you’re not careful, you can burn a lot of family and friend relationships if they decide not to join you.

It could become awkward when you see eachother, and yes, this is a common downside to these types of businesses.

Network marketing is a viable form of business, but it is definitely not for everyone.

What I never liked too much about network marketing is, you’re pretty limited to the ways to can make money: either selling the product at retail, and/or recruiting people under you to do the same (really difficult).

You can’t be shy or timid to do this type of business.

If you are, you’re going to have to take some time and break out of it. That’s for sure. It’s a people business.

Is Javita Coffee a Scam or Legit?

It depends who you are. If you’re a Javita distributor, then this is the greatest thing that has ever happened to you other than your first born child…and even that’s questionable.

People in network marketing tend to really, really hardcore and loyal to their business, team, upline, and mentors. It’s part of the system and part of setting your mind to succeed.

I respect that.

Then there are those who feel this is nothing more than a scam and a pyramid scheme aimed at recruiting as many hopefuls and prey on people who are desperate to make easy money.

These are people who are skeptical, and you can’t really blame them.

Sometimes these opportunities paint a rosy picture of luxury cars, big homes, and riches which are just not realistic.

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Network marketing is a legit form of business. You know what, if you’re really big on coffee and weight loss and helping others, then I think this particular business will be a good fit for you.

If you’re in it just for the money, then I can see you burning out quick as soon as your burn through your list of family and friends who don’t want to join. MLM income is really sluggish. That’s the truth. But it can be achieved.

I would say, if you are interested in different ways to make money, perhaps try Javita Coffee and see if it’s for you! You never know until you try.

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  1. I’ve been buying Javita coffee for 1-1/2 yrs. I like the fact that it is alkaline. I went from 132 lbs to 112 lbs. Then I started putting on weight and weigh 138 lbs. Have not changed anything. I have less energy. Still workout only 3x per week. For the first 6 mos I could workout 2-3x per day!! Well it was like having a fountain of youth pill at 64 yrs old!! Been wondering if I needed to stop for awhile, then start back up, if that would be like when I first tried it!! Made my head spin the first time I tried it!! It was at night and I could barely sleep. Never thought
    would put weight back on!! Was hoping to read someone experiencing the same thing and what they did.

  2. All the testimonials sound great.And definitely something worth trying,but not everyone wants to put money out based on other people’s experiences.And the fact that they don’t make large enough samples available to the public to in turn speak of there own experiences and outcome of the product is dissapointing.Because if they are so confident of the results they would be throwing a decent amount of samples out there for people to try no problem.And then with the flow of samples people would have no problem signing tons of people entirely guilt free.

  3. I am looking into this product because my best friend is a member. The thing is, I will join just because I trust her. I wish the requirements for incentives were clearer. Example if I join at the $99 level, will I always be at that level. I am not fond of autoship because my needs fluctuate and I want to choose how much I buy. If nothing else, I will probably loose a few pounds and who doesn’t need that?

    • actually you can upgrade from the 99 to the bigger packages. if you sign on under the $99 then you only get 2 boxes of product. its a little hard to give out samples or to have anything to really sell but it is possible. for instance you sign on under $99 and in the first week you sign on 3 members under the $499 package you get a $100 bonus for each of them.. you but that $300 aside then the next week you sign on 2 more people with another $100 bonus for each well now you have $500 that you can upgrade your acount to the bigger package and then you have access to what everyone else has. it is possible to move up. just like from the $499 you can upgrade to the business elite package as well. it is always possible to do! it is having the drive to do it. if you believe in it. if you know what the products do for you then you become a walking example of what your business products have done for you. just like for me. i know what the products do for me and my children so this is something that i have become passionate about. i love sharing with people that i meet.

  4. I have lost 30 lbs on burn and control. I need to say nothing else. Try it.

  5. Last January 2015 I loss 10lbs in a month of Javita coffee. this coffee is very effective mix up of the Garcinia Cambogia that’s why I join javita because of the benefits. I don’t know some people is bad empression of product it because of the MLM policy. I tell you honestly people had experience of the coffee with benefits they shared to the people of what experience and what they got right now and they fill amazed. I don’t care what policy company as long I drunk coffee everyday with benefits is big help to my health.

