Leading Home Revenue Scam- Honest Review

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leading_home_revenue_review_The only thing the Leading Home Revenue scam is going to lead you to is another big disappointment and possibly lower funds in your bank account after they’ve taken your money and run. This is another one of those copycat websites of a work from home scam that likes to disguise itself as a big moneymaker by doing easy tasks such as data entry and posting links. Of course that’s not the way you’re going to make a living on the web, yet that’s what they want to believe. I hope to open your eyes in this review.

There Is Just So Much Fake About This

First of all, just the layout design of the website is so cheesy. You can see in big letters of your earning potential and how much money can make very easily, right? And that’s how they get you. You see, I’m guessing that you are somebody brand-new maybe you got an e-mail about Leaving Home Revenue, and got all excited because you thought you would be able to make some money. If you look at the website you can see that there are fake news logos that have absolutely no affiliation with this program. Again, this is just a copycat website of other ones out there. I’m guessing that somebody owns all these websites and is constantly moving.

The fake character named Catherine Roberts is the spokeswoman and you can also see that there are testimonials and assignment page after you optin. Please believe that these testimonial photos next to the actual testimonies, are stock photos. They’re not people but are really using the program. This is all nothing more than a marketing scheme designed to get your hopes up and get you for your credit card and empty out your wallet to buy into and invest in this work from home opportunity.

What is really going to happen if you decide to join this is, you’re going to get promotional e-mail after promotional e-mail and possibly phone call from somebody trying to upsell you on spending more money to get a coach. I can already see it. Trust me. I’ve done a ton of reviews on scan websites just like this one. This isn’t anything original or something I haven’t seen before.

Can You Get Your Money Back?

I know a lot of people that might have spent money on Leading Home Revenue will probably want to know how to get a refund. Unfortunately, the scammers like to pack up their bags and leave as soon as they’ve made some money. So it’s nearly impossible to get your money back. But I will tell you this. Make sure you call up your bank or merchant account that you paid with, and tell them to be on the lookout for any future recurring payments from the company. Because often times they will actually charge your credit card as a monthly membership fee that you didn’t even know about. I wish you the best of luck.


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