Point and Click Profit Review- Just Another Scam?

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click_and_profit_review_Looks like Point and Click Profit and other websites similar are at it again. They like to market, usually through emails, to people who might be interested in making more money. You can also find this company under a few different names after doing some more research. I’m tell it to you raw and straight: STOP falling for these clicking schemes! Okay, okay. I know. It’s not your fault. But if something seems too easy to be true, it probably is.

Allow me to explain the Point and Click Profit scheme in my honest review…

Many people would love the idea of working from home and generating easy money through the Internet. I mean, who wouldn’t right? What happens is, companies understand there is a huge group of people looking to get into this, and will often create these work from home packages and sell them to you. Not only that, but you’ll be enticed with the sales copy on their website that says “Hey, join and all you have to do is copy and paste links and you’ll earn a paycheck each week!”.

That’s NOT how you earn income from home…

But, that’s what Point and Click Profit wants you to believe…at least that’s my opinion. But I’ve been doing this for years. So I know.

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s not your fault if you fell for this and spent your hard-earned money. Most likely you are new to all of this work from home stuff, so you thought this would be a great place to go. And that’s probably the reason why this company was even formed: a few salespeople realized they could make lots of money selling a scammy “work from home” kit to vulnerable “newbies”. Hey, I was a newbie at one time too!

I have actually run into a lot of schemes like this one and have done countless reviews. Often times these websites will place popular news network logos and in fine print will admit that these networks have nothing to do with their product. I guess it’s a marketing ploy set to gain your trust and make it seem like it was featured on a news segment or something.

They Do A Great Job At Fooling You

Point and Click Profits and websites similar have it all figured out, man. They’ll get people to do fake testimonies of their little “system” and feature it on the front page or the salesletter. They’ll show you ambiguous screenshots of earnings. They will even go as far as hiring a fake news anchor, tell you a story of success in your local area. How they do that…is…well…I’ll explain later.

You’ll see all kinds of other stuff too like what the “package” or opportunity can do for you and what not. Totally not a quality product in my opinion. Oh yeah, also don’t be surpised when your phone starts ringing off the hook with relentless sales calls, trying to get you to buy more! That’s how the owners make so much money.

Looking to Get Your Money Back?

Point and Click Profit is going to run you about $47 at the basic level, which is actually not that bad. It’s going to be that of cells that is going to get you and wipe your wallet clean. A lot of websites have a hard time giving refunds, even if you see a 60 day money back guarantee seal. In fact I get lots of e-mails from disgruntled customers trying to figure out how they can get their money back after they realize they have been taken for a ride. All I can say is, hope and pray that you can get a hold of their support and somehow, if you want, get your money back.


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  1. I have tried to cancel this and they don’t make it easy, Please help.

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