  6. Hi today is the first i have heard of Javita Coffee for weight loss through a friend i work with. Reading all the comments on Javita Coffee weight loss, it does not give much information on how you loose weight, do you just drink coffee, or do you drink the coffee between meals, no ones actually said how you loose your weight, I am really interested, and i am 70yrs old and i am abit over weight lol Thank you… Jennifer

    • I am a javita distributor I dont do alot of selling but I do drink it myself. It’s not like you other weightloss items. You don’t have to drink it at certain times.. Have your coffee in morning. Tea or another choice in afternoon. I lost 10lbs the first month I was drinking product. Of course adding workouts will increase results. Also you can not drink javita product while breastfeeding. So currently I’m not using product. It is on the higher end price wise but the way I think of it is your paying for your coffee or tea and a weightloss product.. Not having to buy both separate which is more thrn $70.00 .

    • I’ve tried this product before. I tried the fat-burning one and I drank 1 a day in the morning. I can say that for me it has worked. I had lost up to 5lbs in 1 week. Note: I’m 29 years old and I’m extremely active. I compete as a fitness model and my diet when I was on the javita coffee trial was very strict and limited. The coffee did not give me hart palpitations nor did it make me feel weird in any way. All it did was give me energy and what I think ppl’s miss conception about this product is that it’s not a magic potion where you just drink it and become skinny, what is does it just speeds your metabolism in order to burn more calories. Plain and simple. If your looking to loose some weight I would highly suggest exercise. The coffee can help but you will get better and faster results by being active. Hope this helped

      • I recently became a distributor. I had to try the product first before I could sell it and have credibility.
        I started taking it as a skeptic and lost 14 lbs. in 2 weeks. then 7 more the next 2 weeks. The weight loss is still going and I’ve lost 26 lbs. so far. I stopped drinking it for a month and gained 6 lbs.. Almost like when you work out and then stop. So if you’re a coffee drinker and will always be a coffee drinker why not stay on this brand, lose Weight and keep it off.
        Coffee alone suppresses your appetite, BUT, this coffee contains extracts from natural fruits which work. Celebrity Dr. OZ talks about the ingredient “Garcenia Cambogia” . The company has licensed Botanical scientist on information calls who explain the technicalities in detain along with a renown Doctor, and inform about the products. Keep in mind that our bodies are not the same. Men’s metabolism is different than women’s. One has to consider age & sex and health in addition to how much your taking (one cup vs. two or three) It shouldn’t be taken as medicine, but to be taken to help out with your health. Remember to always, always, always consult with your doctor when starting a new weight loss products. You can always call the Javita hotline and request for a home presentation. Try it for 30 days, if it’s not for you It’s money back guaranteed.

  7. Like anything you can argue for it, and against it. In my case just 2 cups of this landed me in the hospital so I’m against it.

    I went to a hardcore promo party and left before sampling. So a friend , who feels terrible now, brought over 2 samples each of the tea and the coffee. After just 1 cup of each (on different days) I had a massive reaction. Migraine, shaking, palpitation, total loss of appetite (still low 1 week later and I’m usually a foodie), cramping, and the worst diarrhea of my life. This lasted for multiple days. I tried everything to correct. Water intake super increased, rest, pain management techniques for the cramping/migraines. Nothing worked. I did get the diarrhea to stop after a couple days, but right after that stopped my pain increased 100%. Finally I ended up in the ER! Low on fluids from all the diarrhea I needed an IV. They thought my appendix was the issue. Until the CT showed a total blockage in my intestines. Turned out my body tried to correct the “cleansing effects” and stopped processing waste when u discontinued use of the product. The pain and cramping after the diarrhea was due to that. I was advised left untreated it could cause massive injury or death. So I’m still in treatment to try to resolve this issue. This product can be dangerous, and NOBODY talks about the side effects. Somebody really should…

    • Let’s examine what you eat that caused the side effects and ill health in the first place not the coffee with herbs which is natural, imagine if you tried to juice veggies for a cleanse! That’s what you should do lay off any foods juice fruits veggies cleans your poisons up avoid caffeine since that may not be good for you. No one wants to blame McDonald’s or everyone marketing fake foods filled with poison.

      • Simply because something is natural, doesn’t mean it lacks side effects. The fact is that Yerba mate when consumed as a hot drink, more than once a day is known to cause damage to the throat. That’s just one of multiple side effects that are possible with no other interference than the consumption of the product. Please be more understanding and considerate that everyone will have different experiences and your opinion is no greater or less than theirs.

  8. I recently attended a Javita marketing party. The hardcore sell is typical of all pyramid marketing schemes. I’m quite particular about my coffee and I can tell you, this product tastes absolutely horrible!! I have family who live on Kauai and I often get shipments of decadent Kauai Estate Reserve Coffee and Kona Coffee, and let say that it is the most delicious coffee I have ever had!! This Javita coffee is only glorified instant coffee and it’s expensive! There are much better ways to make money and there most certainly is much better coffee out there. Do your research, don’t fall for the coffee scam and don’t promote the product just because you have invested time and money into it. And that’s exactly how the guys at the top make money, by signing others up to sell, but wait, it’ll cost you $999 to join the sales staff! Geeze people, do your research and for the love of Pete, don’t fall for the sales pitch!!

