Neucopia Review- Another Multilevel Marketing Scam?

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neucopia_review_Welcome to my Neucopia review. This is a make money online opportunity and if you are new or curious about how to generate extra income from home, you may have stumbled across this particular company. It is definitely possible for anyone to generate a full-time income online and this has sparked a lot of interest through the online community. But sometimes it’s hard to tell which “system” or program is legit, and which ones are nothing but well-worded scams. I’m going to go over with you what this particular program is about and what it can mean for you. One of the “benefits” that might have caught your eye is the whole “100% commission” thing that is now started to be the next new craze among online income opportunities it seems.

The Neucopia Training

I realized that the main reason for the creation of Neucopia was the affiliate program rather than the actual training and product because honestly, it’s pretty much crap in my opinion. There are a few good interviewers with top-level marketers, but you can find that anywhere. ┬áThe content looks purchased and re-hashed at best. One of their popular products in there is Blogging Profits Unleased which had a lot of pages but honestly a lot of what was taught can be found for free doing a quick Google search. It looks like they threw in some Private Label Rights products I guess to give some kind of justification to the monthly membership. Which leads me to the actual cost to be a member or affiliate with this program.

Membership Levels

There are 2 different membership levels: Basic & Premium. You’re going to pay $49.95/mo at Basic and $169.95/mo at the Premium. And this is also going to determine how much you can make per sale. And really, this is the whole point of the system as far as I can see, rather than the products or training.

How Do You Make The Money?

Ok, so this is the reason why most people join Neucopia: the commission structure. If you are at the Basic level, you are going to pass up your first 3 sales!! Dang. That sucks for you, but is good for you if you’re the sponsor. And at Premium, you pass up the first 2 sales.

This is the thing that confused me about the Neucopia thing saying “100& commission”. At Premium level, if you get a pass up sale, you only reap $100. So you can see that this is not completely 100% commissions. But the good thing I see here is that you will earn $10 residual for the people your team or direct referral brings in. That’s if you can build a team. And the same type of deal happens at the Basic level, just less money obviously.

This is the thing. You have to get really good at team-building. This is no easy task no matter what the sales videos say and claim about easy money. It’s going to come down to your ability to sign up people and keep them subscribed without cancelling. Plus you’re going to need to teach them how to recruit more people and this is really tough. It always comes down to the same old stuff with these types of opportunities.

Why I Can’t Recommend Neucopia

Does Neucopia scam people? Not necessarily. This is the thing though. The affiliate program is MLM. Yes, it is. I know lots of people in the multilevel marketing industry cringe at the term and deny it. They like to say it’s “direct sales” or something. Nope. When you are marketing a system/product/service and there are multiple levels of sponsorship, it’s MLM. This type of business model is fine. Just not for beginners or people new to business opportunities. Oddly enough, these are mostly the type of people that get sucked into or recruited to the business. I’ve just run across too many people now who are new and struggle tremendously in the business. The reason is because they haven’t learned how to generate traffic and a few other important skills, but they dive right in because the sales videos are so convincing.


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