Local Sniper Review- Another Scam Software?

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local_sniper_reviewLocal Sniper has caught the eye of affiliate marketers were looking to make extra income because they’re struggling or maybe you are just a beginner and you came across this program want to see if you could actually make lots of easy money by purchasing the software. There are a lot of affiliate products that are marketed as easy push-button software were all you have to do as a couple steps and watch the money roll in, right? Understand that a lot of times the sales video of programs like this tend to make exaggerated promises and make it seem like easy riches, when it’s not. Allow me to dive in a little bit deeper and show you what I have found by doing a review on this particular product.

The way that Local Sniper is marketed to you is as a simple software were all you have to do is press a few clicks sit back and watch the money roll in. But I’m going to give you the reality of what this is all about. This software tool is not going to directly make commissions or money for you on autopilot or anything close to it. It is simply going to, supposedly, help you generate leads that may or may not eventually lead into income. I’m just going to kind of give it to you in a nutshell what the software does. Basically it helps you scrape up local business leads from different classified sites and directories. It then going to be up to you to actually make the money by contacting these businesses and selling them something you have. It is definitely not a money making program where all you have to do is follow a few steps. What you are venturing into, is local marketing from home. It’s a pretty tough industry and if you don’t have a lot of skills, it’s going be really hard to sell these local businesses on buying from you.

Local Sniper is going to help you if you are into doing business with brick-and-mortar businesses that need websites or need to get their business online. The hard part is you’re going to have to pretty much build your own business and come up with a strategy to turn those leads into clients and this is a whole other business in itself. This is definitely not for beginners in my opinion. I remember back in the day I was working sales for a local SEO company. Basically each day we got large lists of leads of physical businesses’ phone numbers and addresses and would call them up. Then we would pitch them on getting their business to the “top of Google” and charge like $200 per month. That’s the kind of service you’re going to need to market or at the very least, direct them to an affiliate type of program that benefits local businesses somehow. I would recommend setting up some kind of call center phone team or something and figuring out how to turn these local leads into clients. It’s not going to be as easy as getting all their email addresses and spamming their inbox.

Does Local Sniper Scam People?

Well it does perform a little bit so I can say it is a complete scam. But if you’re basing it off the premise as to whether or not it’s been a help you make money directly, I can say that it will. This is simply something you might want to add it to your home-based business rather than drop everything you’re doing and go 100% for it. I definitely would not recommend this to beginners. Like I said earlier in this post, you really have to be skilled in order to sell to these local business owners or these physical storefronts over the phone.

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