MyFlexJob Review- Scam or What?

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For the record, My Flex Job is entirely different and not associated with Flex Jobs. The latter is completely legit but the former – we’ll see about that later.


My Flex Job offers various opportunities for those who want to work at home, or so they say. They claim to be associated with Fortune 500 companies and they invested in a minimalistic, professional-looking website. Aside from ‘trial processing’, you’re given the impression that you’ll be doing jobs such as data entry and email verification. Like Freelancer and Odesk, you might think this is free UNTIL you reach their verification process which requires you to enter your debit/credit card.

That was my first red flag – why did I need to provide my credit card information? As it happens, you have to pay $25 for the subscription to MyPCBackup. Pay to get paid? Sounds like something’s up.


So if you got past all that, you’re now ready to make at about $20/hour. LOL. Okay seriously, there’s not much work here. What you’ll be doing is completing trial offers and signing up for subscriptions on things you don’t need. Every task has an equivalent number of credits which you can cash in if you reach the minimum threshold payout.

I have one main problem with this set-up: IT COSTS MONEY and plenty of it, to be sure. First off, if you won’t cancel on the free trials and subscriptions, you will be charged monthly. Second, there’s always that possibility of incurring unauthorized charges especially since you provided all pertinent details of your credit card.


By now, I’ve become extra wary because it seems like the only thing you’ll be doing here is spending money instead of earning them. But another thing that really set some alarm bells ringing is the hiring of Fiverr actors to provide testimonials. You can even hire them yourself for only five bucks! There’s no legit company out there that would even consider doing such thing. They may sound convincing but some of them are just selling MyFlexJob way too hard.


Basically when you scour the internet, you’ll find nothing but a bunch of negative reviews. Of course the main complaint includes the fees and charges that will likely max out your card if you don’t cancel. Another thing, remember the MyPCBackup you paid for? It can infect your computer with spyware – not really the best way to start your ‘job.’


It’s simple – the people behind MyFlexJob. They found a way to get paid by both their members and the companies with those CPA offers. The money starts to pour in from the moment you register. These are some of the worst marketers out there and they will get as much money as they can from you.


MyFlexJob is a scam. You won’t get a job and you have to work at expensive costs. You’re better off without them and the monthly charges you might incur in your credit card. There are still other sites offering legit work from home though so don’t worry. Just remember, big companies offering jobs don’t ask for money up-front. You’re there to earn, not to spend.

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