Millionaire Marketing Machine Review- MLM Scam Exposed?

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Just the name Millionaire Marketing Machine sounds promising doesn’t it? They there and thanks for stopping by my review. One of my goals is to provide visitors with the actual truth of these make money online systems that promise you riches from home. They’re everywhere now and it’s like an infestation. One of the things I look out for is “automated” crap. You can often spot scams when they say 100% automation in their sales pitch. That’s what MMM says on the home page: “It is 98% automated..” That’s already the first flag. But let me go into it a wee bit deeper for you.

The Millionaire Market Machine really is just going to sell you on dreams and the possibility of financial freedom. Although financial freedom is possible in the business world, it does not come as easy as programs like this one like to make it seem like it is. You definitely can make lots of money in the industry, but that’s if you master the right money making skills first. That’s what opportunities like this lack the most: the right training and education on how to create income. Instead, they just rather pitch you on the idea if you join, you’ll have everything you need to succeed which is more often than not the case at all.

The first thing I noticed is Millionaire Marketing Machine is mostly centered around multi-level marketing. When you sign up, you will notice at the top of the registration form, your sponsor’s name. Oh boy. Look, you can definitely make lots of money in the MLM business, it’s just that I’m tired of seeing “systems” and “machines” make it seem so easy and simple. This often times fools beginners and sucks them dry of their income.

[note color=”#fffcf0″]In my opinion, MLM online is just a bad idea for the average person, or for the beginner affiliate marketer. It’s a really bad idea. You are more likely to spend lots of money per month being a “member” and run into a lot of headaches seeing any kind of success or results, but your sponsor will try to motivate you and make it seem like you’re progressing when you’re not![/note]

If you’re going to do multi-level marketing online, I would highly suggest joining a company that produces a real, tangible product to your front door every month. An actual physical product. First of all, you’re going to keep your team members around longer and stay subscribed because they actually use the product, and it can be marketable offline as well. Another thing is, your efforts in something like Millionaire Marketing Machine can run dry after a while because you may get burnt out not seeing any money. Again, what it’s going to come down to in this scenario is your ability to recruit then hold your new recruit’s hand all the way to generating sales. The problem is, if you don’t know how to do it yourself, you’re going to run into a lot of issues.

Does Millionaire Marketing Machine Scam People?

I can’t say MMM is a scam. I have seen worse online mlm systems out there to be honest. But like I said before, there are much better ways to generate a real income from home and through the Internet. I really cannot recommend Millionaire Marketing Machine to the average person or something looking to begin generating income from home. This is really going to work for someone who already has a huge following or someone that is already generating large amounts of traffic. Sorry to be real with you, but that’s how it is!

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  1. I just got contacted by MMM alliance marketing group. I am always leery of things that seem to good to be true. Make 5-20k a month. then of course I see it cost minimum of 500 t20k to start. I am not working and really was hoping for some home business that actually would make me money. What I am reading is what I thought this is just a scheme. I have to get people to give me their money or me to make money. then they get people to do he same and I make more money. They are very nice on the phone. It seems to good to be true and I guess it is.

  2. So it seems to me that, if you own a tradional offline business then you will most definitely be marketing your business and constantly looking for new customers as well as retaining those you already have. Seems to me that that is what the Millionaire Marketing Machine is all about. I certainly don’t see it as MLM, more direct marketing, and believe me, there IS a difference!

    For anyone willing to really WORK at MMM, then it’s worth the investment at the Bronze level, in my opinion, to get started. You DO get help – heps of the training sessions are free, and if you follow along with what is shared with you – and get out and DO it – then I would reckon that you’ll be successful. That being said, HEAPS of people will not succeed at this – absolutely NO different from offline businesses. The percentage for failure rates in offline businesses is staggering! Business success, whether it be online or offline, is determined by what’s going on INSIDE YOUR OWN HEAD!

    Heck, if you opened a lunch bar and then didn’t stock it with yummy food, guess what’s going to happen? Or if you stock it to bulging for the first couple of weeks but then get a bit tired of all the hard work it takes to do this and you slacken off, then guess what’s going to happen?

    ANY successful business that you start or buy into, whether online or offline, is going to take WORK from you! HEAPS of work! ONGOING work! CONSISTENT work! So! KNOW and ACCEPT that BEFORE you start and you’ll be fine, I’m sure.

    My credentials? I’m a professional singer in my home country. The amount of work I get is DIRECTLY proportional to the amount of work and effort I put into my MARKETING! Singing is the EASY bit! Marketing is the HARD bit! But I CONSISTENTLY do it, EVERY DAY. Otherwise I would not be able to put bread on our table!

    So why am I here talking about MMM? ecause I’m looking to LESSEN my offline workload. I’ve always wanted to work ONLINE from home. So far, doing my “due diligence” and HEAPS of research, MMM is the best I’ve seen.

    Hope you all enjoy my comments and my input.