    • Well, in reply I must say I am a Javita Coffee and Tea drinker. I am also a believer. Is it the most amazing cup of coffee?…I don’t know, I have never had coffee before this product. I do love tea and all forms of tea. The taste you may not appreciate most likely comes from the Herbs that are added for the health benefit of the product. A packet of stevia and some sweet cream pour over ice—it’s a very yummy start to my day. No more chai frape’s from you know where. No diet coke, no monster or red bull. Javita uses Arabica and Robusto coffee beans that are estate grown, gluten free, certified kosher and a fair trade product. Garcinia Cambogia and Yerba Mate are added to the burn and control. Bacopa Moninieri, Gotu Kola and green tea are added to the energy and mind. So lets recap…the 2 coffee beans and the 2 herbs in the Burn and control. and then just the 5 ingredients in the Energy and Mind. I think what you are tasting is a clean product without pesticides or herbicides, additive or fillers. This is an alkali based product not acidic. I think people should maybe taste it themselves and form their own opinions. I have filled my system with crap for so long, it was shocking at first, but now I am glad I made the change to Javita. It’s not magical coffee. I have to do the work if I want to lose weight but, I feel better, sleep better and focus more at work. All those together make me feel like doing the work, eating right, etc… I forget pills all the time. I never forget my morning coffee. I’ve also met the owner/president. He is genuine and smart and cares about peoples health. I’m glad you have a great connection in HI for your yummy coffee. My connection is in Florida. Oh, and for $999.00 you not only get to enjoy the benefits of joining the sales staff, you get 34 boxes of product at the lowest price point. You can enjoy it, sell it or give it away. Thanks for your comment, it made me think about my coffee….7 hours until my morning cup.

      • AMEN!! The herbs make this coffee. And, once you start, it’s very hard to go back to the taste of ACIDIC coffee….

        It’s the best.

        • Now that is what has me on this coffee. Forget that I lost 25 in 3months just by switching my coffee. But no more sizzling sounds in my tummy, that unfortunately my regular coffee was causing. But I love coffee so much, its part of my morning rituals, that I was drinking it despite the stomach pain and nausea. But thanks to my burn and control no more cooking in my stomach. I can drink it on an empty stomach and feel great!

      • I tried it at a bazaar today, and I didn’t think much of it, until I got this feeling of extreme energy shopping. Wanted to shop and jog at the same time. I have never wanted to do that from a Starbucks cup of coffee. Not sure what happened to me today, but I really enjoyed that feeling, not a overdose of caffeine just a good feeling. Wish is was not so expensive. We tallied about 2 dollars a cup. But cheaper than Starbucks. 🙂 Heidi from Seattle.

    • I was impressed about comments about the coffee. I too went to a hardcore pressure meeting on Javita. Most of the 15 or so people there were distributors and family members. It does seem to be an expensive instant coffee or tea. I was told that you could drink the green tea in the evening and not have any trouble sleeping. Not so!!! I didn’t sleep at all that night and it definitely was due to the tea

  9. First I am NOT a distributer but have heard and researched this product. The weight loss coffee is a basic home grown instant coffee from South America with 2 herbs added to it: Garcinia Cambogia and Yerba Mate. Both of which you can pick up in almost any health food store. Yerba Mate is mostly used for the caffeine which causes alertness and the Garcinia Cambogia is used to HELP suppress your appetite. Now wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to buy these two ingredients and make a tea from them and get the full benefits or added them to your favorite freshly ground coffee? Also herbs are NOT going to melt the fat or cause weight loss alone. You can find these two herbs in just about every diet pill supplement at the store and still less expensive. There are side effects to these two herbs also that I don’t hear people talking about.
    This is just another false promise and for some a placebo. I have worked with herbs for over 20 years dealing/ mixing/selling so I know what they can and can’t do. By being honest with my customers I’m successful in what I do. Oh and of course you will see a result, in the beginning. It’s like a diuretic and flushes you. Plus no milk or sugars added causes you to lose weight because you just gave up two things that caused you to gain it. Everyone is always looking for that quick fix and are disappointed when it fails.

  10. okay, I’d just like to say it’s pretty important to be accurate about HOW THE PRODUCT WORKS. I know very little about Javita besides that my mom has just joined in the sales team and has told me the basics about the business. The weight loss aspect is not just “based off of caffeine”, the two main weight loss ingredients are garcenia cambogia and yerba mate, which work on metabolism and the storage and digestion of fat. Caffeine is not really a weight loss tool by itself, since clearly not everyone who drinks coffee daily is losing a whole bunch of weight. These two products are exactly what Javita is selling as healthy weight loss tools. So anyway I’m just pointing out that you inaccurately portrayed the product.

