Magic PTR Review- Paid to Click SCAM!!

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magicptr_reviewHey and thanks for stopping by my Magic PTR review. Wouldn’t it be great to make money by just clicking around? Man oh man I see all kinds of “systems” and sites out there that promise you good income if you just follow their steps. So there are a lot of websites out there that claim they will pay you for simply viewing advertisements. Usually those websites pay you around one or two cents per minute or so. But this company is different. And I mean way different. In fact it’s kind of outlandish and crazy to think that they will actually pay you $100 for every advertisement you view. There are good ways to generate income online, but this is not one of them. 


That’s crazy. And if you were to fall for this, you must be crazy too.


I would imagine some people would take a gamble and actually join because they are very excited about these extremely high payout ratios.


Not only do they supposedly say you can earn $100 per ad, but you also get an additional $200 just to sign up as a bonus, and then receive $50 for every person you bring in.


Sorry but I’m going to call BS on this one for sure. Could you imagine the amount of money that the company would lose if they really paid you that much for super simple tasks like that? Obviously there to make their money on getting you to put down $359 to join such a crazy thing.


I was actually doing research and reading other review sites that are basically giving the same negative review that I am. And looking at some of the comments I read that one the most common responses was that members who joined definitely felt scammed and in fact one person said that they lost their $359 and never got a refund. That’s because there are no terms and conditions and when you look around the website and it’s hard to get in contact with support to get refund. That’s huge.


So let me recap some of the reasons why I cannot recommend Magic PTR. You are definitely not went to make a lot of money in just about any paid to click websites let alone make $100 or so just looking around. On top of that I can recommend it because it’s just too darn expensive to join an opportunity like this. I could understand investing that kind of money if you’re going to start your whole home based business from scratch with valuable training, website, tools, and so forth, but you don’t even get that.


It’s important to know that if something seems way too good to be true, then it probably is and you definitely don’t want to get suckered because you can end up losing a lot of money and even more importantly, time. If you’re somebody looking for legit ways to earn income on the Internet I definitely have resources for you.


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