Paid Instantly Club Review: Fast Cash Or All Scam?

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If there’s anything most people want, it’s for their money to magically multiply. They sign up for double-your-money schemes or join less-than-legit investments which assure fast returns. These are usually the ones who get funneled easily by scams or shady companies. They’re the target market, the vulnerable crowd. You tell them they can make money instantly and they’re sure to register. I urge you not to be like them. Whatever company they have invested in will likely be short-lived and might be non-operational in the next few years. ‘Nothing worth having comes easy’, always remember that.

Paid Instantly Club (PIC) falls under the same list.

What Is It?

According to their website, for as low as $3, you can sign up and start earning even without recruiting new members. Cue eyeball roll. In a nutshell, it’s a money-making opportunity where you have to purchase ad packs and well, refer some of your family and friends. Wait, what? Did they just contradict themselves? Yes, people, it’s MLM. But just so they won’t be tagged as a scam, they have their products: the ad packs priced at $3, $6 and $12.

How Does It Work?

The PIC operates on a 2×1 matrix cycler meaning if it’s you on top and your two referrals at the bottom, they need two new referrals each so you can get twice the amount you paid for the ad pack. Essentially, you need six people below you to make money.

The Main Issues

  1. Would you trust a company that’s run by someone who doesn’t exist? The creator is Michael Morris – a generic name, it seems. If he’s legit, you should easily find him via a Google search. Sadly, you can’t. And another giveaway is his Facebook account which was created two days after PIC was launched. Yes, that should ring some alarm.
  2. Their name might be ‘Paid Instantly Club’ but there’s no proof that anyone’s received what is due to them. You can find people complaining of non-payment and unanswered support tickets. On the brighter side, at least there are no fake testimonials.
  3. It’s a pyramid scheme. Let’s call it like it is. Michael Morris, whether it’s a fake name or not, maybe thought he could dodge a few bullets by constantly repeating that you DO NOT rely on the recruitment of new members to earn. It’s like a chant. But when you look at the whole picture, it tells a different story. Keep in mind that you can make money if your referrals have referrals and so on. Well, what else do you call that? Besides, there’s no tangible product – just the ad pack.


Paid Instantly Club is a scam and nothing but hype. No ponzi scheme has ever been operational a few years after it was launched. Especially something like this that has no product to offer and contrary to what they claim, rely on the recruitment to pay its current members (if they WILL ever pay them) – that’s bound to fail and it’s only a matter of time before it stops being operational.

People are still falling for this because they want fast returns, fast profits, and fast earnings. Here’s a quick reality check: it’s short-lived and in the long run, you won’t be getting much from it. I suggest look further and really invest in a business or opportunity that can yield you money for years on end. I promise it’s not going to be as easy as putting in your hard-earned dollars and waiting. Instead, it’s going to require hard work and patience on your part. But at the end of the day, it will be worth it. You wouldn’t be relying on a barely-legit company with questionable owners. And you can actually be your own boss.

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