My Online Income System Review- Kimberly Hoffman Scam?

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my online income system reviewWelcome to my honest My Online Income System review. I already know you want to make on the Internet because you have found me on Google. I want to reveal to you what I have found in this program and my honest opinion. I’m not going to lie. When I first saw the name of this program I rolled my eyes. I thought to myself, while here we go again I’m going to have to review another one of these scam make money online systems again. But I was actually pleasantly surprised. Well, kind of. My Online Income System is an Internet marketing program that was created by Kimberly Hoffman. On the go through with you a little bit of what’s inside and my honest opinion as to whether I can recommend this for not.

of course, on the My Online Income System sales page you will see the typical story of Kimberly Hoffman telling you her journey and adventures where she waste lots of money being scammed and finally found a way how to make lots of money from home just using her computer and how she’s going to teach you once you purchase program to do the same thing. Yes, the front page is nothing more than a big way to sell you on joining. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s the same typical story that I see all the time and it is aimed towards beginners for sure. The reason is because beginners don’t know better about how much work goes into affiliate marketing and think it’s going to be quick and easy profits. When it’s not. But I’m not going to give up on this program just yet let me tell you what’s inside.

There is a 30 day action plan to get you started in affiliate marketing. I can tell you that a lot of these little training modules are very basic and are only going to teach you the very basics of how affiliate marketing works and how to set things up. Unfortunately, I didn’t see a lot of more in depth training and enough content to really take your business to the next level to the point where you’re actually producing consistent income. Yes the system does teach you about how to get free traffic from Google, but there were a few things that I saw that were updated. You’re in a get over 60 pieces of content inside that you can learn from. I’m telling you, this is really geared toward beginners and it’s really an introduction to affiliate marketing more than anything else which costs $47.

[note color=”#FFCC00″]Does My Online Income System scam people? I don’t think it’s a scam. On the other hand I definitely don’t think it’s going to deliver the results that you’re looking for and are expecting.[/note]

If you see any positive My Online Income System reviews out there, I am 100% they will tell you to click on their link after reading their biased review. Get it? That’s because they’re going to plug you into the system and earn a commission off you, even if it’s a sucky product that’s going to leave stuck in mud. 


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