Partner With Tom Review- Is this just another scam?

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Glad to have you here at my Partner With Tom review. Chances are you’re looking to see if this is another make-money-easy scam, aren’t you? Good thing you stumbled across my site. I hope to help you out. I was once a beginner and actually invested in quite a few scams (yikes) thinking I was actually going to see results and make good money. It happens. But the question is if this is a good program to join if you want to make legit online money. Well, I can tell you this: things are not looking good.


The Good

One of the good signs about Partner with Tom is well doing a Google search, I noticed that the website did appear on the first page of the results with keywords “partner with tom”. This is actually a pretty good sign because you know that the website is optimized and most likely is not a complete scam. But it doesn’t mean that it’s a great quality product and let me explain exactly why.

The Bad

Once you enter all your info and opt in, you’ll have to sit through about a 10 min. sales video and it’s funny because it is never clearly explained exactly how you make money. Pretty much Tom says that he has a proven system that can help you make money from home. I’m a tell you that just about every Internet group says they have a “proven” system that may be worked once for them, but it doesn’t mean that it will work for you but legally they can put that other advertisement. Then you’re going to be directed to purchase a “partnering” website through the domain and soon after, toms 12 step formula will be revealed to you which is nothing more than just basic info and upsells. 

The Ugly

In the beginning, Tom says that he’s going to show you how to do this all for free, but when it all the smoke and dust clears her demand that having to spend $97 to invest in your partner website. It’s kind of a bait and switch technique where you get hooked in the idea of making big riches from home only if you purchase into the program. Just about everything in the Partner with Tom system is set up to make Tom more money.

To the completely honest with you all and my opinion, there was hardly any valuable true Internet marketing training in the 12 step formula that was supposedly supposed to have been proven to make money. What I got out of Partner with Tom is a very nifty sales funnel for beginners to get suckered into and pay for affiliate products where Tom gets to capitalize and be most profitable.

You Can’t Even Join Anymore

partner_with_tom_review_I’m not sure why Partner With Tom is no longer accepting new accounts. I’m thinking it could be from the overwhelming amount of negative feedback from people so he decided to halt everything? I’m not sure. But you can’t join if you wanted to. I took a recent screenshot of the homepage and as you can see, the message indicates they are not accepting new people. Usually when a program is trying to figure out what they’re going to do next, they will shut down for a while and relaunch under an totally different face. I don’t know. Just my assumption. 


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