Online Home Careers University Reviews- Another Scam or What?

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Well you probably know what this Online Home Careers University review is all about. If you don’t know, then I suggest you keep reading because I’m about to reveal to you whether or not this is just a big scam. It sucks because just the name alone sounds so legitimate and like an authentic place of education. But if you understand Internet marketing you will see that there are a lot of people that take advantage of this concept and fool people to join and pull other credit cards hoping for the next gimmick to make loads of money from home easily. You don’t make money giving your credit card to sketchy work from home stuff.

[note note_color=”#dbdbdb”]Pros

  • I couldn’t really find any
  • you might be able to get your money back


  • Another crappy IM product
  • Overpromises & underdelivers
  • Just another link-posting gimmick
  • Another membership site dedicated to capturing email addresses
  • Very low quality [/note]

The term “Home Careers” tends to draw people in…

I know a lot of people searching for Online Home Careers University reviews get excited because they think they finally landed a job where you can work from home. It almost sounds like you can get a degree or certification in this “career”. You think, wow wouldn’t it be nice to work from home and have a job where all I have to do is simple data entry and make big bucks?

And that’s exactly how they sucker you in.

This is nothing new to this industry, unfortunately, getting their hopes up of usually stay at home moms only to be let down. Let me break down to exactly what this program really is. There were a lot of little red flags that I noticed as you can see here in this review.

Fake Video Testimonials?

work_at_home_university_reviewI noticed the testimonials I watched on the home page of the website hardly ever mentioned “online home careers university”. If you just listen in, you can hear the people just say “your program” and some of them seem very unnatural and very scripted. You can easily hire someone on to make a testimonial for your product for $5. I can spot this a mile away. I have actually seen one of the people in these videos offer a gig on Fiverr. This is a sales effort used by many cheesy work from home programs to convince you that people are actually seeing success with the program when in reality they are nothing more than paid hired actors. It’s a pretty sleazy sales tactic and it is purely designed to sucker those new to this industry so you can’t help but to press the “buy now” button.


 Super Easy With No Skills Necessary And Make Lots Of Money Posting Links, Right????

You’ll notice that the main premise behind Online Home Careers University is companies are willing to pay you good money to simply post links. Let me clear up exactly what that means. Basically this is a very poor and low quality, in my opinion, affiliate marketing training package. You can definitely make lots of money in affiliate marketing. I actually make lots of money. But it is not as easy as just posting links. That’s not the way it works though you are led to believe that you are going to be doing simple data entry and getting paid.


I hope I saved you some time and money writing this Online Home Careers University review. If it were me, I would stay away from this as far as possible and not get involved. But you are free to do what you want. The funny thing is, when you visit the website you have actually no idea what the system is even about before you sign up. That’s a scary thought.


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