Postcard Profits Review- Luke Jaten Scam?

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postcard profits scamPostcard Profits and other money-making schemes similar has been around for a while and tend to stick out because they go against the norm as far as making money from home. The premise behind this business is taking a new approach to online marketing and actually incorporating an off-line strategy. The idea is that e-mail marketing has become much more of the nuisance to people and a better way of reaching out to prospects is through actual mail. In theory, this actually sounds a good idea since it seems that less and less physical mail is present in today’s world and would be a great way to enter a strategy with really low competition. The problem I have isn’t with traditional mailing, but it’s the income potential that this website claims.

The creator, Luke Jaten, says that he makes thousands and thousands of dollars per month just using this one method alone and has been at it for a long time. When you purchase his product for 5 payments of $59.99, you will get step-by-step training through DVDs and will show you exactly what to do. Stop right there. That’s how he’s making the money. By selling you this course. In fact that’s probably how he makes a lot of money. Get it? The way that a lot of these Internet marketing gurus make their money is by selling info products and mass distributing it to people that are desperately looking for creative ways to make money from home.

Does Postcard Profits Scam People?

I have read quite if you Postcard Profits scam complaints floating on the Internet of people that have claimed they had been billed and not even received the product yet. 

Please understand if you do all this postcard stuff you are then end up having to spend even more money developing a whole system on how to follow-up, the actual cost of sending out these postcards, how to find mailing lists, getting yourself set up with a phone number that people can call back, and much more. All this costs money. This is going to cost additional outside of just spending $300 to buy Postcard Profits. There’s actually a lot more to it than just purchasing this postcard system expecting to make tons of money.

Also keep in mind that you’re going to have to develop a strategy to even build these mailing lists. You can just go walk around and placed postcards in peoples mail boxes. That’s illegal and you need a method of getting people to opt in to be sent these postcards and that’s a whole another problem and challenge in itself. Like stated before, the real way that the creator makes his money is by selling these postcard training systems to a lot of people. If you are going to make any kind of money with this system, it’s going to be as an affiliate reselling this exact system to a bunch of people on the web.

So is it a scam? In my opinion, I think it almost is one but can’t say that it officially is one because it hasn’t been shut down or ruled as a scam by the FTC or any other kind of governing body just yet. In my opinion though, I would save my money and pass up Postcard Profits.


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