  11. Why would I recommend 3 friends? I want to try it 1st for at least 3 to 4 or even 5 months to see it even works. Then I’ll sign 3 people. I

  12. It’s true that direct sales or network marketing isn’t for everyone. It takes a dedicated person who is a self starter and go getter. Javita is a great tool to be able to truly have financial freedom If you follow the easy and simple proven system. There is a tremendous amount of support given when you join. The mentors want new members to be successful in the process of building their Empire since the success of a member is linked directly to the enroller. With that said, it is still your duty to make that Empire grow. Your upline can’t make your calls for you. It is still work!
    The company and products are amazing and have amazing results for a lot of people. Everyone’s body handles things differently and that goes for any diet or energy boosting product out there. the percentage of javita products working for someone are very high. The results are usually very quick.
    I have tried many things to be able to loose weight and keep it off. .People forget to take supplements or vitamins every day and making that change to add that to a daily routine can be huge for some people. People don’t EVER forget to drink coffee. Haha! Also the best way I can explain the “specialness ” of the coffee is the fact that the herbs are infused. Garcinia Cambogia and Yerba Mate have been around forever. It isn’t until now that the ingredients are all put together this way. Think about this, if you take anything in pill form, your body is only going to get a small percentage of it but if you take in a liquid, your body responds almost immediately. That’s why hospitals use IV’S! How does your body react to a shot of liquor? Makes sense right!?
    I Personally lost 17 pounds and 2 dress sizes in 6 short weeks with javita’s’ burn and control. All I Did was change the coffee I Drink. There are so many true testimonials that I know And have seen personally With my own eyes. It was hard for me to wrap my head around how simple it is. Weight loss is NOT the only benefit though. I am seeing people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high sugar levels in diabetics come off of medication. Javita also make the business exciting and rewarding. 5 paychecks a month! BMW bonus, I pad bonus, paid incentive trips and best of all, people are getting healthy in the process of it all. All of these bonuses are made simple so that everyone who is willing to put the work into it can achieve them quickly. 1 month, 2 months or even 6 months. You get what you put into it and you are not alone.
    Yes, I am a independent distributor and I’m sure there is a lot of skepticism. I LOVE the company and products. It has been an incredible journey and definitely an emotional roller coaster but in the end, all of it is worth it. My husband and I started this part time to have a little bit extra money coming in. I can say honestly that I am able to quit my job in about another 2 months. A job where I have dedicated my efforts, frustration and countless hours for very little appreciation for 8 years. Not just hours spent at the office but hours invested in traffic. Being in the DC area is not an easy commute. Bumper to bumper traffic all day everyday! I make decent money doing what I do but now we are making incredible money with javita And doing it part time. WOW! What an exciting time for us. 🙂 sorry for the book. Lol.

    • “Think about this, if you take anything in pill form, your body is only going to get a small percentage of it but if you take in a liquid, your body responds almost immediately. That’s why hospitals use IV’S! How does your body react to a shot of liquor? Makes sense right!?”

      I’m sorry but this really made me laugh. Just to clarify, it does not matter if you take something in pill form or in liquid form, they both go down the same way and are absorbed the same way. Just because it is “pill form” does not mean that you only absorb a small percentage of it. The only difference is that if the pill is an extended release pill, it will take longer to absorb. Hospitals use IVs because the medication is going DIRECTLY into the bloodstream and that’s why it works faster. Your information is false. When you take something by liquid form, your body does not respond to it immediately. And your comparison to liquor doesn’t even make sense. Do you get drunk right away from one shot of liquor? No, it takes time and more shots of liquor for the effects to kick in. Same as any medication, pill or liquid form.

      I understand that you are a Javita representative and this is what you tell your customers so that they will buy into your business but you are providing misleading information to make a buck. You should do your research before preaching about stuff you know nothing about. This is exactly the reason why I refuse to fall for these get-rich quick schemes. People will feed you all sorts of crap to make a quick dollar.

      • Janice,
        I am not a rep and have nothing to do with this company. I just wanted to point out that YOU are actually the one providing false information. Pill form vs liquid form absorption is not something this company created to trick people. It’s a fact! I take liquid vitamins because your body does absorb much more that way. A lot of pills don’t even absorb completely so a ton of it just passes right through the body. Not defending the company, just want to point this out because I believe you are misinformed.

