Protected Profits Review- Not Technically A Scam, But…

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Ever wondered why this software app is called Protected Profits (PP)? Because according to Justin Stine the genius (if you detected a tinge of sarcasm, you’re right), hedge funds are able to spot losing trades. They have “advanced algorithms” that shield them from any possible losses thus having no other choice but win each and every time. This protection resulted to billion-dollar gains.

If you watch the sales video, you’ll be subjected to plenty of mumbo-jumbo to make it seem like Justin is a legit authority when it comes to trading. But don’t be fooled, he’s probably just an experienced marketer or worse – scammer. You see, whenever I review something new, I always try to keep an open mind. But with this, there’s no way it can work despite all the unrealistic, outrageous claims.

Why, you ask?

This “underground trick” is nothing more than trading with binary options on autopilot. Of all the software I’ve reviewed, I have yet to see something that delivers their promises. I mean, they’re all filled with crap – simply designed to siphon money off vulnerable people who are attempting to make easy money online. Of course, it can be enticing because who wouldn’t want to rake in one or two thousand dollars in a day right?

Anyway, “Protected Profits” is the same as its predecessors. In fact, they only differ in the sob stories, supposed “mechanism” and how they try to make everything look legit. With PP, Justin shows us a live demo of how elementary it is to use his system. Plus, he provides us with screenshots of the trading accounts of some of the other members. I hate to burst your bubble but these are all fake and fabricated.

There Are Alot Of Questions I Have

To further prove my point, Justin may not be clear about himself which doesn’t surprise me at all. He said he won the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition Award at the age of 19 so I did a Google search on that. What I found amusing was that his name was there along with 30 other people for the 2012 Putnam Team. Following that, does it mean he’s only 22 years old this year? I am so confused right now. 

Aside from that, there are several tell-tale signs that this is nothing but another binary options scam. For one, you’ll barely find any true and unbiased review online. Most of the first page results include rating this app 5 out of 5 stars and some are claiming that it really works. Yeah right. All they had to do was put in a few good words and they’d get a hefty affiliate commission of $250.

Justin will also tell you that your starting fund will only be $250 but when you sign up to his recommended broker, they require twice that amount as the deposit. And before you can even withdraw anything, you need a minimum number of trades.

Another thing that’s fake here are the Facebook testimonials. It’s very easy to cut the status, put in a different name with a different photo. I checked out the profiles and they don’t match. For one, the image used for Thomas Wiedmann actually belonged to Marcus van der Post. That ought to be enough to tell you not to trust Justin and his company.


Protected Profits is a scam. Once you sign up, it can be very hard to pull out your money. I suggest avoiding this altogether.



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