Prime Power Incomes Review- Drop Shipping Scam?

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Hey thanks for stopping by my Prime Power Incomes review. Have you heard of this company before? I’m sure you have. It’s why you’re doing research on it, and I think that was a good idea. There are so many scams out there, it’s hard to get proper guidance from something that is really going to show you how to make money.

That’s ultimately what you’re looking for, right?

Is this going to be your golden ticket to riches?

From home?

How Does Prime Power Incomes Work?

prime_power_incomes_review_So pretty much the concept of Primer Power Incomes is it’s going to teach you how to make money from home marketing on Ebay. You’re going to partner up with a dropship company called Doba which will be the steps of setting up your home based business. This is also known as “dropshipping”. Allow me to explain how it works. 

Dropshipping is when you sell products online as an advertiser. Think of it as being a small home-based business retailer. That’s kind of what dropshipping is. You get products at discount on Doba, and resell them for a profit on Ebay. 


The Cost: It Starts To Become Expensive

On the website, it seems like you’re not going to have to pay anything out of pocket. Not really. Their Success Kit you need in order for this work, is going to cost you. However one of the things I really like is that there is a free seven day trial.. I am a big fan of this. It’s always a good thing if you can try it before you buy it, right? But after that it’s going to be $49.95 per month to remain a member with Prime Power Incomes and access all their training and material and everything else. 

Then of course in order for all of this to work you’re going to have to sign up with drop shipping companies. A company like Dell the which is recommended, will run you about$600/year to be a member and have access to their inventory.


Does It Work?

  • I can’t really say. Everyone is is going to have different results.
  • But I do know is if this was 10 years ago, you would probably have a better chance at making lots of money this way.
  • The problem now is there are many huge websites that sell on eBay.
  • I’m talking about companies that have huge inventories of products themselves that sell on eBay as you might have noticed if you have recently looked for something to buy, especially electronics, on eBay.
  • Essentially your competition is going to be very stiff. Good luck.


Final Thoughts & Conclusion

middle thumbs upTo be completely honest with you, I have seen stuff like prime power incomes before. What you’re essentially doing is paying to be introduced to the idea or concept of drop shipping more than anything. Expected to rule make a lot of mistakes and also spend money in advertising and marketing your self. I personally don’t recommend drop shipping as there are much easier options when it comes to building a home based business and doing affiliate marketing and better systems out there that will teach you how. But go ahead. Try it. 

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