  13. There are mistakes in this article. There are live chats. There is step by step training. There are THREE free websites for distributors; there is even a free website for preferred customers so they can send their friends to their site! I have never tried to contact the owners, so I don’t know but with so many obvious errors, I wouldn’t take that as a real no either.

    • Hi Wendy. Thanks for the heads up. The last time I did a review, there weren’t any of those things. Perhaps because it was quite new. I will go back and do an update. I still recommend affiliate marketing online over MLM though. No doubt.

      • Not sure when you wrote this review, but as of today, you can actually put a green check mark in all categories for Javita. Also, I appreciate your fairly unbiased review. Thanks.

  14. Javita is new to Papua New Guinea. I am one of five other’s in the country to have been introduced to the coffee company and it’s products. I’m quite keen to join. If you’re already a member with Javita I would certainly love to hear some experiences to affirm Imy interest to join it. Oh and very good assessment and critique by Vince.

    • Thanks Steffen. Very interesting how it has expanded to Papua New Guinea. That’s a good sign. You can definitely create a successful MLM business Javita…or really any other network marketing company. I would also love to hear some experiences (unbiased) of other distributors in the business. I think it would be interesting. I am not usually a fan of network marketing anymore, but I believe with a passion product such as coffee, it might not be a bad idea.

  15. I have been drinking Javita for the past 4 months , I drink 2 sticks a day , I also pay only $9.95 for 4 boxes , I have lost a total of 42 pounds and went from a size 12-14 to a size 8-6

    • Hi! Where do you order javita? I get mine online and it’s expensive almost $40 per box. Finished 2 boxes already but I still don’t see any difference instead I gained weight.

      • hi Michelle you can get free Javita or Coffee when you recommend 3 friends to buy on autoship under your website 🙂

        Then you only pay for the shipping fee


      • Amazon has it for $27/box with reviews on the product.

    • Lorine,
      Are you working out a long with the the coffee, also is this all your eating is the coffee stick ?

    • Where do u buy it so cheap my coffee is 35.00 dollers and the drink is also 35.00

  16. Great article Vince..

    I have to say that having tried (almost) every coffee product out there (Total life changes, Organo Gold, Syrenigy, Gano Life) Javita has the best flavour – it’s a little pricey but the weight loss coffee does work. So when you price the coffee against a weight loss product and NOT a coffee it is well positioned.

    I agree, in the beginning, the Javita deal appeared to be all about recruiting reps and making money from those who joined. The weight loss coffee makes it viable to build a niche business and attract weight loss customers – I’m doing this myself through one of my own sites and the conversions and repeat buyers show the product works and is reasonably priced in the weight loss niche.

    Overall – it’s a reasonable product that works – with a good company behind it. Not a bad option for someone looking to get into the MLM industry.

    Keep up the great work !


  17. Thanks for the info. I went to a Javita party recently and tried the green tea cold, but had to add my doterra lemon oil to it to give it a boost of flavor!! I love the idea of how simple the javita plan is, but like Vince said its not for everyone. The taste of the coffee for me is bitter and I cant get used to the instant flavor. Unfortunately, I cant sell something that doesnt appeal to my taste buds!:( Ill stick with losing weight with my essential oils:)

  18. Love the honesty Vince and I appreciate your perspective. I agree that it is not for everyone but because it has changed my life as well as my wife’s life in a huge way, we cannot help but to spread the word of our experience with Javita Coffee and Tea and soon, Cocoa. Like you said earlier, you will never know until you try it. It has changed so many lives and is continuing to grow. What I love about this company is the Massive support, not only from the company but the Team Members and its leaders.

  19. I have a friend that has given me s box to try. I love drinking coffee and I need to lose a lot of weight so I figured why not? Today is August 23rd and I am currently drinking my first cup I’m going to give it a try see how it goes and will let you know if it actually works or not

    • It’s been four days. Have you noticed a difference? Energy? Weight loss?

  20. I’ve read most of the different sites for Javita. So far I have not seen how many packets are in a box. It does say four boxes for. $120 + but not how many packets per box. Or even if u can buy a single box. What’s in this coffee that alledges weight,loss. Doctors say coffee and teas can cause weight gain. Caffeine supposedly gives energy anyway. Just wondering what’s in Javita that makes it special and how many packets per box. Also if u drink one to two cups of Javita a day what effect does drinking regular coffee throughout the day along with the J. 2 cups have ?

    • 24 servings per. The weight loss herbs are Garceina Cambosia and yerba Mate. Look into each yourself legit weight loss properties in each the coffee is hand picked and kosher certified individual boxes are between 35 and 45 depending if bought hand to hand or via online order.

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