My Vegas Business Review- Adam Horwitz Scam?

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There are a lot of reviewers out there claiming that My Vegas Business is a scam, but some people have good things to say about it. Unfortunately, some of those who claim to provide an honest review of this home based business do not give you any real insight. Those looking for something that really works do not want to play around with the little money they have available for investing in their very own online business. They need solid, truthful information. Read on get a deeper understanding of what My Vegas Business is all about so that you can decide if it is the right opportunity for you.

So Here’s the Story

Adam Horwitz is the creator of this new system. On the sales page he tells the usual story about how he started out with no money and became a big success. That right there is enough to make some people suspicious, as this same story is told by many product creators all too often. However, things get more interesting as you keep watching because the system described sounds like something that just might work.

What Do You Get with My Vegas Business

Those who sign up for this system do stand to receive many benefits. They get their own ecommerce website of their very own, set up in their name, that is ready and set to go. They also get training on marketing and traffic, plus their turnkey ‘business-in-a-box’ comes complete with a customer service department and marketing team. The business is selling online hotel discounts for Las Vegas.

Pros to the System

Some are quick to call My Vegas Business a scam, but there are a lot of good things about this system. The main advantage is that your niche is already chosen for you, plus you get a beautiful website, and even a mobile site. These simple things often serve as hurdles difficult to overcome for many seeking to build a passive online income. When you sign up with My Vegas Business, it all gets taken care of for you. It is a little bit different than most work from home ideas, and that’s a good thing. 

Cons to the System

There are some problems to this business opportunity that go beyond whether or not the blonde in the sales video is a paid actor. Most importantly, this system sells. This means there are many people, perhaps thousands, who all have the exact same website and are working in this already competition-laden niche. It would be very hard to stand out from the crowd, outdo the completion, and get the volume of sales you desire. They try to make it seem that this is a business which pulls in money as you sleep and that may be the case, but only if you are a master of online marketing with a lot of advertising dollars to invest.

It is possible to make My Vegas Business work for you, but this turnkey business is definitely not for the person in search of a way to make an easy dollar online. To make it work, you have to have a competitive edge.

Another problem is that hotel discount keywords could be very difficult to rank for. There are huge websites out there with millions of dollars of marketing power behind them that you will be competing against. Also, like mentioned in the previous paragraph, you get a duplicate website and this is a big no-no to search engines these days. 

Another con is that Adam has been behind the launch of terrible affiliate products that are riddled with up-sells.


I kind of like the idea of My Vegas Business because it goes outside of the “make money online” niche that is becoming very competitive. But this product is going to come down to the same thing: you’re going to make most of the money just re-selling this program (it’s a Clickbank product) to other people looking to make money. That’s why I am going to have to not recommend this program for beginners. It’s more of a product for Horwitz and affiliates rather than a good place to learn how to gain a wide-range of Internet business skills. 

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