My New At Home Career Review- Scam or What?

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Yes, you visited this My New At Home Career review because you want to make some money. Don’t we all? Well that’s why I’m here to help you figure if this is just another scam or what the heck is going on here. Many times, new people get suckered into paying a lot of money for something that didn’t have to, simply because they were “sold” on something. That doesn’t have to be you though.

So lets talk about this…

$34 For Really Really Basic Stuff

I watched the sales video at My New At Home Career by Russell Taylor and it was the same ol’ presell of how you can make lots of money very easily by just pointing and clicking your mouse. He even said you don’t need a keyword.


Also in the sales video he claims how 99% of Internet Gurus sell garbage and how that stuff never works. Ironically, Taylor sounded so guruish, it wasn’t even funny. It was plain out cheesy. Sorry. It just gets annoying when obvious gurus slam other gurus.

Of course, like many “salesy” systems out there that almost seem like an act, you are never really told what you are getting nor what you would actually be paying for other than the keys to success and Internet money. Hooray!!…not.

Pretty much it’s a guide on how to utilize squeeze pages. There’s not much on selecting a niche. Picking keywords. SEO or PPC advertising. How to create valuable content. Not even close. Oddly enough, these are essential to driving traffic which is ultimately the blood of Internet money success.

You are basically paying to be told the importance of 1 aspect of Internet marketing which is setting up a squeeze page and marketing it. Think about it. It’s you and perhaps thousands of other people using the exact same squeeze pages, using the exact same training, all doing the exact same thing.

It probably won’t be very effective.

Upsell of $98

Of course like many sales funnels that target beginners, there is a website upsell for you that’s going to be nearly $100.

You Can Get It For $2.99

If you go to the checkout page of My New At Home Career and click the exit button, it will prompt you and say “are you sure you want to leave?” and if you keep on clicking “stay on this page” the system will downsell all the way to $2.99!!!

Honest Conclusion

My New At Home Career is not unlike a lot of other low-quality basic affiliate marketing systems. Pretty much the whole goal of this company is for you to buy into it, and become an affiliate yourself. The way that you actually make money by joining, it is to pretty much blast your friends and family on your e-mail contacts, Facebook, and perhaps upload videos on YouTube and try to get people to join.

I would honestly pass up this opportunity because there are way better training resources out there. In fact I would say the stuff that’s this program sells, you can probably find for free if you just browse around the Internet hard enough.


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