Momentis Scam Reviews: Are They Truthful?

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Momentis Scam Stories May Be Full of It!


momentis scam

Will Momentis scam you?

Are you trying to find out more about the Momentis scam? Wait. Hold on a second there! Before you jump to any conclusions, maybe it’d be a good idea to find out what Momentis is REALLY about. That’s why it probably would be a great idea to read this full Momentis review!

You could miss out on a good opportunity if you were to not take a deeper look into the business opportunity…

You might be surprised. Many times people are misinformed about something such as how mult-level marketing or network marketing really works. Many people are in fact creating huge incomes through home based business opportunities and you can even visit to see that it is a real company.

But let’s continue on here, shall we?

Momentis Scam Myth: It Is Actually A Legitimate Business Opportunity!

The so-called “Momentis scam” is actually the network marketing part of Just Energy. Pretty much it’s an opportunity for you to sign up as an energy customer (gas & electricity) and then make some money referring others to do the same… Get it?

That’s how network marketing companies usually work. They provide a certain product AND the ability to make income by spreading the word. It’s the best of both worlds.


  1. You get a good product and the ability to become rich! Okay, maybe not that easily, but many people have become millionaires in the industry and that’s just the truth! 
  2. The business part is optional but you would have to be a fool to join Momentis and not turn it into extra or huge income. In fact, that’s pretty much the whole point of the company really.

They want people to build home businesses with their product because they get to cut down on marketing expenses and just increase revenue with the growing number of distributors.

What’s the Cost to Get In?

To get involved with Momentis costs an initial fee of $299 and then an annual renewal fee of $99. That’s actually not bad at all to start your own business. Usually to start a traditional business you might have to invest thousands and thousands of dollars in start-up capital. Then of course you never know if your own product is going to work and be a hit….

There really is unlimited income potential in a company like Momentis because as your down-line grows and remains active, so does your monthly income!

 It is more of a people business than anything. You gain success by recruiting others to become customers and distributors. You probably want to promote the business opportunity as your main focus because to be honest, most people are always looking to increase their income albeit with Momentis or anything that can provide such an opportunity.

So now that the Momentis scam myth is debunked, you should probably understand how the compensation works. You receive a small percentage of each billed customer in your downline. So let’s say your total group volume is $15,000 per month in billing, then for sake of example your level is a 10% leadership bonus, then you would reap about $1500 per month on autopilot. Get it? That’s how multi-level marketing works. As your team grows, the percentage goes up and your monthly income will increase as well as more people are added to your team and remain active.

Momentis Scam: Why MLM Gets So Much Doubt 

Some people may write negative Momentis scam reviews online because they are disgruntled former distributors who dropped out. Multi-level marketing tends to get a bad rap because people just don’t understand the business model. Network marketing and residual income are just not taught in school systems or just anywhere in general, therefore many people are uncomfortable with the idea of recruiting people and don’t believe you can really become wealthy from a business opportunity such as this one. Usually the skepticism either comes from pride (a former member who doesn’t want to admit they didn’t work hard enough), or from ignorance. That’s usually the case. It takes a lot of hard work, understanding, and drive to really build a network marketing business.

How to Defeat the Momentis Scam Belief!

If you join Momentis you have to prove it to yourself that you can accomplish your dreams. Making it big in the network marketing industry is no easy task and is probably going to require a complete transformation of yourself. The fact is, only the leaders who learn how to inspire others and motivate themselves, make the big money. You can defeat the Momentis scam belief by making no excuses and promising yourself you are going to reach your financial dreams and goals and help others do the same.

I’ll be honest with you though. There are better ways to make money from home or your spare time and it’s through the Internet. If you are someone that is reading this review because you are just looking for a really good business opportunity that works and you can settle down on, then I highly recommend checking out my 4 Steps to Internet Income. 

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  1. Yeah, they’re a scam. Andy doesn’t really own the company like he claims. Plus, they skim the commissions off the top from their distributors. That’s why all of their “leaders” leave.

    Mike is just a gate keeper for the other network marketing company that really owns Momentis.

    They don’t honor any agreement that they agree to!

    • Wow! I’m looking into Momentis but now having second thoughts. Would love to hear more.


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