    • Hey Lynda. I appreciate you sharing your honest opinions. You have definitely put some thought into all of this.

      This is what it comes down to, or how I see it…

      If you have a sponsor and/or you can be someone’s sponsor more than 1 level deep, it’s multi-level marketing. There are multiple levels, and you’re marketing something. 99% of the time, you are marketing a “business opportunity” and that’s where it’s much different than a traditional business.

      Yes, I agree that entrepreneurship is very difficult and the failure rate is staggering whether offline or online, but it’s the multi-level type business I’m not too fond of.

      You are essentially taught to hustle as many people as you can, into a downline, Bottom line. MMM is no different, and neither are all the rest. It’s less about a valuable product or service, and really more about how many people you can try to convince to join the marketing scheme you’re involved with, and use the same marketing system to hustle even more people into a downline…and the cycle continues.

      Multi-level is something VERY difficult and in the online world, it’s VERY competitive trying to make it in this niche…and MMM is nothing special.

      You are 100x’s better off picking a niche (low-competition preferably) you are passionate about, and applying Internet marketing skills and the same hard work ethic you would in an multi-level business, to build a profitable home business within that niche…

      MMM is nothing more than a sales funnel tool for affiliates trying to hustle people into MMM itself or some other pyramid scheme.

      Even though I am in the “biz opp” niche, the programs I recommend are NOT multi-level marketing, but actually provide actual marketing skills to build a home business.

      For an example, I make money in the:
      – acne niche
      – toenail problems niche
      – mixed martial arts niche
      – coffee niche
      – and a few more.

      All of this is online…and I do no multi-level stuff.

      There’s basically no competition and I’m actually helping people within these niches, not just trying to hustle people into a downline.

      Lynda! My friend…hopefully you will see the light one day.


    • Thank you for an honest and sensible comment! It’s refreshing to hear the truth instead of “Be careful you may lose your money” which can happen with any business. If that what you want to hear keep your job and build someone else’s dream. Let them control your life with what you make, the hours you work and the vacation times you get! Business like anything that gives us more of the money and freedom we want has a risk to it PERIOD! You can shoot for a better life or stay where you are and wonder what could have been later in life!

  3. I just got a call from someone who is on a ‘team’ within MMM call Elitebizmentor – they tried to convince me that this isn’t an MLM. I’ve worked with direct marketing and network marketing – both are MLM’s. This particular group is using a format that is known as an aussie 1up. It’s where you pay the person who brought you in the first commission. Then you train people and they pay you their 1st sale. You make ‘residual’ only when someone you are getting paid on upgrades there level.

    So consider this. You put in 10 people. 1 goest to your sponsor. The 9 go to you. If you can get all 10 or the other 9 to bring someone into the business, you make the commission on that sale. ONLY if they upgrade do you make money again on the person they pass-up to you.

    So 1. you have to get them their 1st sale, and then hopefully that sale continues to upgrade their level so you make money.

    2. The only other way you make income is to continue forever to bring new people in the business that you get the commission on [once you pay your sponsor for the 1st sale]

    and you must keep working these people to upgrade.

    I hope that made sense. It’s an MLM period and that’s how this style of pay plan works. There is some discussion of how legal they are as they operate like the old chain letters where you pay money to the top name on the list so you don’t have bad luck come your way.

    Finally – because this organization does have a product ‘you are buying’ they meet the requirements put on them by the ATTN GEN for network marketing companies doing business with this type of compensation program.

    Basically it doesn’t matter what we call it does it – it matters what the USA gov. considers it as a business entry.

    I hope that explains it!

    • Dee thank you for breaking it down to me. Ive been thinking of getting into this but have been hesitant because it sounded like MLM though they say its not constantly. The guy that calls me seems OK but now that you broke the system down I understand the what’s the real deal

    • If one has to continue to bring in new people to make money, then how is it MLM? Sounds to me like if you don’t sell past your first commission you don’t make any money!!!Semantics

  4. The MMM person who contacted my hubby uses phone marketing exclusively, using automated dialing and voice messaging and a person can choose whether or not they wish to contact in person and talk with Joe or Bob or Bill, etc. This person also told my husband that he would help him get going in this business.

    Could you please take the time to tell me what you know about doing business using this method, thank y ou.

    • There are many different marketing strategies you can use to build a home based MLM business. Voice broadcast messaging should be done the right way and not in a “spammy” manner although most likely your husband might be told to purchase a lead list and invest in a message system or something and blast all those phone numbers.

      It could be very spammy. Just depends. Also, that person wants to help your husband because when your husband makes money, that person will make money.

  5. I was in the MLM industry for a few years. One of the things they did was train us not to say “MLM” but “direct sales” instead. Reason is because the general public associates the term MLM with “scam”. If you have a sponsor, and you can be someone else’s sponsor and you’re marketing a product/service/system, it’s multi-level. Therefore, multi-level marketing.

  6. Wow what am uninformed view! MMM is not an MLM it’s direct sales!

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